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Trifecta Review

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Weight Loss Meal Delivery Reviews

Trifecta Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Price per serving: Starts at $7.92
  • Discount: None currently
  • Shipment frequency: Weekly
  • Daily meals: Dinners
  • Calories per meal: Not specified
  • Number of recipes: Not specified
  • Prep time: A few minutes

Once a leading weight loss meal delivery service favored by bodybuilders and athletes, Trifecta Nutrition has seen a significant decline in reputation. The past few years have unearthed a slew of allegations that cast a shadow over the company: accusations of fraud, harassment of their employees, and questionable sourcing practices have emerged, tarnishing its image. These revelations stand in stark contrast to the company's promise of enhancing the health and well-being of its clientele.

Plenty of choices for weight loss at first glance

Trifecta gives you 6 different plan options for weight loss. The Keto plan is supposed to work by "increasing your fat burning potential" with lower carb counts. The Paleo plan is supposed to help you lose weight by feeding you the way our ancestors ate (but meal delivery services don't come with the cardio workout of hunting prey on foot for miles, so you'll need to find another way to get your steps in). The Classic plan offers the flexibility to create your own menu from simple meals. The Clean Eating plan proposes "better nutrition for fewer calories" with whole grains, lean proteins, and vegetables. The Vegan plan focuses on plant-based nutrition, offering high-protein vegan recipes and healthy meat substitutes. And, the Meal Prep plan lets you customize your macros to a greater degree.

Take a quiz to help you decide

If you're not certain which plan is the best for you, they have a quiz that asks for your goals, general dietary preferences, and your starting weight and height. You have to enter your email address to get your plan, though.

Starting at $7.92 per meal - but that amounts to $311 a week

Trifecta sells its meal plans by the number of entrees per week: 5, 7, 10, or 14, with the option to add on 7 breakfasts. The cost per weight loss meal decreases with the number of meals chosen. For instance, choosing 7 meals per week sets the average price per meal at $15.85, while selecting 14 meals lowers it to $7.92 per meal. Including 7 breakfasts with the 14 meals further reduces the cost to $5.28 per meal, totaling $310.99 per week. This pricing is prohibitively expensive for an individual, comparable to 3-4 weekly grocery runs. The plant-based plan offers a slight cost advantage.

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Customers criticize the food quality

Trifecta offers around 12 meal options weekly for each plan, which is decent enough. However, the promotional images are lackluster and uninviting at best. But does it taste better than it looks? Customer reviews stamp out any hope, describing the food as "dry," "tasteless," and "revolting." The thought of spending over $310.99 weekly on meals that clearly fail to justify their price is disheartening.

Lawsuit questions Trifecta's claims of ingredient quality

Trifecta's boasts of superior, sustainably sourced ingredients are dubious at best. A lawsuit concerning misrepresented food sources at the 2017 CrossFit Games only intensifies this doubt. Allegations include using food from various fast food restaurants, including IHOP, a local BBQ place, a Mexican restaurant, and even McDonald's hamburger buns, misrepresented as Trifecta's own offerings. This makes it clear that Trifecta's marketing and its practices are worlds apart.

Many meals don't reach the microwave

Meals that are fully prepared and vacuum-sealed for microwave heating should epitomize convenience, yet Trifecta's meals often spoil before they're supposed to be eaten. Some customers have said they felt like they were eating in a prison canteen, while others said they wouldn't even subject their dogs to eating the food. Reports of food spoiling so rapidly and severely that it left lingering odors in refrigerators for weeks are particularly alarming.

Frequent delivery mishaps

Trifecta's delivery process is problematic, including last-minute cancellations and poor communication when problems arise. Trifecta's website also doesn't provide any instructions on what to do if your box doesn't show up. However, there's a silver lining: if your delivery fails to arrive, you (and your dog?) are spared from having to eat the food.

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The subscription cancellation process is a hassle

Canceling a subscription with Trifecta should be straightforward, but customer experiences suggest otherwise. Ignored cancellation requests and ongoing charges indicate a company more concerned with their bottom line than honoring customer preferences (which is a great way to go bankrupt - frankly, we're not sure how they're still operating now). Customers who brave Trifecta's email and phone support are not typically successful in reaching anyone who cares about resolving their complaints.

Poorly rated by the BBB

Trifecta's low Trustpilot score of 1.8 and an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau are unsurprising. From unethical practices and deceit reported by former employees to customers appalled by their order contents, it appears Trifecta's remaining clientele are those yet to discover better alternatives - count yourself lucky you found our review of weight loss meal delivery services first.

Least recommended

We strongly advise exploring any other weight loss meal delivery service before considering Trifecta. For all of the reasons we've explained at length, it receives one of our lowest ratings.

