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The Best Wedding Websites

What's the Best Place to Build a Wedding Website?

You're getting married! Congrats on the happy news. But, now that you've got your forever person, you have to get planning. Whether you're putting together a small ceremony with only your closest friends and family, or you're getting ready for a huge wedding bash with 100+ guests, you've got a lot of people and plans to coordinate.

From that Pinterest-perfect reception and exotic getaway to just making sure everyone makes it to the Church on time, it can feel like a lot to manage. If you're looking for project coordination that fits right in with your wedding vibe, creating a wedding website can help you manage your upcoming nuptials in a way that feels uniquely you. Wedding websites have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for couples to share information about their wedding details with their guests.

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Wedding Website Reviews

Zola Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Zola is a free wedding website builder that has a gamified approach to personalization. The site focuses on building the best wedding options for you by letting you fill out quizzes. It offers all-in-one wedding planning with unique template designs for your wedding site. Zola focuses on integrating you and your guests, and can't be beat with its fun design options and completely free price tag. For this reason, it's the top wedding website in our review.

Riley & Grey Review 4.5 Star Rating

Riley & Grey

4.5 Star Rating

Riley & Grey is one of the high-end options in our review. Its emphasis on stunning design, user-friendly interface and building tools make it an excellent choice for those who aren't highly proficient in technology and those who aren't on a tight budget. If you're willing to spend some extra money and need a wedding website that represents you and your wedding style, it's worth considering Riley & Grey. However, because this isn't as budget-friendly as our top choice, Riley & Grey makes it to a well-deserved second place.

Wix Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Wix is a strong option as a website builder overall. However, it wasn't originally designed to offer wedding websites, though Wix does offer a range of wedding templates. If you want more control over design, it's the best builder-type option. However, if you prefer a more ready-to-go solution, Wix might not be the right fit. It's a good third-place option for complete customization, but not the top choice due to the fact that many customers found building their own website stressful, and because of the lack of focus on weddings at Wix.

Squarespace Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Squarespace is a powerhouse in website creation - including wedding website templates - but it has certain drawbacks. While it provides a lot of flexibility for customization, it is not specifically tailored for weddings, which may make it challenging for users to make changes to their website. Although Squarespace is a popular website builder, it wasn't well-reviewed by customers who had problems with Squarespace customer service. With these things considered, a wedding website builder that's more specialized for nuptial needs might be a better option.

Minted Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Minted is a site that specializes in providing stationery for special events, particularly weddings. The Minted wedding platform offers a free wedding website tool with a full range of wedding essentials such as invitations, signs, name badges, and party favors. The site provides hundreds of wedding website templates, and for a fee, customers can also get completely custom hand-drawn or hand-painted stationery made by real artists. However, the site does not receive the best reviews, with many customers citing issues with late deliveries or not receiving any deliveries at all. Despite this, Minted remains a decent option for those looking for quality stationery and customizable wedding websites.

The Knot Review 2.5 Star Rating

The Knot

2.5 Star Rating

The Knot is a huge name in the wedding industry. The Knot has some awesome-looking templates and matching stationery to help you create your perfect wedding website. But, here's the catch: there's no way to filter website templates, and their customer service has some pretty bad reviews. So, before you commit to The Knot, you might want to check out other options with customizable templates and better customer support.

Joy Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Joy is a free online wedding site that is centralized around their wedding website tool. However, if you're looking for something easy to use, Joy may not be the best for a stress-free wedding experience. Joy has hundreds of design templates, and prides itself on customization. However, with clunky tools and long load times, customers aren't fans of the wedding website as a whole. So, for that reason, we recommend searching for a different place to host your wedding website.

eWedding Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating

eWedding wants to be your one-stop-shop for wedding planning, but we're uncertain whether they're hitting the mark. The good news is that they offer a basic toolkit for free, while more advanced features come with monthly and yearly paid plans. However, it's worth noting that the free version may have ads on the site. Unfortunately, client reviews aren't positive, with customers reporting issues with overcharging. Considering these factors, it may be better to explore other options rather than investing your valuable time in eWedding.

My Event Review 1.5 Star Rating

My Event

1.5 Star Rating

My Event is a platform that enables users to create websites for various events and isn't just limited to weddings. However, the website's designs appear outdated, resembling those that would have been more appropriate in the early 2000s. My Event just doesn't stand out next to the competition, and the lack of strong reviews gives us pause as to how effective it is, especially when most of the features are hidden behind a paywall. For those reasons, My Event is fairly low in our rankings.

