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Wine Access Review

Wednesday, February 28th

2024 Wine Store Reviews

Wine Access Review 4 Star Rating

Wine Access

4 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $13 - $2,000/bottle
  • Elite inventory
  • Best search and filter system
  • Credited wine sommeliers

Wine Access is a notable online wine store, quite worthy of customer consideration. Their eye-catching website reflects Wine Access' appreciation for elegance and high-quality; which, as a Michelin Guide partner, is a value important to communicate.

Fantastic reputation

In business since 2007, Wine Access has earned a successful reputation for their elite inventory, selected by an impressive team of sommeliers and wine industry professionals. For those seeking a high-caliber wine experience, we highly recommend checking out Wine Access.

Extensive variety of wine types and source regions

Offering extensive variety amongst wine types, Wine Access includes red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, rose, sake, and dessert. The production regions of their stock extend well beyond even France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina. On their website, all inventory at Wine Access can be searched and sorted into specific and detailed regions.

Great search filters

We found Wine Access' filtering system to be the most all-encompassing for consumers, out of our entire reviewed wine retailers. In fact, customers can filter to search wines via several identifiers, such as how soon selected items can be shipped; who on the Wine Access team reviewed the selected wine; foods that wines can be paired with (hard/soft cheeses, red/white meats, fish, shellfish, cured meat, vegetables, exotic/spicy, dessert, and so on); price per bottle; the vintage year; optimal drinking window for each bottle; the wine's flavor profile; and specific collections. You can even filter for wines sold in Michelin star restaurants.

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Wine clubs, a podcast, and sommelier info

With Wine Access, customers can also have their pick of 5 different Wine Clubs, and the company notes free shipping with all orders over $150. There is plenty of other wine-related content on their website, with information on their exclusive podcast, "Wine Access Unfiltered', advertised to, "take you behind the bottle and into what we really love about wine: the intimate moments, unforgettable occasions, and hilarious stories that the best bottles bring about." As for the expert team curating Wine Access' inventory, the website includes brief biographies on each sommelier, giving customers further insight as to the taste and expertise of those at the helm.

Shipping notes

Note that Wine Access does not sell spirits or other accessories; they also do not provide international shipping, and do not ship to the states Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Great high-end choice

While we could not find any information regarding Wine Access on the BBB website, we did find plenty of positive reviews from other various third-party sources, vouching for their incredible quality and service. Overall, we think Wine Access is an excellent option for wine store customers to consider, particularly those seeking a high-end, luxury sipping experience.

Who is the Best Online Wine Retailer?

For thousands of years humans have delighted in the tastes and intoxications of wine. Whether playing a role in your Sunday night routine while you watch the latest streaming hit show, in religious ceremonies and sacraments, the demand for wine has only increased over the centuries. In fact, the consumption and demand for wine has risen higher than ever, and the competition among suppliers to meet these growing needs is stiff.

Yet, despite such a vast history and well-documented love of our fermented grapes, many people still find themselves at a loss when searching for a bottle of wine they might enjoy. There are reds, whites, rose, sparkling, fine wines, vintage wines, and all sorts of wine producing regions, for folks to explore - but many may be unsure of where to start, or what exactly to look for.

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Wine Store FAQ

Wine is typically shipped in specially designed boxes that protect the bottles from damage. The boxes may also include insulation and ice packs to keep the wine at the proper temperature during shipping. Some online wine stores even offer options for expedited or temperature-controlled shipping.
This depends on the policies of the online wine store. Some stores may allow returns or exchanges, while others may not. If you're concerned about this, be sure to check the store's return policy before placing an order.
Shipping costs for wine can vary depending on the size of your order, the distance the wine needs to be shipped, and the shipping options you choose. Some online wine stores offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.
This depends on the policies of the online wine store. Some stores may allow you to specify a delivery date, while others may not. You can check the store's delivery policy before placing an order.
The delivery time for wine orders can vary depending on the distance the wine needs to be shipped and the shipping options you choose. Most online wine stores provide estimated delivery times on their websites.
Yes! Many online wine stores offer a wide selection of rare and hard-to-find wines. However, these wines may be in high demand and may sell out quickly. Be sure to check the in-stock availability of these wines before placing your order.
Many online wine stores offer discounts or promotions to customers. These may include discounts on specific wines or wine bundles, free shipping, or other special offers. You can check the store's website or sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about current promotions.
In most cases, yes. Ultimately it depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. In some states in the United States, it is legal to purchase wine online, while in others it is only legal to purchase wine from in-state wineries or through a licensed retailer. Most online wine stores will alert you to any issues prior to placing an order. If you're still concerned, you can cneck the laws in your area before purchasing wine online.
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Those new to the world of wine can have needs that differ greatly from those well informed and experienced with wines. So, what exactly is it that consumers should look for when shopping for wines, and which companies are most likely to leave customers feeling satisfied?

At Top Consumer Reviews we've reviewed and ranked online wine retailors, with a special focus on seeking companies that are sure to please both novices and sommeliers, alike. Some factors to consider when wine shopping, especially for those newer, could be items such as:

  • Sweet vs Dry Taste. white wines are typically associated with a sweeter, fruitier, and/or crisp taste - an excellent choice for those newer to wine. Red wines are generally correlated with a more dry, aromatic, and full-bodied (or heaviness), tasting experience.
  • Food Pairing. if you are planning a special event or dinner party, some wines may pair best with your vision. For example, white meats and fish usually pair quite well with white wine, and red meats or heavy pasta dishes can be delicious with a nice glass of red. Many of our reviewed companies will offer suggestions of the types of wine that pair best with certain food items - so be sure to check out the various websites for those features.
  • Production Region. wine production regions span all across the globe, with the most prominent regions including: Italy, Spain, France, the U.S., and China. If you're curious to explore wines from specific geographic areas of interest (which can also inform the flavor and tasting experience of various wines), then many companies will allow you to sort through their inventory by this feature.
  • Additional Services Offered. aside from the bottles for sale, many of our ranked and reviewed wine retailers (particularly those towards the top of our list) offer additional products and services that may be of interest. Offers for wine clubs, themed wine sets, tasting sets, glassware, accessories, and even selections of spirits, can set certain companies above the competition.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best online wine stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the perfect glass to enjoy, whether you're having it after a long day's work or at your next big event!

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