What Weight Loss Meal Delivery Service is the Best?

Weight loss meal delivery services are revolutionizing the way people approach dieting. No longer does losing weight mean endless salads or bland, uninspired dishes. These services offer a variety of flavorful, calorie-controlled meals delivered right to your doorstep.

The cornerstone of these meal delivery services is their commitment to quality ingredients. They emphasize fresh, whole foods and lean proteins, ensuring that each meal is not only conducive to weight loss but also nutrient-dense and filling. This focus on quality means you can enjoy dishes that support your health journey and are a delight to eat.

The Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Compare Weight Loss Meal Delivery Compare Weight Loss Meal Delivery Reviews What are the best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Reviews

Weight Loss Meal Delivery FAQ

Weight loss meal delivery services are companies that prepare and deliver meals designed to help you lose weight, directly to your doorstep. These meals are calorie-controlled, nutritionally balanced, and portioned to assist in weight management. They offer a convenient way to eat healthy without the need for meal planning, shopping, or cooking.
Look for services that offer meals meeting your dietary preferences (vegan, keto, gluten-free), provide flexibility in order frequency and meal choices, and use high-quality, fresh ingredients. Reading customer reviews and comparing prices can also help you find a service that fits your needs and budget.
The cost varies depending on the service, the type of meal plan you choose, and how many meals you order. While they're typically more expensive than cooking at home, they can offer value through convenience, portion control, and eliminating food waste.
Many weight loss meal delivery services offer customizable meal plans that can accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies. It's important to communicate your needs upfront and check if the service can tailor meals to your specific requirements.
Meals are typically delivered in insulated packaging to keep them fresh. While most services do not require you to be home for delivery, it's recommended to refrigerate the meals as soon as possible. Some services offer tracking options to estimate delivery times more accurately.
Most services offer the flexibility to pause, skip, or cancel your subscription without a long-term commitment. However, policies vary, so it's important to read the terms and conditions before signing up to understand the cancellation process.
Reputable meal delivery services transparently provide nutritional information for all their meals, including calorie content, macronutrient distribution (fats, proteins, carbohydrates), and portion sizes, which are critical for weight loss. Choosing services that base their meal designs on sound nutritional science and use whole, minimally processed ingredients can further ensure healthfulness.
Yes, these services are designed with convenience in mind, offering pre-prepared meals that require minimal to no preparation. This makes them ideal for busy individuals who don't have time to shop, plan, and prepare weight loss-friendly meals. Meal options range from microwave-ready dishes to simple recipes with pre-measured ingredients, fitting various time constraints and cooking preferences.
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From savory chicken parmesan with a side of fresh greens to hearty vegetarian chili that warms the soul, there's an abundance of options to suit every palate. This convenience allows people to stick to their weight loss goals while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

Imagine Sarah, a busy working mom of two, trying to juggle a full-time job, family life, and the constant battle with the scale. Like millions worldwide, Sarah has struggled with weight loss for years, finding it hard to fit healthy eating into her hectic schedule. The idea of planning, shopping for, and preparing low-calorie meals that the whole family would enjoy seemed almost impossible - until she discovered weight loss meal delivery services. These services have been a game-changer for Sarah, providing her with a practical solution to manage her weight without sacrificing taste or her precious time.

For those with a busy lifestyle or limited interest in cooking, weight loss meal delivery services offer a variety of meal formats. Ready-to-eat options can be warmed up in minutes, perfect for a quick lunch or a hassle-free dinner. For those who enjoy cooking but lack the time for meal prep, meal kits come with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, making it simple to cook fresh meals at home. This flexibility means that even the busiest individuals can find a plan that fits their lifestyle, making weight management more accessible and less time-consuming.

Moreover, these meal delivery services can be a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, providing an opportunity to learn about portion control and the importance of balanced meals. They can introduce you to new foods and recipes, broadening your culinary horizons and making the weight loss journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

When searching for the best weight loss meal delivery service, consider these essential factors:

  • Caloric and nutritional balance. Choose a service that offers meals designed to promote weight loss while still providing the necessary nutrients.
  • Quality of ingredients. Opt for services that prioritize fresh, whole foods and lean proteins to support your health goals.
  • Subscription flexibility. Look for a service that allows you to adjust your subscription to fit your changing needs, whether you need to pause delivery or switch meal options.
  • Customer service. A responsive and helpful customer service team is vital for addressing any concerns or customizing your experience.
  • Customer reviews. Reading testimonials and reviews can offer insights into the taste, variety, and effectiveness of the meal plans in aiding weight loss.

We here at Top Consumer Reviews have checked out different weight loss meal delivery services to help you pick the best one. Our goal is to make losing weight easier for you by offering healthy eating options delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy life more without stressing about your diet!

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