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DSW Review

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Women's Shoe Store Reviews

DSW Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $13.98 to $594.99
  • Over 12,000 options for women's shoes
  • Free shipping with VIP program
  • Interest-free financing with After Pay
  • 90-day returns

Designer Shoe Warehouse, better known as DSW, first opened in 1991 in Dublin, Ohio. Their parent company, Designer Brands, is one of the largest retailers of shoes in North America. They offer brand name footwear and accessories at an affordable price. Today, there are over 500 stores in 44 states.

Huge selection

DSW offers a huge selection of women's shoes. There are 12,183 options to pick from on their website. Their cheapest shoe is on clearance, and it is a Mix Number 6 Falcon Slide Sandal for $13.98. Their most expensive women's shoe is a Vince Rune Slouch Boot that costs $594.99. DSW offers women's shoes in sizes 5 to 11.

Website is easy to shop

When browsing DSW's website for women's shoes, they have a lot of quality information to assist you with your purchase. They have a product description with details about the shoe. They include the UPC number and the item number. This is useful if you are trying to find the exact shoe that you had seen either at another store or in their physical store location. DSW includes product features such as shoe material and the height of the heel. They also include a link to a shoe measuring guide to assist in picking the correct size shoe. DSW includes a section of suggestions for what customers also like and what customers also bought to assist you in your purchase. Finally, they have customer reviews on their shoes.

Interest-free financing through After Pay

DSW offers a great financing feature called After Pay. It allows you to split your total into equal payments every 2 weeks, interest-free. This can be helpful if you need to purchase multiple pairs of women's shoes or if you are looking at more expensive pairs and don't want to have to pay the full total upfront. Having no interest makes it an excellent option.

You can get a refund or an exchange...

DSW will allow you to return most unworn, undamaged or defective merchandise. You are able to choose between a refund or an exchange. However, their return policy is complex and can get confusing because your VIP status and return type affect what's possible.

Best Women's Shoe Stores

...but returns get complicated

First is non-members: exchanges and in-store returns are free, online returns have an $8.50 shipping fee and return by mail is 90 days. DSW VIP Club has in-store returns and exchanges for free, online returns cost $8.50 for a shipping fee and you have 90 days to return by mail - which sounds exactly like the non-member terms, so we're not sure what the VIP advantage is here.. DSW VIP Gold has free in-store returns, exchanges and online returns plus 90 days for return by mail. Finally, DSW VIP Elite has free exchanges plus in-store and online returns. They also allow you 365 days to return by mail. If you miss the 90-day window with the original receipt, you may still return and get a merchandise credit, but will be unable to get the money returned to your initial form of payment.


Have you ever wanted to be a VIP? DSW has you covered. Sign up for their free DSW VIP and get the VIP treatment. You will earn points on every purchase, leading to a free $5 reward for every $100 you spend. This could equal free or discounted shoes down the road. This VIP program also grants you free shipping on every purchase with no exceptions. When you spend enough to make it to VIP Elite status, you will earn free express shipping. The VIP program also gets you a $5 credit to spend for your birthday. Once you make your first purchase, you will get a code for 20% off your next purchase. As a VIP, you may make free in-store returns on your purchases as well.

VIP Gold and Elite

Once you spend $200, you are bumped to the next tier, which is VIP Gold. This will get you all of the VIP treatment plus 2x points days, which leads to quicker discounts. With this level, you also get free online returns. If you are a shoe fanatic and spend $500 annually, you will qualify to be a VIP Elite. This level gets you $5 for every $50 spent, so you earn them quickly. Your birthday gift will be $10 and you qualify for free express shipping. 365-day returns are another perk earned at this level. You will also earn 2x and 3x points days.

"F" rating

DSW has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to 27 complaints filed against them, plus 15 complaints that have been filed and not resolved. Customers clearly are not happy with the company. One customer said they were sent the wrong sized shoes. Instead of expediting a new pair, DSW refunded them and had them reorder again which took time waiting for the return to process. Another customer said that every time they sent their shoes back to the warehouse, they had to call to make sure they had been received and get the refund moving. There are a few complaints too about the website not being updated within days of women's shoes being sold out: shoppers ordered shoes, then received an email stating they were out of stock yet days later the shoes were still listed as available on the website.

Misses the mark

DSW is unfortunately not a store we can recommend for purchasing women's shoes. While we find their VIP program to be intriguing, especially since it's free to join, their "F" rating doesn't make them a suitable choice. Customers seem to be disappointed with DSW, and their return policy is overly complicated. We suggest looking elsewhere when shopping for women's shoes.

Which Women's Shoe Store is Best?

