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Dropship.me Review

Sunday, October 2nd

2022 Wholesale Dropshipper Reviews

Dropship.me Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • WordPress plugin for DIYers or help with a custom storefront option
  • Free starter plan
  • Over 50,000 handpicked products with polished images, titles, and descriptions
  • Optimized titles and images
  • Real customer reviews imported from marketplaces
  • No additional fees
  • Affiliate program

Dropship.me is a service that helps you get on the road to dropshipping success through a WordPress plugin that enables importing thousands of products and reviews to your eCommerce site. There is a free startup option with a limited number of imports as well as three other tiers of pricing for progressively more imports. And, there is a custom WordPress eCommerce store option where everything is designed and deployed for you so you can focus on marketing and sales.

Handpicked Sellers and Products

Dropship.me advertises that they have hand-picked best-selling products and go the extra mile in optimizing images, titles, and descriptions. Prices are suggested in the plugin's administration screens and you can click one button to instantly import the products.

Do-It-Yourself or Done-For-You Options

With Dropship.me there are two main options for getting started: the plugin or an eCommerce storefront built for you.

The plugin option assumes you have already created a WordPress-based eCommerce store, using the popular and free WooCommerce plugin, and are ready to begin importing products by installing and using Dropship.me's proprietary plugin. You can start for free with 50 products, or upgrade to 100 products, 500 products, or 1,000 products. Each of the paid plans also includes an additional 10, 200, and 500 free imports, respectively. The payment is a one-time cost with no recurring or hidden fees.

We do wonder, however, what happens if you want more than the apparent maximum of 1,500 products imported into your store. In this respect, Dropship.me doesn't align with most drop shippers' expectations of larger offerings as with other services.

The "built for you" option includes a personal store manager who does all the work of designing, setting up, and turning on your WordPress-based eCommerce store. You don't need any experience with dropshipping or plugin installation. The personal manager helps you find a high-demand niche and there is lifelong support. The three pricing tiers ($299, $499, and $899) increase the number of products you can sell from 50 to 100 to 200, respectively. This seems quite low in terms of offering enough diversity of products to satisfy shoppers.

However, the fact that Dropship.me takes care of domain name registration, niche research, custom design (including mobile-ready design), payment gateway setup, search engine optimization, and social pages for you is a true value add. These tasks are often quite time-consuming and difficult to do right if you don't have experience.

Best Wholesale Dropshippers


  • $0 (50 imports)
  • $29 (100 imports)
  • $119 (500 imports)
  • $199 (1000 imports)
  • Custom stores range between $299 and $899

Helpful But Outdated Blog

The Dropship.me blog shouldn't be overlooked. There are good articles there. However, the articles are older, with the latest article date of August 2020. So, be sure to cross-check general dropshipping topics with more up-to-date information elsewhere.

Good Current Ratings and Reviews

Over 80% of users describe their experience with Dropship.me as excellent. Their reviews were posted very recently and almost all mentioned a specific support person as having been particularly helpful. The remainder of the reviewers, whose comments were posted some time ago, were disappointed in the limitations of how many products they can import and difficulties with the plugin.

Outdated Educational Content and Limited Inventory

Even with the high satisfaction ratings, it was concerning to find that theDropship.me blog, which seems to be the lion's share of educational content on the site, stopped having new material added as of 2020. A lot has happened since then in the dropshipping world. Also, the low number of products even the highest tier plan offers compared to other services is going to be a non-starter for many. Plus, there are problems with the plugin that still need to be addressed. Avoid Dropship.me for now.

Which Wholesale Dropshippers Offer the Best Value?

Dropshipping is a business practice of selling another company's products on your website, with your preferred markup added to the price. When you make a sale, your website notifies the dropshipping distributor of the customer's order. The order then ships from the drop shipper's warehouse.

Almost anyone can become a reseller of a wholesale drop shipper's goods. Because you don't hold, manage, or ship any inventory, you don't need a warehouse. In most cases, you don't even need to hire employees. The best wholesale drop shipper websites offer several features and services to make it as simple as possible for you and your customers.

