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What are the top trending window blinds for home?

Saturday, May 18th

What Are the Top Trending Window Blinds for Home?

Blinds are an important part of home decor. They provide a decorative touch to the space through their style and color. At the same time, they moderate ambiance by controlling the amount of natural light that enters a room. Their decorative benefits extend outside the home. Windows are a major aspect of a home's exterior, and the blinds are visible through these large features. Because of this, the right selection of blinds can dramatically elevate curb appeal. More than that, blinds serve important functions in a home. For example, they block visibility from the outside world. By doing so, they support security and privacy.

Before you can take advantage of the brilliant benefits of blinds, you need to carefully select the right style for each room in your home. Different styles offer various levels of benefits and will impact room decor in different ways. With this in mind, a careful review of the top options available is an important step. A great starting point in your search for new blinds is a look at the top trending blinds that other residents are choosing to install in their homes.

Real Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds have been popular in homes across the country and beyond for years, and they continue to be popular today. While you can find ready-to-buy wood blinds in a local store, you may have a better selection of real wood blinds when you place a custom order. This is because wood blinds may be made out of a wide range of wood types. Stain and paint colors, slat widths and other features add to the possibilities for your authentic wood blinds.

With traditional wood blinds, a small amount of light will penetrate indirectly through the slats. You will have total privacy when the blinds are closed, but you will not have a complete blackout experience in the room. However, you can order a style with cloth tapes, rootless slats or privacy slats to minimize the amount of indirect light that enters the space. For a modern touch, you can choose a style with a remote control or control via a smartphone app for easy functionality.

Faux Wood Blinds

One of the downsides associated with real wood blinds is the cost. Natural wood is undeniably beautiful, but it may be cost-prohibitive for some homes. An alternative to natural wood blinds is faux wood blinds. These blinds are often made out of PVC or vinyl. Because of manufacturing advancements, the blinds often may be difficult to differentiate from real wood blinds even when you are standing close to them. In fact, you can find both smooth and textured slats available.

With the exception of cost and materials, faux wood blinds are identical to real wood blinds in important ways. They offer the same level of light control, privacy and functionality as natural wood blinds. They are also available in a wide range of colors and styles. If you prefer the look of natural wood, you will not be disappointed by the range of stain-like finishes that are available for faux wood blinds.

Semi-Sheer Blinds

Do you love the linear design of real wood or faux wood blinds but crave a softer look than wood can provide? A great alternative is semi-sheer blinds. These are designed with an alternating series of opaque and semi-translucent slats. These slats are made out of a durable cloth material rather than a hard material like wood or faux wood. Because of the sheer slats, the semi-sheer blinds provide you with enhanced privacy when the blinds are down. At the same time, they allow the same level of light through the blinds as you would get from sheer curtains.

As is the case with real wood and faux wood blinds, semi-sheer blinds are available in an extensive range of colors to meet most decorative needs. They are also offered with motorized and remote functionality, such as through a remote control or a smartphone app.

Best Window Blinds

Blackout Cellular Blinds

If you are looking for a decorative approach to blackout blinds, you may consider installing cellular blinds in your home. Blackout cellular blinds are often used in bedrooms and TV rooms where total darkness is preferred. Cellular blinds are appropriately named because they are comprised of horizontal cells that expand when the blinds are closed and compress when the blinds are open.

Plain cellular blinds may be semi-translucent, such as is the case with sheer curtains. Because there are no slats, however, they offer full privacy while still allowing some light in. Blackout cellular blinds have a special interior layer in the cells. While the exterior may be a decorative color based on your preference, the interior is a dark, blackout material that prevents any natural light from entering the room. When blackout cellular blinds are drawn, they create a truly darkened space.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats with the ability to adjust the slats' angle. Tilting the slats open provides ample natural light and decreases privacy. On the other hand, closing the slats results in the same level of light control and privacy that you would have from real wood or faux wood blinds. However, the slats on venetian blinds are usually slightly thinner, and this impacts the style of the space. Mini-blinds are available, and these have slats that are less than an inch tall. Venetian blinds' benefits are comparable to those of other styles of blinds with horizontal slats, such as faux wood and real wood blinds. However, venetian blinds are usually made out of vinyl or aluminum. This makes them very durable and easy to clean.

Because of the different materials available and the different sizes of slats, venetian blinds have a different look than other styles of horizontal blinds. The slats are often slightly curved to add a unique dimension to the blinds. While many people choose neutral tones for blinds, you can find these options in dozens of colors.

Roman Blinds

For a different look, consider roman shades. Their unique look comes from the fact that they are fabric window treatments. The fabric rolls up neatly in horizontal folds when you raise the blinds. Because the fabric covers the entire length of the window, you generally have full privacy when the blinds are lowered. The amount of light penetration through the fabric will depend on the type of material you select. Generally, however, light penetration is minimal. Because there are no slats, you can only adjust the natural light in the room by raising and lowering the blinds.

Roman blinds are often custom ordered. By placing a custom order, you have the option of choosing the specific fabric design that you want. This gives you incredible flexibility to choose the right look for windows in each room of your home. While they are a beautiful option in many rooms, people often appreciate the privacy and full light control that these blinds provide in their bedrooms and TV rooms. In many cases, an upgrade to motorized blinds with smartphone control or remote control is a smart investment.

With so many different styles of blinds to choose from for your home, you will undoubtedly be able to create a look that you love. Because each room has a unique decor and because you may have different functional needs for blinds in each room, it is important to make an individual selection for each room. As you explore these styles in detail, take time to consider the color and material options available as well before you make your selection.

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Window Blinds Store FAQ

Anything you'd find at a store near you is available through online retailers. From aluminum and faux wood blinds to pleated shades and more, you'll have no problem getting the right window treatment for your home or office.
That's easy: selection and value. Your local home improvement store only carries a small range of brands and types of blinds. And, if you call a specialty store, you'll probably get an in-person demonstration with a pushy salesperson directing you towards high-end options. You'll get the most for your money with online retailers, with plenty of colors and styles to choose from and without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar retailer.
It's easy to find blinds on every part of the price spectrum. Whether you want some basic faux-wood blinds to give you more privacy in a street-facing room, or you need the most on-trend window coverings for a luxury home build, you can get it done hassle-free by shopping online.
Many retailers offer free shipping in the lower 48 United States, as long as your blinds are under 96" wide. Otherwise, expect to pay fees around $30 for delivery on larger dimensions of window blinds.
Be sure to look for measuring instructions on the website. They will walk you through each step of taking the proper measurements for the window blinds you want. Make sure you know whether your windows will require an inside mount or an outside mount: that's probably one of the most common mistakes in measuring for blinds.
That depends on the retailer. While there are a few that will let you exchange your blinds if the mistake is on your end (or even let you donate them to a local charity instead of returning them!), many either offer no refund or exchange at all, or will only give you a discount on a reorder. If you're not 100% confident in your measurements, choose a retailer with a generous return policy.
Stores that sell window blinds know that it can be a tricky process to get the right product in the correct size. You can usually reach a knowledgeable customer service representative via phone or live chat during regular business hours. Some retailers can also refer you to a professional installer in your area.
If you're concerned about a store's reputation, look for an "A" rating or higher from the Better Business Bureau. Finding plenty of positive customer reviews is another good sign that the company is trustworthy. Beyond that, buy your window blinds from the retailer that has what you want in stock and that offers the most customer-friendly return policies.
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