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The Best Wine Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Wine Club?

Whether you're looking for a cool way to discover new and unique wines from all over the world, or you're looking to level up your nose and taste for wine, a wine club is a unique and exciting way to explore the wide world of sommeliers. Wine has so many intricacies and nuances that make it such a fascinating beverage. From the type of the grapes to the winemaking techniques used, every aspect of wine plays a role in its taste and character.

If you're a wine fan already, you may already know about wine pairings and the fun of choosing a wine for dinner or dessert. However, if you're new to wine and want to explore all the flavors in a wine club, you can look forward to novel ways to enjoy your meals and snacks with a little red or white on the side. In a good wine club, you can find out more about all the best wines and the different ways to experience them.

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2024 Wine Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Gold Medal Wine Club Review 5 Star Rating

Gold Medal Wine Club

5 Star Rating
  • Wine shipments from $47.90 to $1,253.43
  • Focus on top or "gold medal" wines
  • 6 different wine club options
  • Wine Press magazine with each delivery to learn more
  • One-stop shop for single wine bottles
  • Offers wine accessories and bundles
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Gold Medal Wine Club has been in the wine club business since 1992, and over the years, the company has developed an extensive network of California wineries and international winemakers to offer a variety of wine options. In addition to offering an extensive selection of club options, Gold Medal Wine Club allows you to customize your wine preferences to your specific needs, whether for yourself or as a gift. You can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the level of professionalism and customer service provided by Gold Medal Wine Club.

Top-rated wines only

One of the things that make Gold Medal Wine Club stand out is its focus on wines that have received top medals from wine competitions or have been highly rated by national experts. With 6 different wine club series to choose from, there is something for everyone. For example, the Gold Series typically includes a combination of red and white wines from small California wineries, while the Pinot Noir Series includes pinot noir selections from top California and international wineries.

Rare collectibles and International wines

On the other hand, the Platinum Series includes rare collectible wines with 90+ ratings from California's top winemakers. In the International Series, members receive three bottles of hard-to-find international wines with two reds and one white delivered quarterly. The Garagiste Series offers 2-12 bottles of garagiste wines from independent winemakers. The Diamond Series offers two or three premium, top-of-the-line wines delivered quarterly.

Variety of price options

The prices at Gold Medal Wine depend on your desired number of bottles and desired frequency. The price ranges for the 6 different clubs are as follows:

  • Gold Club: $47.90 to $244.29/month
  • Platinum Club: $115.90 to $660.63/month
  • Diamond Club: $219.90 to $1,253.43/quarter
  • International Club: $89.85 to $341.43/month
  • Garagiste Club: $74.90 to $499.40/month
  • Pinot Club: $88.90 to $533.40/month

It's important to note that most of these options allow you to adjust frequency, except for the Diamond Club, which is only offered in quarterly deliveries. Secondly, the International Club starts at a minimum of 3 bottles per shipment, rather than 2 bottles like the other options.

Read up on your wine

In addition to the wine delivery, Gold Medal Wine Club also includes a copy of The Wine Press with each delivery. This magazine provides details about each wine and the featured winemakers. Members may purchase additional bottles of their favorite selections at a 35% discount, and wine is charged to a credit card on file when each delivery occurs.

Best Wine Clubs

One-stop shop

To add to these benefits, Gold Medal Wine Club also offers an online store to create a full one-stop shop for wine enthusiasts. Not only does the online Wine Shop offer a competitive range of different wines including reds, whites, rose, and champagne, but the shop also provides options for gift sets, combo cases, and wine accessories. This way, you can fill out your home bar as well as send fun and exciting wine gifts to friends and family.

Price comparison

To compare Gold Medal Wine's shop selection and prices with other companies in this review that offer wine in an online shop, we looked at the price range for the reds. Gold Medal Wine offered 105 red wines at the time of this review with prices ranging from $21 to $269. This provides a wide range of both affordable wines and top-tier options for more particular clients. As a bonus, many of these wines were on sale at the time of this review, showing that Gold Medal is a great place to look even without a membership if you want great prices overall on new and exciting wines.

Top option for customers

Gold Medal Wine Club's reputation precedes it. The company has received numerous positive comments from satisfied customers and professional wine reviewers which reflects the level of professionalism and quality of their products. The company also has an "A+" rating with the BBB and has a 4.5-star average out of 5 with third party review sites. However, it's worth noting that there aren't many reviews on third party sites compared with other options in our review. On the other hand, for almost all the commentary out there to be positive is a great sign to go with Gold Medal Wine Club for your next wine subscription.

#1 club for all-around service

With customizable wine preferences, top-rated wines, and excellent customer service, Gold Medal Wine Club is an ideal option for anyone looking for delicious, highly-rated wines. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a casual wine drinker, Gold Medal Wine Club has something to offer. Gold Medal Wine Club offers an extensive selection of high-quality wines from California wineries and international winemakers, with a focus on top-rated and award-winning wines. With its positive reputation, excellent customer service, competitive prices, and premium wines Gold Medal Wine Club stands out as the top option for wine clubs in our review.

Firstleaf Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • $89.94 for shipments of wine
  • 6-12 bottle shipment options
  • Credits for reviewing wine and inviting friends
  • Free cancellation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quiz-based personalization
  • "A+" and accreditation from the BBB

Firstleaf is a wine club owned by Penrose Hill, which promises to be the "most personalized" wine club on the market, and as an award-winning service, it looks like they deliver on that promise. Firstleaf sells all its wine from its location in Healdsburg, California. Though they have only been in business for 8 years, Firstleaf has made an impact on the wine club industry.

Wines tailored to each customer

Each shipment at Firstleaf comes with 6 bottles determined by the answers you provide during a welcome quiz, resulting in a variety of wines to try each time you order. The wine club tailors its selection to customers through flavor profiling and an interactive rating system. You can customize your membership by changing the bottles you receive and/or your delivery dates. Firstleaf delivers to over 40 states and has won numerous medals in well-known wine competitions.

Quiz-based personalization

When you start the ordering process, Firstleaf asks you questions to find out your preferences. The quiz-like questions include whether you prefer sweet or non-sweet wines, which varieties appeal to you, what flavors you like in your wines (like butler or citrus), whether you prefer exciting or boring wines, what level of expertise you have, and which wines you dislike. Firstleaf's method of determining your preferences is an intuitive way of tailoring the wines you receive to your tastes. During the ordering process, you can change a bottle you don't think you'll like, and you'll see your expected ship date after you place your order.

Initial shipment is cheaper

The initial shipment includes six bottles at a discounted price of $44.95 plus tax, with free shipping. You can double your order to 12 bottles and shipping on 12+ bottle orders is always free. After the initial delivery, the monthly cost is $89.94 plus tax and shipping for six-bottle deliveries, but you can change the number of bottles and shipping frequency any time you want.

Best Wine Clubs

Credits for reviewing and bringing friends

As an added benefit, you can earn credit toward your next order by rating your wines. If you rate the wines within 30 days Firstleaf will provide you a $10 credit toward your next order. Providing ratings for the wines is the best way to communicate your taste preferences to the club's wine experts, who will use this information when selecting future club shipments. They also offer a "refer a friend" program that gives you $40 off your next box of wines and gives your friend their first six bottles for free.

Buy cases or bottles

On top of the 6- or 12-bottle shipment options, Firstleaf also offers an online shop where you can buy wine bottles or bundles a la carte. The selections for wine bundles include cases of red, white, and rose, as well as curated bundles in themes like "Best of the Old World" or "French Varietals" . You can also buy individual bottles for all types of wine including "exclusive' options only available from Firstleaf.

Compares favorably

To compare Firstleaf to other memberships that sell wine by the bottle, we looked at the price range for red wines. The reds range from $19 to $57 per bottle, and they can be purchased by anyone with or without a membership. As a perk, members get the added benefit of a discount between $10-$15 off each bottle of wine. While this does exclude some of the high-end bottles of wine, there is still a competitive variety that will appeal to most wine enthusiasts.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Another standout feature of Firstleaf is its satisfaction guarantee. Their promise of great wines includes every bottle they send you. If you are not satisfied with any wine, the company promises to credit you for the value of that bottle, no questions asked. On top of that, if you feel like you aren't satisfied with the club as a whole, you can easily make changes, reschedule, or cancel without any minimum commitments or cancellation fees.