Wedding Window Review 1 Star Rating

Wedding Window

1 Star Rating

Wedding Window is a significant letdown with its outdated graphics and templates. It also has an unfavorable online reputation, including a low score on Sitejabber and an "F" rating from the BBB. While some of the features - like 13 pages for the free website - are nice, and it does integrate with wedding-specific tools, it just isn't a trustworthy option compared to other services in our review. Potential users should think twice before considering Wedding Window.

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Wedding websites typically include info about the wedding, such as the date, time, and location, as well as the accommodations, transportation, and dress code. Couples can also use their wedding website to introduce themselves to their guests, share their engagement stories, and post photos of themselves and their families.

One of the main benefits of using a wedding website is that it allows couples to easily communicate with their guests. The best sites have digital tools to support the wedding process such as sending out save-the-date reminders, RSVP requests, and updates about the wedding schedule. Additionally, many wedding website platforms offer customizable templates and designs, which can help couples to create a professional-looking website without having to hire a web designer or developer.

Overall, wedding websites are a useful tool for couples who want to make their wedding planning process more efficient and effective, while also providing their guests with all of the information they need to celebrate their special day.

While weddings are a lot of work, you deserve to enjoy every part of your special day. Using a wedding website can take a load off your shoulders during the planning process. So, how can you pick the best place to build your wedding website?

Here are several factors to keep in mind as you and your significant other consider how to find the best support for planning your big day:

  • Cost. Many wedding website providers don't cost anything. However, if you're looking for specific services, do you feel comfortable paying for a website? Will you get the best value for your money compared to a free service?
  • Usability. One of the worries couples have about online sites is reliability. Is the site likely to crash? Is it difficult to navigate? Remember a wedding website is for you and your guests. You want something that Grandma and Grandpa will be as comfortable using as your millennial cousins.
  • Personalization. Do you guys have a concrete design and style for your wedding? Does the provider you're looking at offer customization that fits the color scheme and vibe of your wedding?
  • Use of technology. What kind of online tools are you looking to use? Do you want a full-fledged planner on the website? Is a mobile app a must-have? Do you want a site that allows family and friends to access or buy from registries? Is tech connectivity important or are you just looking for a place to keep track of your wedding process?
  • Focus: Do you want a site that focuses on weddings first? Or are you more interested in the building features available? The focus of the hosting site is important to determine how much work you want to do on the initial website build, or how customizable you want the wedding website to be.

To help you make your special day a little easier, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best Wedding Website builders available today. We hope this information helps you simplify your planning process and make your dreams come true from Day-1 of planning to the day you finally get to walk down the aisle.

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Wedding Website FAQ

A wedding website lets you share as much (or as little) about your upcoming nuptials as you like, with friends and family near and far. Although paper announcements and invitations are still popular, many couples use wedding websites to streamline everything from RSVPs to gift registries and more.
You don't "need" a wedding website, but why wouldn't you want one? Instead of answering the same texts and emails fifty times - "When are you getting married, again?" , "What's the address of the reception hall?" , and so on - you can keep everyone informed and on the same page (pun intended). Millions of couples use wedding websites to help with their planning, update attendees on important dates and times, and upload photos from the big day itself!
How does "free" sound? (There won't be much else about your wedding that is!) Most wedding website providers charge nothing for the service, though some have fees for storing your site in the future or for premium options like customized URLs or matching print invitations.
That depends on the service you select. Some wedding website providers give you unlimited access to your site, while others have yearly or monthly fees to keep it online.
Everything from A to Z! Some of the most-used features offered by wedding websites are RSVP management, gift registry links, photo galleries, and separate pages for various wedding events (like bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, the wedding itself, and the reception). Wedding websites can take a lot of the work off your shoulders by giving you a centralized "location" to keep track of all the details.
Yes. Most offer a way to have your wedding website password protected, as well as letting you decide if you want your URL to be discoverable in online searches.
Absolutely. Many wedding website services make it easy to see which site designs have corresponding print invitations. You can order your invites right there, through the wedding website provider itself.
Most wedding website services have that as an option: "ElisaAndMeganSayYesToTheDress.com" is so much more fun than something generic, right? It's usually a paid upgrade, even on free wedding website builders. A few services require you to buy your personalized URL separately: it's not offered directly through their site.
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