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Wholesale Dropshipper FAQ

Dropshipping is a way of selling goods without having to personally maintain them in inventory. You act as a liaison between customers and products, passing along orders to the supplier(s) who then ship the products directly from their warehouses to your buyers.
There are lots of benefits to wholesale dropshipping. You don't have to lease a warehouse or storefront, which automatically means your operating costs are lower. It's a less risky option than many other sales models available today.
The easiest way is to select a wholesale dropshipping partner. These services do most of the legwork to source products for you to sell and generally help you advertise your "inventory" on various marketplaces and platforms online. You'll still need to do some work to spread the word, through social media buzz and targeted ads, if you want to maximize your profits.
Sometimes. You'll find services that charge a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars, and others that have monthly fees ranging from $30 to almost $400. Typically, the higher the monthly costs, the more advertising and automation features you get. These fees are in addition to your business costs of setting up a website, advertising, and so forth.
Yes. Once you start to make sales, you'll need to take out a business license according to the requirements where you live. Most payment providers will require proof of those credentials before passing along your profits.
That is one of the trickier aspects of running a dropshipping business. Your customers see you as the business, and so they'll expect you to handle refunds or replacements. Every supplier has different terms for returns - which means you could be out of pocket on the refund until the supplier fixes the situation on their side. Some dropshipping experts recommend that you order product samples for yourself, to decide what to carry in your store and make sure that it's quality merchandise.
In all frankness, there are some dropshippers that are 100% above-board, and many others that are little more than a thinly-veiled scam. Do your due diligence before committing to a dropshipper: find the service's rating with the Better Business Bureau, see what other clients have said about using the platform, and determine how long the company has been in operation. There are trustworthy dropshippers out there, but choose carefully.
Most dropshippers have a free trial period, so you can see how well the service works for you. You could have as long as 60 days to request a refund, depending on the terms of the dropshipper's satisfaction guarantee. Again, it's important to check the reputation of the service you're considering - because all of the guarantees in the world only count if the company actually honors it (and there are some that don't do a very good job of that).
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Your main task as a drop shipping reseller is to market the drop shipper's products in a way that is tailored for and appealing to your customers. If you know which products people want, and you know how to talk to them about what you're offering, you can create an eCommerce business and begin selling.

What are the benefits of becoming a dropshipping reseller? For one, if you're successful, you can earn more than a typical full-time job offers to work for someone else. There are many true stories of people who started dropshipping businesses out of their home office and who became financially independent as a result.

Another benefit of dropshipping is being able to expand your product lines without having to incur a lot of additional overhead. Adding new products to your online store is a few mouse clicks away. And if a product isn't doing very well, you can simply stop offering it.

However, there are some things to watch out for when working with wholesale drop shippers. For one, be careful to read the terms and conditions of their services. There are often many rules and procedures that you must follow to continue being able to sell their products.

Also, look out for extra costs. Some dropshipping companies won't let you see their products until you pay a membership fee. Others charge you fees based on services used or sales volume quotas. Be sure to research several wholesale drop shippers before you commit, to ensure that you'll remain profitable after all the accounting is done.

Which wholesale drop shipper is right for your business goals? There are plenty to choose from, and it's natural to feel overwhelmed at first as you try to decide. Use the following criteria to narrow down the options and pick one that will be a good fit:

  • Products. How many overall products does the drop shipper offer? Do they span a wide range of categories or are they focused on just a few? Does the company let you browse their inventory before committing to their service?
  • Value. What will you pay for the wholesale drop shipper's services? What perks do they offer when you're a paying client?
  • Ease of Use. Can you easily find what you want on their site? Is it intuitive and efficient to get your sales process integrated with their services?
  • Reputation. What do other entrepreneurs say about their experience using the dropshipping company? Has the company been rated by the Better Business Bureau?

To help you decide which wholesale drop shipper will be your best partner in your entrepreneurial ventures, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular ones available today. We're confident that this information will make it easy to choose the right wholesale drop shipper to get you up and running smoothly!

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