Best Wine Clubs

60% lower prices than retail

Firstleaf keeps its prices down for customers by working directly with winemakers and wineries, enabling them to remove the distributors, importers, and retailers from the supply chain to the customer. This process promises to take as much as 60% of the price off, making sure that the wine club is low-cost and low-commitment for the members.

Top rated service

In terms of customer satisfaction, Firstleaf is one of the top contenders in our review. The company has an "A+" rating and accreditation by the BBB as well as a 4.4-star average on Trustpilot with over 500 individual reviews. Customers rave about the variety of flavors, the ease of ordering, and the pleasant experience of working with Firstleaf customer service. Some of the lower-rated reviews expressed frustration with shipping times and delivery dates. While this only makes up 5% of the overall reviews, it may be useful to know that you do need to be home to sign for the wine package, and this could be frustrating for some customers.

Best option for personalization and benefits

Overall, Firstleaf is a personalized wine club that offers a unique experience for its members. With its interactive quiz and flavor profiling, customers can receive a tailored selection of wines that fit their preferences. The club's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its satisfaction guarantee, credit system for ratings, and flexible membership options. Additionally, Firstleaf's direct relationships with winemakers and wineries allow for cost-effective pricing that benefits members. With its variety of wine options and flexible membership options, Firstleaf is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts looking for a personalized and convenient wine club experience.

Wine Access Review 4.5 Star Rating

Wine Access

4.5 Star Rating
  • Shipment prices range from $120 to $400
  • 9 different clubs
  • Online wine shop for single-bottle purchase
  • Red wine prices from $12.99 to $2999
  • User-friendly website design
  • Climate-controlled shipping

Wine Access is a California-based wine company that offers a variety of wine clubs, each with its own focus, and an online wine store for individual wine purchases. Wine Access aims to provide consumers with the world's best wines and to ensure quality. The staff at Wine Access includes experts who taste over 20,000 wines annually. Through this process, Wine Access selects only one out of every 18 wines with only the best being chosen for their inventory.

Most user-friendly

The website for Wine Access is one of the best in our review in terms of user-friendliness. Everything is easy to find, the website is fast and modern, and the search features are robust, with detailed filters that help customers find exactly what they need. Whether you're looking for information on their wine experts or articles about your favorite wines, you can easily find it from anywhere on the website.

9 options for unique clubs

Wine Access has a total of 9 different club options available. Each one has a different focus to provide the best options for your specific wine tastes. Each club has a set amount of bottles per shipment, delivery frequency, and cost, so there isn't any flexibility, but it's also easy to see exactly what you're getting at a glance. The full list of wine clubs at Wine Access includes:

  • The Discovery Club
    • 6 bottles every 3 months
    • $150 per shipment.
  • The Connoisseurs Club
    • 2 bottles every 3 months
    • $150 per shipment
  • Collector's Club
    • 1 bottle every 3 months
    • $250 to $400 per shipment
  • The MICHELIN Guide
    • 4 bottles delivered 5 times per year
    • $160 to $200 per shipment
  • The Sunset Wine Club
    • 6 bottles every 3 months
    • $120 per shipment
  • The Decanter Wine Club
    • 6 bottles every 3 months
    • $250 to $300 per shipment
  • The Unfiltered Podcast Wine Club
    • 4 bottles every 2 months
    • $120 per shipment
  • The Champagne Club
    • 4 bottles every 3 months
    • $200 to $250 per shipment
  • The Wine for Normal People Club
    • 6 bottles every 3 months
    • $174 per shipment

Premium and cost-effective bottles for sale

One of the best features of Wine Access, aside from the wide variety of clubs available, is the online shop. There are around 384 different wines available for purchase at Wine Access, with easy-to-use filters for red, white, sweet, sparkling, fortified, and sake wines. Customers can also filter by the region where the wines originate, which wine experts reviewed the wines, food pairings, and much more. To compare prices, we looked at the options for red wines at Wine Access to see how they stack up against rivals that also sell a la carte wines on their website. The prices for red wine range from $12.99 to $2,999, showing a range of options for low-cost wines as well as premium wines.

Best Wine Clubs

Climate-controlled shipping

One of the best features of Wine Access is its shipping process. Not only is shipping free for all of the club shipment options, but the company also offers special options to ensure your wine arrives in the best condition possible. They have climate-controlled shipping and Wine Access never ships over the weekend to ensure the wine spends the least amount of time in transit as possible.

Happy customers subscribed for years

When we looked at customer feedback there are a decent number of reviews available for Wine Access. The company has an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. The 5-star reviews make up almost 80% of all feedback, and reviewers are enthusiastic about the selection of wines, noting that there's a massive collection of "new" and "old" world wines that make the price of the clubs worth it. Many reviewers have been members of Wine Access for multiple years, still trying new flavors and planning to continue their subscriptions. Fortunately , customers who didn't rate Wine Access as highly mostly had one-off concerns like not receiving the wine shipments, or a few customers complaining about shipping to Hawaii or out of the contiguous US states.

Great clubs with premium wine

Wine Access offers a variety of wine clubs, each with its own focus, and an online wine store for individual wine purchases. The company prides itself on providing consumers with access to the world's best wines and ensuring quality. Especially considering their climate-control shipping which is a standout feature, Wine Access is a solid choice for those looking for high-quality wines and a variety of club options.

Cellars Wine Club Review 4.5 Star Rating

Cellars Wine Club

4.5 Star Rating
  • $29 to $369 per shipment for clubs
  • Informational blogs available to learn about wine
  • "No bottle wasted" guarantee
  • Offers single bottle plans
  • Clubs offer full cases of wine
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

The Cellars Wine Club is a wine subscription service that offers personalized wine options to fit unique tastes at affordable prices. Founded in 1999, the subscription service offers a range of specially designed wine packages, including the Sparkling Wine Club, Imported Wines Club, 90+ Points Club, Premium Club, and more.

Affordable quiz-based wine club

The Cellars Wine Club is quiz-based like a few other options in our review. The wines are delivered monthly, and customers can adjust the shipment frequency based on their preferences. Their subscription plans start at just $29 per month, which includes shipping.

User-friendly site

The ordering process for the Cellars Wine Club is user-friendly and intuitive, with information on the site arranged logically. Customers select their preferred wine club, customize their subscription, choose the number of shipments and shipping frequency, and start their subscription. There is also a quiz to help you find the best wine for you, which was popular with customers. Customers can checkout as a member or a guest, and a no-commitment model allows them to cancel their account or skip a shipment.

Tons of clubs to choose from

Cellars Wine Club offers 8 different individual clubs to choose from, and each has a different focus. These options include:

  • Single Bottle Club: $29/bottle
  • Premium Wine Club: $49/2 bottles
  • Sweet Wine Club: $54/2 bottles
  • Sparkling Wine Club: $69/2 bottles
  • Red Wine Trio Club: $64/3 bottles
  • 90+ Point Wine Club: $79/2 bottles
  • Premium Case Club: $129/case
  • 90+ Point Case Club: $369/case

One thing that stands out here is the price. These options are some of the lowest prices in our review and still offer high-quality and competitive options for wines. Their wine cost and collection make Cellars a top option among wine clubs.

Best Wine Clubs

"No bottle wasted" guarantee

Cellars Wine Club has been in the wine subscription business for over 26 years, and they stand behind its reputation. They promise to only offer the best wines that pass their rigorous standards. To support this they have a "no bottle wasted" policy that guarantees that no bottle will be wasted due to damage or poor travel conditions. So, no matter what you order, the bottle will get to you in perfect condition.


One thing we loved about this club is that the Cellars Wine Club is suitable for anyone interested in wine, whether a novice or an experienced wine connoisseur. Customers can learn about wine as they enjoy the tasting experience, with information on wine alternatives readily available. The subscription service also offers a Single Bottle Club for those who want a low commitment option.

