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      June 2, 2020

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National Credit Partners vs Wininger, Douglas & Green

Best Business Debt Management

To help you find the Best Business Debt Management, provides you with an in-depth comparison of National Credit Partners and Wininger, Douglas & Green.

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Which company offers the best business debt management services? If your company is struggling to manage finances, you might be wondering if there's any way to get out from the weight of debts that threaten to crush your business. Even when the economy is flourishing, it doesn't always translate into more sales of your product or service, making it even more challenging to manage the day-to-day operational costs and long-term expenses associated with running a business.

There are many factors that impact business debt. Do you have a sufficient credit line to stay in business? How well are you managing receivables due in 30 to 60 days? You may be struggling just to get by and keep the lights on while still trying to grow your business.

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Best Reviews


Business Debt Management Reviews

4.5 stars
National Credit Partners


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FREE consultation

National Credit Partners has more than 20 years of combined experience when it comes to business loan modification, business debt relief, and other solutions for managing commercial debt. They take an individual approach to every case that comes their way - you won't find any cookie-cutter solutions for your unique business situation.

What steps should you take to work with National Credit Partners? The easiest way is probably to call their toll-free number, and they advertise 24/7 availability. Alternately, you can easily fill in their "instant savings quote". Although it says that you'll get an instant quote when you fill in your information, that's not accurate. Instead, we were taken to a "thank you" page that said we would need to call their toll-free number to get our instant debt savings quote. If you'd rather not enter your contact information or business details online, we suggest skipping directly to giving them a call. (That also saves you the time of having to wait for a callback after you submit the online form.)

National Credit Partners isn't accredited with the BBB, but the company still has a perfect "A+" rating there. In fact, that's the biggest reason this business debt management service ranks so high - because their site itself doesn't offer too many hints about what they do and how. But, we put our sleuthing skills to work for you and found that this service uses experienced negotiators, attorneys and mediators for almost every imaginable type of business debt issue.

One area of specialty we found that National Credit Partners offers is restructuring of Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). These high-interest rate loans can get business owners in trouble in a hurry, with interest rates that can be as exorbitant as 400%. If you're stuck in an MCA situation, this provider has in-depth experience with restructuring and modifying this particular type of business debt.

Whether you need business debt relief, cash advance restructuring, business loan modification, or some other combination of business debt management. National Credit Partners stands at the ready to help. Of course, as with any provider, we encourage you to consider the details of your specific plan before making a commitment. However, with such a strong reputation with the BBB, this business debt management service can be trusted to develop a plan that works for your company.

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2.5 stars
Wininger, Douglas & Green


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Fees determined on a case-by-case basis

FREE initial consultation

Wininger, Douglas and Green is a business debt management firm that has been helping companies in the US and Canada since 1990. Services include restructuring of open and disputed invoices, addressing delinquent accounts payable, handling pending lawsuits and more.

According to their site, this service relies heavily on techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when negotiating with creditors. This typically leads to reductions of anywhere from 40% to 80% of the total amount a business owes. This provider also offers a guarantee: if they can't get a settlement that you deem satisfactory, you won't pay any fees.

We were impressed to see that the entire debt settlement process for each account can be taken care of in just a few business days. You begin by filling out the online form or by calling the toll-free number to speak with an experienced Certified Debt Management Professional (CDMP). Your free consultation will include a review of your business needs, to determine if you can benefit from their business debt management services. You'll need to provide specific information about your company, including the causes behind your cash flow problems and/or disputes with creditors.

Wininger, Douglas and Green emphasizes that, during the process, you are always in control. You decide how much you can afford to pay at any given point during the debt reduction, and you get to determine whether or not preserving the relationship with your creditors is a priority.

Despite being in business for over 30 years, this business debt management service doesn't have a rating from the Better Business Bureau. In fact, besides the customer testimonials on their Stop Business Debt website, there were very few reviews from actual clients to be found anywhere.

We also had a lot of trouble accessing the Wininger, Douglas and Green site. Sometimes their page was accessible, while other times we got security errors. Even when we were able to load the page, the site itself wasn't secure - not surprising, considering that the copyright for the website was 4 years prior to the time of our most recent review. That's not very encouraging when deciding who to trust with your business' financial situation.

While this could be the most affordable, reputable business debt management service in the nation, it's hard to feel overly confident in choosing them as a provider when we had such issues accessing their site - and when, aside from self-published testimonials, they have almost no "footprint" when it comes to client reviews online. Our best suggestion is that you read through the Wininger, Douglas and Green site, check out the link that shows actual settlements, and decide from there if you'd like to make a call to one of their debt management specialists.

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If any of this sounds familiar, finding a reputable business debt management service could be the light at the end of the tunnel. These services can help you avoid bankruptcy - so that you don't have your business assets liquidated and/or burned bridges with creditors whose good faith you may need in the future!

How does business debt management work? Providers work with your suppliers, lenders, creditors and other businesses to restructure what you owe - all while making sure to preserve your reputation with those third-party entities as much as possible, ensuring smooth relationships in the future. Some businesses see a debt reduction of as much as 80% when using the most effective providers!

When choosing a partner to help you manage your delinquent business debt, you want to make sure that you'll actually be better off after using the service. Your provider should be able to help you improve your bottom line, avoid bankruptcy, and keep your company intact. So, how can you tell which business debt management service is right for you? Here are several criteria to keep in mind as you look through your options:

  • Fees. Most services require you to have a consultation, usually at no cost, before providing details on what they can provide. Be sure to read the fine print and make sure you understand exactly what you're getting before you commit. Will you pay a fixed fee, or is it based on how much they save in restructuring your debt?
  • Reputation. What do other business owners say about their experience when using the service? Has the provider been evaluated by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Requirements. Some business debt management services only work with certain amounts of debt or companies of a particular size. Will your debt qualify for restructuring using the service you're considering? has reviewed and ranked the best business debt management services available today. We hope this information helps you get the resources you need to get your business back in the black and to give you peace of mind!

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