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Book Club Reviews

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Neat, organized, and transparent describe Book of the Month's book club. The site is refreshing in its straightforward sharing of information. With a long history of being a great member program, and several positive reviews from famous authors, subscribers will enjoy the fantasic good value found here.

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Those new to book clubs will be very impressed with how easy it is to find information on Brilliant Books' website. Easy to navigate, the site lists services and prices clearly. Customers will enjoy exceptional customer service and personalized selections.

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Owl Crate offers a clean, creative, and fun product. Fans of Young Adult fiction will enjoy the boxes they receive each month filled with a new book and other specialty items, including a letter from the author.

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Literary fun with a touch of vintage style describes The Bookish Box's website. New subscribers can choose from a wide range of subscriptions. If you have a friend who loves books or has a favorite author, a club subscription will make a great gift.

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A decent online store, The Book Drop offers several genres and subscription plans for book enthusiasts. They offer perks such as consistently dealing with the same person and a clear list of how their subscription works. You can find all the answers to your questions on their site or contact them via email.

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Once you decide what kind of membership you want, Book Case Club begins delivering one book a month based on whatever theme you have selected. Books ship out on the first of each month. If you haven't been keeping up with reading trends, this might be a good place to get back into the practice of reading but shoppers may be left with questions.

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Doubleday offers a genre-specific experience for readers. A division of Bookspan, Doubleday is the book club for readers who enjoy romance or mystery with strong female characters. If you know where to look, the site is easy to navigate. You can find answers to your questions after a long search: not the best option for those new to book clubs.

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Book Clubs

It's a rainy day, and you're drinking a cup of hot chocolate, reading a good book. Does this sound like the perfect way to spend the day? If so, then you might want to consider joining a Book Club.

Book Clubs are a great way to easily keep up with the latest authors and award-winning novels. Yoiu don't have to drive to your local bookstore or do your own research; the best book clubs will present you with fantastic book options that automatically match your tastes and preferences.

However, not all Book Clubs are alike. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your Book Club:

  • Membership fees: How much will it cost you to participate?
  • Automatic renewal: Will your membership automatically charge to your credit card on a monthly or annual basis?
  • Skipping month options: If you know you're going to be out of town on vacation or just want to take a break, will the book club allow you to do so?
  • Return policies: Can you return a book that doesn't meet your expectations?
  • Cancellation policies: Do you have to give notice within a certain timeframe if you plan on canceling your book club subscription? Can you cancel for any reason, at any time?
  • Consumer reviews: Does the book club you're considering have a good reputation? Are deliveries on-time and in good condition?
  • Shipping dates: Does the schedule offered by the club meet your needs?
  • Discounts and other benefits: What perks does the book club offer in terms of discounts, rewards, and referral credits?

To help you with your book club selection, has reviewed and ranked the best Book Clubs available today. We hope this information will help all book lovers and reading enthusiasts alike choose their next book club!

Book Clubs In The News

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Start a Short Story Club Instead of a Book Club

Freshman year of college, my friend started a book club. We picked Ulysses. We met up once, and I've still never read Ulysses. Book clubs are hard! They're so hard that blogs list things to talk about ...

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KidsPost Summer Book Club: "˜Endling: The Last'

Byx is young, small and clumsy. She is neither clever nor brave. When she sets out on a long, difficult quest, she knows there is little chance of success. But she knows she must try. Byx lives in a f...

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McCracken County library runs book club for incarcerated youth

The idea that just one book can greatly impact the life of a child is an idea that the McCracken County Public Library promotes regularly through youth activities and clubs that continue through the s...

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What Fran's Reading: A novel about a book club ... written by a book club

Whether or not you're a member of a book club, the genesis of "Novel Women" (Silk Scarf Publishing, 290 pp., $12.99 paperback) should interest you. It's written by five northwest New Jersey women who ...

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