Education and blogs on site

In terms of education, Cellars Wine Club has you covered. They offer a Wine 101 page on the website that offers key information on a variety of wine styles as well as how-tos for enjoying your wine like a professional sommelier. You can choose from entry-level blogs or more professional-level options for how to properly taste and enjoy the complexities of wine.

Best Wine Clubs

No online shop for wine

One place where we wish Cellars Wine Club was more competitive is that they don't have any a la carte bottles for sale on the website. So, if a customer wants to enjoy their favorite wine from the subscription, they'll have to do the extra work to find the bottle somewhere else. However, this is one of the only places where Cellars isn't a top competitor. And if you're only interested in trying new wines in a variety of styles, this would be the perfect subscription for you.

Competitive customer reviews

In terms of customer feedback Cellars Wine Club is on par with other options in our review. They have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau: an "A+" rating overall and accreditation for their customer service. Additionally, the company has an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 across third party review sites. In general customers of Cellars Wine Club noted that they loved the quiz to get started, and they appreciate the wide variety of wine options and clubs to choose from. Customers who were new to wine and others who were aficionados both agreed that Cellars was a great place to get new flavors and unique wines.

A great option for pricing and value

Overall, the Cellars Wine Club is an excellent option for anyone who loves wine and wants to try new and unique flavors. With over 26 years of experience, the club offers eight different wine clubs with a focus on personalized options to fit unique tastes at affordable prices. Although the club does not sell any bottles on its website, they offer a wide selection of wine options to choose from within the membership framework. Overall, the Cellars Wine Club is an excellent option for both novice and experienced wine lovers looking to try new and unique flavors.

Amazing Clubs Review 4 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

4 Star Rating
  • Shipments from $52.95/month to $79.95/month
  • Red and White wine available
  • Informational and fun newsletter with shipments
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Sourced from independent and boutique wineries
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Amazing Clubs is a website that offers a variety of food and beverage clubs, including their wine club. This club provides members with either two or four bottles of wine throughout the year, with plan lengths ranging from 3-12 months. This company has a long history of delivering on time and providing a selection of high-quality wines to over 1 million customers. The wines are sourced from independent, boutique wineries across the world, ensuring that members receive unique and interesting wines to try each month.

Flexible memberships and gift certificates

Amazing Clubs offers flexible membership options for their wine club all at different price points. The options start with choosing whether you want 2 or 4 bottles in each shipment, and then from there, you can choose a duration, length, and frequency of delivery. In addition to providing a high-quality selection of wines, Amazing Clubs also offers gift memberships that include a custom gift announcement with a personal message.

Boutique wine selections

As part of their commitment to providing the best possible wine selection, Amazing Clubs samples hundreds of different wines each year before making their final selections. All of the wines come from independent or boutique wineries to make sure customers get a unique wine experience in each shipment. Members can also look forward to receiving a newsletter with each delivery, which provides information on the wine selections and the respective wineries. This adds an educational component to the wine club, allowing members to expand their knowledge and appreciation of wine.

Best Wine Clubs

As much wine as you want

The wine club options for Amazing Clubs are offered at the following prices:

  • 2 Bottles: This provides you with your choice of 2 bottles of red OR two bottles of white in each shipment.
    • 3-month duration: $52.95 per month and $158.55 total. This includes 3 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • Seasonal: $52.95 per month and $211.80 total. This includes 4 shipments at 1 shipment per quarter
    • 6-month duration: $51.95 per month and $311.70 total. This includes 6 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • 12-month duration: $50.95 per month and $611.40 total. This includes 12 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • Ongoing duration: $52.95 per month for each shipment.
  • 4 Bottles: This provides you with a guaranteed shipment of 2 bottles of red AND two bottles of white in each shipment.
    • 3-month duration: $79.95 per month and $239.85 total. This includes 3 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • Seasonal: $79.95 per month and $319.80 total. This includes 4 shipments at 1 shipment per quarter
    • 6-month duration: $78.95 per month and $473.70 total. This includes 6 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • 12-month duration: $77.95 per month and $935.40 total. This includes 12 shipments at 1 shipment per month
    • Ongoing duration: $79.95 per month for each shipment.

No bottles on sale

Unfortunately, unlike some rival options in our review, you can't buy any wine by the bottle at Amazing Clubs. Since this company specializes in clubs only, you do have to subscribe to get access to the merchandise. Some customers may not love this as if they find a bottle of wine they really like they'll have to go outside the club site to buy another bottle. However, if you're a fan of clubs and are just interested in trying new flavors, this is still a great option for you.

Webpage is a little cluttered

One place where Amazing Clubs could improve is its website design. Some of the content is a little busy and hard to read, so for customers who have trouble with small screens or large blocks of text, this might be a little off-putting. However, it's easy to find the pricing from the club pages, which makes it easy to register and get started with the Amazing Club's wine shipments.

Satisfaction guaranteed

In the Amazing Clubs' service policy, they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Customers who are dissatisfied with the service may contact them via phone or email, and the company promises to do everything possible to make them happy. Customers are entitled to cancel their membership at any time for any reason and they will receive a full credit for any unshipped merchandise.

Best Wine Clubs

One-stop shop for tasty clubs

One thing that is extra fun about Amazing Clubs is that they offer a variety of clubs, so if you're interested in adding a cheese club membership to compliment your wine shipments, you can easily do so from Amazing Clubs, making it a one-stop shop for club memberships.

Top ratings with customers

In terms of customer satisfaction, Amazing Clubs is a highly rated service. This matches up with the statements on their site noting they've served millions of happy customers. Amazing Clubs has an "A+" rating with the BBB and has an average rating of 3.8 stars across third party review sites. On Trustpilot alone, the company has over 1,500 individual reviews and has an almost perfect 5-star average, which is exciting. Happy customers can't say enough about the customer service at Amazing Clubs. Most of the 5-star reviews cover how easily, quickly, and pleasantly Amazing Club's customer service reps helped customers resolve a variety of issues ranging from gift certificates to cancellations.

Top option for a variety of club memberships

Overall, Amazing Clubs' wine club is a great option for those interested in trying unique and interesting wines from boutique wineries across the world. With flexible membership options and a commitment to providing high-quality selections, this club offers great value for wine enthusiasts. While the website design could be improved and the inability to purchase items by the bottle may be a drawback for some customers, the satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service make up for any potential issues. Plus, the option to add on additional club memberships, such as a cheese club, makes Amazing Clubs a one-stop shop for all club membership needs. With millions of happy customers and high ratings across third party review sites, it's clear that Amazing Clubs is a trusted and reliable service for wine lovers.

The California Wine Club Review 4 Star Rating

The California Wine Club

4 Star Rating
  • Wine clubs cost $43.45 to $262/per shipment
  • Wine bottles range from $20/bottle to $157/bottle.
  • Focus on handcrafted and California wines
  • Discount for reordering wines
  • Options for rare wines available

The California Wine Club offers a complete wine-tasting experience to its members. Not only can you indulge in a variety of wonderful wines, but you can also enjoy the flexibility of membership that caters to anyone's needs.

Great customer service and hard to find wines

Whether you're purchasing wine for yourself or as a gift, you can expect a high level of professionalism and exceptional customer service from The California Wine Club. The California Wine Club allows you to access new and hard-to-find top-quality red and white wines. With most of their clubs, you can choose either 2 reds, 2 whites, or 1 red and 1 white wine for each delivery. If you fall in love with any particular wine, you can re-order it at any time and at a reduced price.

6 clubs to choose from

One of the standout features of The California Wine Club is its variety of individual wine clubs to choose from. Instead of just one club, The California Wine Club offers a selection of 6 different wine clubs that cater to different preferences. These include:

  • The Premier Series is the original and most popular wine club and delivers handcrafted wine from some of California's best small family wineries. This option costs $43.45 per shipment plus shipping for two bottles.
  • The Signature Series features the most coveted California wines with predominantly red selections. This option costs $136 plus shipping for two bottles.
  • The International Series offers a variety of wines from all over the world. This option costs $83 plus shipping for two bottles.
  • The Aged Cabernet Series offers prestigious Napa Valley Cabernets aged 8-12 years. This option costs $262 plus shipping for two bottles.
  • Pacific Northwest Series includes award-winning wines from some of Oregon and Washington state's best small family wineries. This option costs $79 plus shipping for two bottles
  • The Case Club Series offers a selection of handcrafted wines from artisan wineries in California. This option costs $168 plus shipping for a 12-bottle shipment.