Everyone wears shoes, and their look and comfort matter. These are something everyone will use on a daily basis whether it be for going to work, exercise or even slippers to wear around the house.

For some women, there is nothing more fun than splurging on some new kicks. Having the perfect pair to accentuate any outfit is a must. While it can be enjoyable to go from shoe retailer to shoe retailer, it doesn't offer the instant selection that online shopping does. Not only do you get a wide variety of shoe styles, but you can compare prices and score great deals when buying shoes online. And if you score a great deal, why not buy two pairs of shoes instead of one?

The Best Women's Shoe Stores Compare Women's Shoe Stores Compare Women's Shoe Store Reviews What are the best Women's Shoe Stores Best Women's Shoe Store Reviews

Women's Shoe Store FAQ

Luckily shoe sizes don't vary much from retailer to retailer. If you have a few pairs of shoes in a certain size that fit comfortably, don't hesitate to go off of that number for any shoes you're buying online. Some product descriptions will let you know if customers generally feel like the shoe runs big or small, so this could help you know if you should size up or down.
Yes! Almost all women's shoe retailers online have a return policy that allows you to return or exchange your items. Read the company policy before submitting an order so that you know how long you have to send your shoes back if needed. Usually return policies are anywhere from 30-90 days. Sometimes you are even able to buy your shoes online and return them in-person to one of their stores if you have one locally.
A better question would be what shoes are not available online? You can find platform heels, hiking boots, sandals, ankle boots, snow boots, slippers, and everything in-between from online shoe retailers. Most companies will have an inventory with thousands of different styles for you to choose from.
Since online women's shoe retailers carry such a big selection of shoes, they make it easy to narrow down their selection. Most websites have filter features that allow you to select the type of shoe you want, size, color, features, material, and other relevant details so that you can find what you want quickly. If you know the name of the shoe or brand, you could always type it into the retailer's search bar and find them that way.
It is not uncommon for shoes to come in regular sizes and also have the option for them to be wide. This is something you would select from the product page. When you're using the filtering features to find shoes you like, there is usually a way to select that you only want to browse the shoes that come in wide sizes as well.
Shopping online gives you access to browse thousands more pairs of women's shoes than you would find going into a store. In addition, you can compare prices between retailers and get a lot more details on the shoes than you would if you saw them in a store. Oftentimes, online shops run sales that end up making your purchase even cheaper than it would be otherwise.
If you're shopping from a reputable online women's shoe shop that has a good Better Business Bureau rating, you won't have an issue with shoe quality. Most product listings allow for customers to leave reviews about the shoes so that you can read what others have said about quality, price, comfort, and more. Buying online doesn't make the quality of shoes any less than you'd find in-store.
The cost for women's shoes depends entirely on the brand, style, and type of shoe you're buying. You can easily find a nice, cute pair of shoes for anywhere between $20 and $80. Know the price range you're hoping to stay in before shopping online and you can filter your shoe options to fit your budget.
Compare the Best Reviews

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When you shop for women's shoes online, you're more likely to find the exact shoe you want down to the pattern, brand, type, size, and color. Some online retailers even have customer reviews for all their products that let you know if the shoe is good quality and if others have found them comfortable. The world of online shopping opens you up to endless options when it comes to finding the most stylish pair of shoes to flaunt around town.

When looking to buy women's shoes, you need to know their purpose. Are you looking for a casual, everyday shoe? A shoe for exercise? Shoes for work or dressy occasions? Do you want heels or flats? With most stores carrying boots, sneakers, casual shoes, sandals and slippers, you'll want to use filters to narrow down the options when you go to websites looking for your next kicks.

Also when choosing a retailer for your next pair of women's shoes, you need to determine what quality of shoe you are looking for. Does price matter, or is craftsmanship your main focus? Are you looking for a designer over function?

As you consider where to purchase your next pair of women's shoes, here are a few key features to consider about each store's inventory and policies.

  • Price point. How much are you willing to spend on your new pair of shoes?
  • Brand. Do you need a name-brand designer or will off-brand work for your needs?
  • Return policy. Will it be easy for you to make a return or exchange if your shoes do not fit the way you had hoped?
  • Comfort. Does the retailer offer comfortable shoes that will allow you to wear them all day?
  • Shipping. How much will it cost to get your shoes sent to you? Are there any promotions that would get you free shipping?
  • Variety. Does the retailer have a large variety of shoes for you to choose from?
  • Customer reviews. What are other customers saying about the shoes and the retailer?

To assist you in finding the best women's shoes for your needs, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked a compilation of shoe stores to shop from today. We are confident that this information will make your shoe shopping a fun and enjoyable experience.

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