Variety of frequency options

When you choose a wine club membership with The California Wine Club, you can expect to receive unique, hand-selected wines for the duration you select, whether it be 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Within the period you select, the wine club member will receive wines monthly or quarterly, depending on their preference. Along with the wine, the recipient also receives an education in California wines, a full-color wine magazine, and food pairing suggestions for the delivered wines.

Best Wine Clubs

Web design is outdated

One place where the California Wine Club could improve a little is its website design. The pages on California Wine Club feel outdated and cluttered and can make it hard to find the links to click on what you need. Many of the links are simply hyperlinked into the text rather than providing easy-to-read call-to-action buttons like some of its wine club competitors. Streamlining the website would be a great move to support customers.

Individual bottles for sale

We love that you can buy individual bottles from the California Wine Club. They offer a selection of over 100 "handcrafted" wines on the website including options for rare wines. And if you order wines you've gotten already, there is a discount for "reordering" that makes some of the wines only half of the regular retail price. As a ballpark to compare their prices to other options that sell wine on-site, the red wine selection at the California Wine Club shop ranges in price from $20/bottle to $157/bottle.

Not many reviews online

In terms of customer satisfaction, there aren't a lot of third party user reviews for this company online. However, the ones that are out there are fantastic. At multiple third party review sites, the California Wine Club has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Happy customers noted that they liked the variety and the customer service here.

Good option for wine variety

The California Wine Club offers a wide selection of handcrafted wines from small family wineries in California and around the world through its variety of individual wine clubs. Members can expect exceptional customer service, education in California wines, and food pairing suggestions with every shipment. While the website design could use some improvement, the option to purchase individual bottles, including rare wines, at a discounted price for reorders is a great feature. The California Wine Club is a great option for most wine enthusiasts.

Bright Cellars Review 3.5 Star Rating

Bright Cellars

3.5 Star Rating
  • Shipments from $66.24/month to $155.04/month
  • Red and White wine available
  • Algorithm-based wine selections designed for you
  • Sales on first-time purchases
  • Free shipping available for some membership options
  • International wine selection
  • Shipments from $66.24/month to $155.04/month

Bright Cellars is a personalized monthly wine club that aims to select wines based on your tastes. Founded by Joe Laurendi and Richard Yau, Bright Cellars uses a unique algorithm called Bright Points to assign scores to wines, based on the results of a quiz you take before signing up. Bright Cellars has shifted towards an algorithm-based selection process to cater to the specific needs and preferences of customers, though they do still employ expert staff to help with the final selections. Bright Cellars' staff receives intro WSET sommelier training to better serve customers.

What kind of Wine lover are you?

To get started at Bright Cellars, you first tell them whether you're a "Wine Newbie" or a "Wine Lover" . Then, the ordering process starts with a quiz that determines the flavor profile of the wines that Bright Cellars thinks you'll like. The quiz consists of seven questions, with each question having multiple-choice answers. After completing the quiz and entering your information, you are given the opportunity to add a "premium mystery bottle" to your order at a discounted price. You can also add a waiter's style corkscrew with your order for $8.00.

Wines based on the quiz

Bright Cellars offers a subscription service where you can choose from a 4-bottle delivery option, a 6-bottle delivery option, and a 12-bottle delivery option. Using the quiz results and the 100-point scale, the algorithm assigns the wines that best match your preferences to your first box. After taking the quiz, customers can indicate whether they want their wine every 4, 6, or 8 weeks at checkout. Customers do have the option to swap out wines for a different wine selected by the algorithm.

Best Wine Clubs

Easy options at competitive prices

After the first shipment, Bright Cellars becomes a monthly subscription. The pricing per month is based on a per-bottle basis. Both the 6- and 12-bottle subscriptions provide free shipping as part of the membership. If you calculate the monthly payment the Bright Cellars prices range from:

  • 4-bottle plan: $66.24/month
  • 6-bottle plan: $92.52/month
  • 12-bottle plan: $155.04/month

Discounts and bonuses are available

As a bonus, Bright Cellars helps new members keep prices down with a new member discount of $110 on a 6-bottle subscription. To use the discount, the customer needs to take the wine taste quiz, discover their ideal matches, and choose the plan that suits them. If the customer needs more or less than 6 bottles, the discount can still be applied to a 4-bottle subscription with $55 off, or a 12-bottle subscription with $220 off, depending on the chosen plan.

Mystery bottle

A fun benefit at Bright Cellars is that the company offers the option to opt-in for a mystery bottle on top of the ones you're already getting in your membership for an additional $15-$20, depending on the plan you select. The mystery bottle is selected by Bright Cellars' Sommelier.

Make it your shipment schedule

If you want more flexibility with the shipments, Bright Cellars offers the option to reschedule or delay shipments. On top of that, if customers don't like a wine in the shipment, Bright Cellars will send a replacement. Plus, with the rating system at Bright Cellars, customers rate the wines after drinking them and those ratings factor into the options for the next shipment. Bright Cellars allows members to customize an order through their Wine Concierge up to 24 hours before shipment, and they have a wine blog on their website that helps you increase your knowledge of wine.

Best Wine Clubs

Bundles of bottles for sale

One of our favorite features at Bright Cellars is that you can buy bottles directly from their website outside of a subscription plan. So, whether you're a club member or not, you can shop for wine on the Bright Cellars site. However, they only sell the bottles in "bundles." So, there aren't any options for individual wine bottles. This does make a great way to send wine as a gift, though. The bundles are curated with particular themes, like the "influencer" bundle which is based on the tastes of famous influencers online.

High customer ratings

In terms of customer satisfaction Bright Cellars has a great reputation with the BBB. The bureau has awarded Bright Cellars an "A+" rating and full accreditation for its customer service. In terms of third party review sites, the ratings aren't as high with an average rating of 3.5, but there were only around 150 total reviews of Bright Cellars at the time of this review. However, if you look at the reviews on the Bright Cellars site, there are over 600,000 5-star reviews from verified customers. We recommend taking these with a grain of salt as they are featured on the site for a reason, but the feedback is impressive.

Reviews are mixed

Happy customers note that buying from Bright Cellars has been a "great experience." Multiple customers enjoyed the algorithm at Bright Cellars, noting that the company "understands their palette" better than other wine clubs they tried. On the other hand, customers who weren't as satisfied said the wines weren't impressive and that they didn't feel worth the price. Others noted that there was mold in their bottles, which was concerning overall.

Worth trying despite some poor feedback

Bright Cellars provides a convenient and customizable wine-buying experience. Because there have been some negative reviews including some of those concerns being mold in bottles, we can't rate Bright Cellars as high as some of its features deserve. However, there are a lot of great things to enjoy with Bright Cellars, so it might still be worth checking out.

Plonk Wine Club Review 3.5 Star Rating

Plonk Wine Club

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices for shipments range from $110 to $330
  • Prepaid shipments range from $330 to $3,420
  • Offers a wine shop for purchase outside of the club
  • Organic and ethically sourced wines
  • Wine shop options are all $28.75
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Plonk offers various Wine Clubs for customers who enjoy exploring different wine varieties. There are three types of Wine Clubs available at Plonk which cover options for fans of reds, whites, and a combination of those two.

Plonk chooses the wines

The number of wine bottles in each shipment depends on the customer's choice of membership with options from choosing 2 to 12 bottles of wine per month. The costs of membership differ based on the number of bottles and the duration of the membership. Plonk chooses which wines to ship each month to give you a new and surprising taste of wine. If customers are curious about what wines they might receive, they can review past orders, but they won't know what they will get each month until the orders are shipped.

Easy options for every wine type

To get started with Plonk, you first select the type of wine you'd like to receive. You can get an all-red option with the Red Wine Club, an all-white option with the White Wine Club, or a mixture of red, white, rose, and bubbly with the Mixed Wine Club. Then, you get to choose how many bottles you want in each shipment, 2, 4, or 12. Finally, you just have to decide how frequently you want to receive your wine. You can pay month-to-month or select prepaid options for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

Best Wine Clubs

Pricing is the same for all clubs

The pricing for Plonk is competitive, though not the cheapest option on our list. The more wine you add to your shipments, the more expensive it gets. However, the prices are all the same no matter which club you choose, which makes it easy to decide only based on your taste and preferences. The prices only change with the number of bottles. The price range at Plonk shakes out to:

  • Month-to-month payments: $110 to $330
  • 3 months prepaid: $330 to $855
  • 6 months prepaid: $660 to $1,710
  • 12 months prepaid: $1,320 to $3,420

Organic and sustainable wines

One benefit of going with Plonk is their commitment to health and the environment. The shipments offered by the company feature sustainably sourced organic and biodynamic wines. These natural wines are grown using organic and biodynamic methods, which eliminate the use of pesticides and commercial additives, such as colorants, acidifiers, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or chemicals of any kind.

Value of bottles may be low

One drawback at Plonk is that customers have questioned the value of the monthly memberships. For example, a recent shipment of a four-bottle delivery had wines that were found on other sites for an average of $6-$20 a bottle. This is lower than the price at Plonk. However, the prices reflect the overall wine offerings and not just one or two bottles. But if you're worried about getting the highest value for your wine club, this might not be the top option for you.

Wine shop for bundles

We loved that Plonk offers an online shop to buy wine directly from the company. This is a great feature since customers of the wine clubs can't choose their own selections. So, if a wine stands out, customers have the option to purchase it directly from Plonk. The wine shop offers options for best sellers, mystery cases, seasonal packs, dinner party packs, food and wine bundles, and special collections. The only drawback is you can't buy individual bottles by themselves. While you can choose individual wines, there is a six-bottle minimum for shipment. On the bright side, shipping is free of charge, so if you're okay with buying six wines, you won't be charged extra to have it sent.

Best Wine Clubs

Bottles all the same price

To compare the online shop prices with other options in our review that sell a la carte wine on the club website, we looked at the range of red wines available at Plonk. There were only 17 total red wines available for sale at the time of this review and every bottle was priced at $28.75. So, if you're looking for high-end wines or unique options, this may not be the place for you.

Not enough feedback available

In terms of Plonk's customer satisfaction, there aren't a lot of individual reviews online. The company does have an "A+" rating from the BBB, but they don't have any reviews available there. Some wine blogs and professionals have given Plonk a 4-star rating out of 5, but we'd feel more confident if the company had a little more feedback from the average customer.

Good for fans of organic wine

Overall, Plonk offers a good variety of Wine Clubs that cater to different preferences for red, white, or mixed wine options. While the company offers sustainably sourced organic and biodynamic wines, some customers have questioned the value of the monthly memberships, and the online shop only allows for purchases of at least six bottles. Nonetheless, Plonk's commitment to providing customers with organic wines each month makes it a good option to check out especially if you are passionate about organic or ethically-sourced wines.

Wine of the Month Review 3.5 Star Rating

Wine of the Month

3.5 Star Rating
  • Shipment prices from $99 to $563.40
  • Free shipping on all clubs
  • Mix and match club option
  • One-stop shop for food subscriptions
  • Beginner friendly
  • "A+" rating with the BBB

Great Clubs offers a variety of club options including wine, cigar, flower, beer, coffee, and chocolate clubs. However, when it comes to wine shopping, their website and shopping experience falls a bit short, lacking excitement and depth.

Prioritize club variety

Great Clubs seems to prioritize their different club varieties over the wine club in particular. In terms of what you get for your membership, their Wine of the Month club offers two different bottles of hard-to-find wine each month, from both domestic and international wineries. In addition to the wine, members also receive a club newsletter called "Wine Expeditions" and a free Wine Tote Bag. Shipments are made on the third or fourth week of each month.

5 pricing options

The Wine of the Month Club has 5 different options for the number of months per order, 3 options for types of wines, and 3 options for frequency of delivery. Members get 3 bottles per shipment and can choose either reds, whites, or a red-and-white mix. Shipping is included in the price of the membership. The prices are only affected by the number of months customers want to sign up for. The price range for the Wine of the Month club includes:

  • 2 Month Club: $99.90 total for 2 deliveries
  • 3 Month Club: $146.85 total for 3 deliveries
  • 4 Month Club: $195.80 total for 4 deliveries
  • 6 Month Club: $287.70 total for 6 deliveries
  • 12 Month Club: $563.40 total for 12 deliveries

Better for beginner wine fans

If you are looking for a more immersive and exciting wine experience, it may be best to choose a provider that prioritizes quality wine and offers more in-depth information and expertise. Great Clubs offers a customer-oriented approach and attempts to address any issues that may arise. However, their expertise in wine may not be as extensive as other higher-ranked wine providers. Great Clubs may be a suitable option for those seeking a more affordable and varied wine club experience, but not someone who is looking for top-tier options or premier wine selections.

One-stop shop for subscriptions

If you're interested in more than just wine, the Great Clubs site is a great one-stop shop for food and drink subscriptions. The site offers a host of options including beer, cigars, fruits, coffee, chocolates, and even pizzas. If you're looking for a variety, you can also choose their "Mix your clubs'' option. Instead of only one club, you can get something from each club every month.

Best Wine Clubs

Free shipping all the time

Unlike many other options in our review, there is no additional cost for shipping here. This benefit is applied to the other clubs as well, so if you want to taste something else, you'll never have to worry about shipping fees, including the "mix your clubs" options.

Site could use a UI update

One place we weren't as impressed was the website's lackluster interface. Problems with site navigation could be a problem for some customers. On some pages, the options on the top navigation bar completely disappear until you reload the page. This along with the more limited information on the wines may not be sufficient for those seeking a more thorough understanding of their wine choices.

Well-rated with tons of reviews

In terms of customer satisfaction, the Wine of the Month Club is well regarded. This particular club (out of the others provided by Great Clubs) is rated with an "A+" rating at the BBB. Additionally, the business has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 from Trustpilot with over 3,500 individual reviews. Customers who loved the club noted that getting signed up was a breeze and that they enjoyed the selections of wine, despite being more limited than other options in our review. The customers who didn't like the Wine of the Month Club said that the online payment process was difficult. Others had some small complaints about sending this club as a gift.

Best non-wine-focused club

The prices for the Wine of the Month Club are reasonable, and shipping is included. However, for those seeking a more immersive and extensive wine experience, other higher-ranked wine providers may be a better option. Great Clubs may be suitable for those seeking a more affordable and varied wine club experience or for those interested in other food and drink subscriptions. Overall, the Wine of the Month Club is a solid option for those who aren't too picky about getting premium wines, or those who like to try a variety of food and drinks at once.

International Wine Club Review 3 Star Rating

International Wine Club

3 Star Rating
  • Shipments range from $41.95 to $77.95/month
  • Design your own shipment options
  • $15 per package for shipping
  • Bottles for sale between $16 to $35 per bottle
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Since 1994, the International Wine of the Month Club has been delivering wine selections from all around the globe. As a result, the club has amassed an impressive collection of premium wines from boutique vineyards. Members of the club are treated to a monthly newsletter that includes wine profiles, detailed vineyard histories, tasting notes, and food pairings. This feature allows wine enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge of the world of wine while enjoying high-quality selections.

Wide variety of wine types

The International Wine of the Month Club offers a range of options to cater to diverse tastes. The original Premier Series, which was launched in 1994, delivers premium wines from all around the world. This series offers wine enthusiasts the chance to explore wines that are exclusive to the club, at the best prices possible. Another option is the Bold Reds Wine Club which features robust red wines with deep color and complex flavor profiles. Examples include Cabernets, Zinfandels, Priorats, and Malbec blends from California, Spain, South America, and the Rhone Valley. The Collectors Series includes wines made from the finest vintage grapes and aged for longer periods. These wines can be enjoyed immediately after delivery or stored in a wine cellar for special occasions. Finally, the Masters Series offers a blend of high-quality, limited-production wines.

Pricing is straightforward

The pricing is reasonable for these club options across the board. The prices include:

  • Premier: $41.95 plus $15 shipping per month
  • Bold Reds: $54.95 plus $15 shipping per month
  • Collectors: $77.95 plus $15 shipping per month
  • Masters: $54.95 plus $15 shipping per month

Design your own shipments

What's more, the site offers a Design Your Own Club option, which enables members to customize their orders by mixing and matching any series with another. This also includes items from other clubs offered by the company like beer, gourmet cheese or chocolate, premium cigars, or fresh flowers. Additionally, members can choose the months they want their orders delivered, with no minimum requirements.

Unique flavors from boutique wineries

The wines in the International Wine of the Month Club are exclusively from estate-bottled boutique vineyards. Estate-bottled wines come from grapes harvested from vineyards under the control of the winery. This unique practice provides the winemaker with the opportunity to maintain a higher level of discretion in the harvesting and development of their grapes. The club offers members the choice of two red wines, one red and one white, or two white wines with every shipment.

Best Wine Clubs

No free shipping

Membership in the International Wine of the Month Club is highly flexible. Members can opt for anywhere from two to twelve months or an ongoing, open-ended membership that they can cancel at any time. The club offers monthly or customized delivery options. However, the cost of shipping at a flat rate of $15 per month is never included, which is a shame as other options in this review offer completely free shipping. But, the club does not have any membership minimums, making it easy for members to try out different wines without committing to a long-term membership.

Limited bottles for sale

One thing we love about the International Wine Club is that they offer a la carte bottles for sale on the website. You can search for wines by price, category, color, and whether or not the items are on sale. To get an idea of how the International Wine Club compares to other options in our review, we looked at their selection of red wines. They have 33 total options for reds. The prices at International Wine Club range from $16/bottle- $35/bottle. There isn't a wide range of expensive wines, so if you're looking for top-shelf options, this won't be the site for you.

Not enough buzz to be sure

The International Wine of the Month Club has been awarded an "A+" rating by the Better Business Bureau, and its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee underscores its commitment to providing only the highest quality products. If members are not satisfied with their wine selections, they can have their purchase refunded or replaced. However, there aren't a lot of customer reviews available on third party websites. Most sites only have a handful of reviews. On the other hand, some professional wine blogs have given the International Wine Club an average of 4 stars out of 5. So, there is some positive buzz about this wine service.

Middle-ground option with good pricing

Overall, the International Wine of the Month Club is a middle ground option. It doesn't wow, but it isn't a bad option either. The pricing is reasonable, and the club offers flexibility in membership terms and delivery options, and the Design Your Own Club is a standout feature. The club has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, their online wine selection for single bottles is fairly slim, so you may want to look somewhere else if that's a deal-breaker for you. With all the positives, though, the International Wine of the Month Club is still a "good enough" option to check out for your next wine club.

Wine Awesomeness Review 3 Star Rating

Wine Awesomeness

3 Star Rating
  • Shipments range in price from $49 to $159
  • 20% discount in online shop for members
  • Red wines priced from $15 to $89
  • Low-price guarantee

Wine Awesomeness is a monthly wine club that offers a unique and playful experience to wine enthusiasts. With the proliferation of wine clubs in recent years, Wine Awesomeness stands out by offering a "monthly wine journey curated for adventurous souls." Each month, the club selects three or six bottles of wine from a single wine region or theme, providing a unique opportunity for members to explore new wines they may have never heard of before. The prices for Wine Awesomeness are competitive, with options starting as low as $49 per month with shipping included.

Competitive online shop

Wine Awesomeness curates a fresh assortment of wines each month, allowing customers to either make their selections or have the company choose for them. On top of that, customers can purchase individual bottles from Wine Awesomeness. Club members receive a 20% discount on all wines available on the company's list if they find a wine they love. There are different options on the website depending on the state you live in or want to be shipped to.

Three low-cost club options

To get started with the Wine Awesomeness Discovery Wine Club, customers just have to decide how many bottles they want, indicate the type of wines preferred between red, white, and a variety, and then choose how involved they want to be in the process - whether customers want to choose specific wines or let Wine Awesomeness make the choices. The only price difference comes from the number of bottles:

  • 3-bottle shipment: $49/month + $10 delivery
  • 6-bottle shipment: $84/month + $10 delivery
  • 12-bottle shipment: $159/box + Free delivery

Comparing prices

To compare the prices for the on-site wines with other options in this review, we looked at the options for red wine at Wine Awesomeness. There are 120+ different options for red wine. The prices range from $15 to $89. While this isn't as large of a range as some options in this review, there are plenty of unique wines to choose from.

Best Wine Clubs

Flexible changes to your membership

One feature that customers will like is that Wine Awesomeness promises that it's easy for customers to skip, swap, or cancel their club box deliveries. Wine Awesomeness promises to give customers full control over their subscription, ensuring that customers and their schedules are prioritized. The company offers smooth delivery with no long-term commitment required. The online account management at Wine Awesomeness includes the ability to skip, delay, or cancel shipments, as well as a rewards program and gift card management. Members receive email notifications when their order has been processed and shipped, and they can monitor shipping and delivery times through UPS MyChoice and FedEx Delivery Manager.

Lowest prices on the market

Customers looking for a budget-friendly option will be happy to know about Wine Awesomeness' Low-Price Guarantee. Wine Awesomeness promises that their prices for particular wines are the lowest on the market. The club also offers preferred pricing to loyal customers, making it a beneficial option for those who are committed to monthly shipments.

Promise of satisfied customers

On top of the other benefits, Wine Awesomeness also offers a satisfaction guarantee, replacing any bad bottles that members receive. However, the policy isn't listed in detail on the customer service portion of the site, which would make it more concrete. Hopefully, they'll add a specific policy statement soon.

Best Wine Clubs

No one is talking about Wine Awesomeness

In terms of customer satisfaction, Wine Awesomeness doesn't have a presence on the BBB site yet, but it has been reviewed on several third party sites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Overall the customer ratings are mid-tier with the average rating across all review sites coming out at 3 stars out of 5, but this comes from fewer than 10 total reviews overall. Wine Awesomeness just doesn't have enough of an online presence to get a decent read on the business yet.

Good benefits...

Wine Awesomeness offers a unique and playful monthly wine club experience that is affordable and flexible. With competitive prices starting at $49 per month, customers can explore new wines from a single region or theme curated by the club. Customers have full control over their subscription, and the club also offers a low-price guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee, and a rewards program which make it stand out.

...but no buzz

It's clear Wine Awesomeness has some great features, but there are too few reviews to confirm how well these features work in practice. With so little information on customer satisfaction, we can't rate this option as high as we'd like. If you're willing to take a chance on a reasonably-priced option with few reviews, it might be worth it.

Harry & David Review 2.5 Star Rating

Harry & David

2.5 Star Rating
  • Wine shipments from $124.99 to $499.99
  • Other clubs available for food and drinks
  • Bundles in the online shop
  • Seasonal options
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Harry & David is a gourmet gifts company based in Oregon that has been specializing in providing high-quality products since the 1930s. One of their offerings is their wine club which provides a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription of wines sourced from the Oregon area. The wines are handpicked based on the season, as well as current food and wine trends, and are shipped quickly to ensure the utmost freshness.

Limited options

The Harry & David wine club is a little more sparse than some others: the wine club is only one of many clubs and products offered by Harry & David. There are three membership lengths at 3, 6, and 12 months, and each membership includes one bottle of red wine and one bottle of white wine delivered on a monthly basis. However, there is a $9.99 shipping fee for each shipment, which can make the cost per bottle higher than most other wine clubs on the market. Additionally, all membership lengths require payment in full at the time of order, and there is no option to cancel anytime.

$20 per bottle across options

The prices at Harry & David are fairly straightforward. There are three shipment options to choose from and each has its own price. With each shipment, you get 2 bottles a month, and the price covers the full 3, 6, or 12-month period. For the different options, the prices are:

  • 3 Months: $124.99
  • 6 Months: $239.99
  • 12 Months: $499.99

If you calculate the amount for 2 bottles per month at those prices, each bottle costs about $20, which is right in the middle in terms of costs per bottle for wine. However, we do wish there was more variety available.

Online shop is bundles only

If you're looking for individual bottles, though, Harry & David isn't the best place to shop. While you can buy gift baskets with wine in them, buying individual bottles isn't an option, which makes this wine club less competitive than many options that do offer individual bottles for sale. You can, however, buy a variety of other snack basket options or fine wine and cheese pairings. So, if you're a fan of trying new tastes beyond just wine, a multi-club site like Harry & David might be more your style. Additionally, these options make Harry & David a great option to send unique gift baskets to friends and family. But since this isn't a wine-only company, the wine options can be more limited than at other retailers.

Best Wine Clubs

Cluttered webpage

In terms of usability, the website is a little cluttered, and if you're trying to find the Harry & David wine club page from the landing page, it can be hard to locate. Once you get to the right place it's easy to see the cost of individual club options. However, we'd love for the site to be a bit cleaner overall to improve the user experience while buying. With so many options to choose from it can make the user experience frustrating to have such a cluttered design with images and text all over the place.

Low customer ratings

As for customer satisfaction, Harry & David isn't the top option according to previous customers. While the company does have an "A+" rating from the BBB, it only averages about 1.3 stars out of 5 across various third party review sites (including ratings on the BBB site itself). Customers complained that shipments from Harry & David were often late, making it hard to be home to sign for packages. Other customers have ranted that the contents of their subscription boxes were damaged or had gone bad by the time they reached the customer. Further, shoppers complained about the customer service reps and the inability to get problems resolved satisfactorily.

Low-rated for wine, but okay for other products

Overall, while the Harry & David wine club may not be the most cost-effective option on the market, it is a great choice for gift baskets in general. Despite the high cost per bottle and lack of flexibility in membership terms, if you are looking to give a wine club membership to a friend or loved one, Harry & David is great for that. The wide variety of gift baskets and clubs make mixing and matching possible. However, if you're not someone who has a particular fondness for Oregon wines, the Harry & David wine club may not be for you.

Picked Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Shipment prices range from $120 to $240
  • 9,000+ wine options
  • Quiz-based algorithm
  • Free shipping
  • Sales and discounts available

Wine is an online retailer that offers a wine subscription service called "Picked" . Unlike other personalized wine subscriptions, Picked relies on wine professionals, or personal sommeliers, to select wines for each customer based on their preferences.

Flexible wine club

The subscription is highly flexible, allowing customers to choose the frequency of shipments, set the mix of red and white wine, and set a preferred price per bottle by wine color. Shipment prices vary based on preferences and range from an average of $20 per bottle to an average of $40 per bottle. Customers can pause, cancel or update their subscription at any time.

Quiz-based algorithm for wine selection

To get started with the Picked subscription, customers begin with a quiz that asks questions such as where a customer is in their wine journey, what types of wine they would like to receive, and how adventurous they are when it comes to wine. Customers also get to choose specific grapes that they like, love, or could live without. After receiving the wines, customers can update their preferences on their Picked settings page. Any ratings you add for wines you've received will be visible to your personal sommelier to assist them in the next round of wine options picked just for you.

One option and flexible pricing

In terms of pricing, Wine's Picked is pretty straightforward. The wine club shipments consist of six bottles and the average price per box is $150, which equates to $25 per bottle. However, the cost can be adjusted to the recipient's liking, with options ranging from $120 to $240 per box. The final price will depend on the cost of the wines included in the box, and the recipient can modify their chosen price point at any time through their account settings. It's worth noting that shipping is free of charge with Wine's subscription.

Tailor-made for individuals

Picked by Wine stands out as an option that promises to offer over 100 times more wine than the average subscription service. They offer a range of organic, critically acclaimed, or even Chardonnay-only options. The subscription is tailored to the customers' particular preferences. The company collects feedback from subscribers after they've tasted their wine, using it to make better selections for future shipments. The company guarantees subscriber enjoyment and allows them to set the price, frequency, and mix of reds and whites.

Best Wine Clubs

9,000+ options for unique bottles

While Wine is pared-down compared to some options in our review, that makes it easy to navigate. With only one club, and one box option of 6 bottles, there's no question about what you're getting. And, if you're looking for individual bottles, Wine offers a variety of wines for purchase on their "Discover'' page. They have over 9,000 individual options for red wine, which is the most bottles available in a shop for this evaluation. We compared their prices for red wine to other shops in our review and found that the prices at Wine ranged from $12 to $1,870. This is a fantastic range of options for budget-friendly wines as well as premium options. They also offer a range of glassware, dessert wines, and tasting sets to complete your home bar in a one-stop shop.

Sales and discounts available

In terms of deals, Wine's Picked offers an introductory offer of $50 for new customers. On top of that, they have a referral program that offers customers a $30 credit if they recommend Wine to a friend who signs up. Adding the free shipping offered here, it's clear that they're working to provide a good value for your subscription fee.

Customers warn others to stay away

In terms of customer feedback, Wine's Picked doesn't stack up. Despite the great benefits available with Wine overall, customers and the BBB say the company isn't worth it. The company only has a "D-" rating from the BBB and it doesn't rate over 1.5 stars on any third party review site. Customers across the board complain about shipping times and many note that the sales or discounts that are available on the site won't apply during purchase. Multiple reviewers also complained about the lack of response from customer service and the inability to get a refund when problems arose.

Most wines but worst ratings

Overall, Wine's Picked subscription service offers a unique approach to personalization. While the subscription allows customers to set the frequency of shipments, preferred price per bottle, and mix of red and white wines, it has a host of problems that don't make this company an ideal choice. Wine has received negative feedback from customers, particularly in regard to shipping and customer service. With no ratings higher than 1.5 stars, Picked by Wine is one of the lowest clubs on our list.

Vinesse Wines Review 1 Star Rating

Vinesse Wines

1 Star Rating
  • Shipments range from $70 to $2,100
  • Online store available for single-bottle purchase
  • Red wines range from $11.99 to $35
  • Frequent discounts
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

For over 20 years, Vinesse has been making wine accessible to wine lovers through its wine delivery services. Most of the wines are handcrafted and produced by small wineries. The company has an extensive list of wine clubs, which allow consumers to choose a wine club based on their individual tastes and preference. The wine selections include Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine, and Chardonnay.

Club options scaled back recently

While the Vinesse Wine Club used to offer a wide range of membership programs to suit various preferences, it now offers one single membership option. The single wine club asks the customer to determine their wine preferences: white, red, or a mixture. Then you tell the site if you are sending wine as a gift or not, and depending on your answer you can either see the shipment prices based on the number of bottles and frequency of delivery, or it will ask the customer to begin filling out the sign-up form. Customers have the option of 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 bottles of wine per shipment and frequency options for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Pricing is only available for gifts

The pricing for this service differs slightly, and there are additional costs for shipping on top of the price of wine. The prices include:

  • 3 bottle shipments: $70 to $710 depending on frequency
  • 4 bottle shipments: $85 to $875 depending on frequency
  • 6 bottle shipments: $115 to $1,165 depending on frequency
  • 8 bottle shipments: $150 to $1,550 depending on frequency
  • 12 bottle shipments: $195 to $2,100 depending on frequency

If you're looking for the pricing month-to-month, that information is only available after you register, which isn't the most ideal option for many customers who don't know if they want to go with Vinesse yet.

Online shop is well stocked

We like that Vinesse offers an online shop. With options for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and wine samplers, there is a decent variety of by-the-bottle wines to choose from. In order to compare prices with other wine shops in this review, we looked at Vinesse Wines' selection of red wine bottles. There are 31 total bottles of red wine available for purchase from Vinesse, and the prices range from $11.99 to $35. While this excludes some of today's more expensive wines, there is a decent and competitive selection of bottles to purchase at Vinesse.

Deals and discounts available

At the time of this review, the Vinesse Wine Club was offering a few different deals. For the price of $49.99, customers will receive their first shipment of eight exclusive wines with free delivery. They will also receive six hand-picked wines from award-winning winemakers each month at the cost of $17 per bottle plus delivery. On top of that, there is an option to join their email list for further discounts.

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Website desperately needs an update

One thing that stood out as a potential problem is that the website is old-fashioned and hard to navigate. Some pages have no redirect links at all, and it is difficult to find what you need. Customers may not enjoy this style of the site. Furthermore, the landing page is reminiscent of some websites that are known to scam customers. While Vinesse isn't exactly a scam site, it could definitely use an update to increase the confidence of its customers.

Questionable benefit

A supposed benefit at Vinesse Wines is that the company guarantees customer satisfaction with each wine. The company promises to replace any wine that the customer does not enjoy. However, in terms of customer feedback, this guarantee may not always be honored. While the company does have an "A+" rating with the BBB, customers at third party review sites aren't as happy.

Too many customer complaints

The company has an average rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 across different review sites with more than 1,400 individual reviews to back up that rating. Customers complained about unauthorized charges to their credit cards, shipments being sent unasked for, and that customer service refused to process refunds despite their satisfaction guarantee. With these concerning reviews, this option isn't going to be highly recommended for anyone to try as their next wine club.

Keep looking for a safer option

Overall, while Vinesse has been in the business of making wine accessible to consumers for over 20 years and offers a decent selection of wines for purchase, there are several drawbacks to its wine club service. The website is outdated and difficult to navigate, which may turn off potential customers. Additionally, while Vinesse guarantees customer satisfaction and offers flexibility with its online account management system, shopper feedback disagrees. Many people have complained about unauthorized charges and unsolicited shipments. As a result, it may be best to explore other wine club options before considering Vinesse.

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One of the primary benefits of joining a wine club is that you'll receive a selection of carefully curated wines on a regular basis, usually monthly or quarterly. You can have these wines at home, share them with friends and family, or simply savor them on your own. From the fruity, bold flavors of a Cabernet Sauvignon to the delicate, floral notes of a Riesling, there is truly a wine for every taste.

The best part about wine clubs is that they offer the chance to try different types of wines that you might not have come across otherwise. They often have exclusive access to wines that you can't find in stores or restaurants, which can broaden your horizons and expand your palate.

Joining a wine club is also super convenient. Instead of spending time and energy searching for new wines to try, you can rely on the expertise of the club's curators to provide you with a regular supply of high-quality wines. Plus, they often offer educational resources like tasting notes and food pairing suggestions, so you can learn more about wine and become a bit of an expert yourself.

If you're ready to say "Cheers" and celebrate a new Wine Club membership, we're totally on board. But with so many online clubs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few important factors to consider to help you find the best fit for you:

  • Cost. What are the prices like? Are you being charged a fair price for the subscription based on the wines you'll receive? How do individual bottles stack up against pricing from other companies?
  • User-friendly shopping. Is the website difficult to navigate? Can you easily find the wine or club you're looking for?
  • Flexibility. Are you looking for an ongoing membership? Or are you looking to purchase a prepaid short-term club option? Perhaps you are looking for a club that lets you join some months and skip others? Thinking about the flexibility you want from your wine club will help you decide where to shop.
  • By the bottle. Are you only looking for a wine club that will ship you new flavors? Or are you looking for a place where you can enjoy club shipments as well as buy wine by the bottle? Some businesses offer deals for your membership that reduce by-the-bottle prices, which may help you as you look through the options.
  • Other products. Are you looking for more than just wine? Some club sites offer other memberships to foods, flowers, and more. Additionally, some wine club memberships offer a ship with not only additional wines but products like glassware to help you build your home bar.

Top Consumer Reviews is here to make the process of finding your next wine club a breeze. We have reviewed and ranked the best wine clubs out there today. We hope this information helps you feel ready to pop the cork and enjoy a glass of your next favorite wine as soon as possible!

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Wine Club FAQ

A wine club is a membership that delivers wine to you on a regular basis and without any long term commitment. The majority of these clubs simply require you to cancel your membership prior to your next shipment. The fine print of each club should be perused before making a final decision.
The idea of a wine club is to provide delicious new wine brands and flavors that most consumers wouldn't otherwise have access to. Whether the wine originated from California's popular Sonoma Valley or a small and quaint village in Southern France, customers can take care in knowing that each wine is selectively handpicked by wine connoisseurs with great care.
The frequency of a wine club delivery really depends on you. Some wine club memberships offer a variety of flexibility in terms of options. Choose from monthly, semi-monthly, seasonal, or quarterly depending on your needs and budget.
On average, wine clubs start around $7 per bottle and up. The cost of shipping is also something to consider before buying. Most companies charge a flat rate fee for each delivery, while others provide free shipping. Wine club shoppers will find the option to pay in full or be charged at each delivery.
If your wine club delivery shows up damaged or missing you simply need to contact the customer service department. The bulk of wine club membership are very customer oriented and want to fix any problems that might occur during transit.
Typically, all wine club memberships include tasting notes. Tasting notes allow the wine taster to learn about the winery and history of the establishment. Generally, the aromas and flavors will also be listed along with food pairing.
Sangria is a very well-known drink that features wine. Here's one popular recipe:
  - 1 (750-mL.) bottle or sweet red or white wine
  - 1 c. orange juice
  - 1/2 c. brandy
  - 1/4 c. granulated sugar
  - 1 orange, sliced
  - 1 apple, sliced
  - 1 c. blueberries
  - 1 c. sliced strawberries
  - Other fruits if so desired
  - 1 (12-oz.) can seltzer
In a large pitcher, mix together wine, orange juice, brandy, and sugar then stir in oranges, apples, blueberries, and strawberries. Refrigerate until ready to serve, preferably 2 hours. Top off with seltzer before serving.
Wine clubs can be a great gift for the wine lovers in your life and those hard to shop for family members. Imagine delicious, hard to find and unique, wine arriving each month to your gift recipient. Wine clubs can also make a wonderful business gift for your special client.

How Wine Clubs Work

Wine clubs are great ways to learn about wines as well as discover your favorite new flavors. If you have years of wine experience under your belt or are brand new to wine tasting, wine clubs create an efficient way to discover and learn more about wine. From the convenience of your home you'll enjoy receiving your regular deliveries to taste and enjoy month after month.

If you've never purchased a wine club membership the idea is a little foreign to most. Each wine club is different but here's how the majority work.

Regular Deliveries
Depending on what you sign-up for, and the options available at your wine club, you can anticipate one to two bottles (or more) of wines delivered direct to your door on a regular basis. Many wine clubs offer a lot of flexibility in the number of deliveries you can choose from. Again, depending on the where you establish your wine club membership, you may select monthly, every other month, quarterly, or semiannual wine deliveries. The more frequent your wine deliveries the higher the cost.

Wine Flavors
If you prefer white or red wine you'll want to read closely the options available at the club you ultimately select. Most companies don't give you a choice of what wines you'll receive each order but some allow you to choose what color. We liked the wine clubs that offer a bottle of each every delivery but for those that only drink red wine or white wine you'll be more limited in the options available. Be sure and look closely and find a club that best suits your needs.

One of the benefits of discovering new wines, through a wine club, is trying a number of different flavors from wines manufactured in locations you wouldn't typically try. If you're very flexible about what region of the world your wine originates from then any wine club will probably due. For those that prefer international wines or wines only made in California there are also plenty of clubs to choose from that will specifically meet your needs - you just may have to look a little harder.

If you really like a wine that shows up at your doorstep and want more, many wine clubs have the flexibility to allow for you to buy additional bottles, outside of your membership deliveries, often at a discounted price. This is a popular reason why wine enthusiasts get into wine clubs - to discover new wines they love and have the option of buying more to share with their friends.

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