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      March 26, 2019

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Commercial Debt Counseling Review

Best Business Debt Management

To help you find the Best Business Debt Management, provides you with an in-depth Commercial Debt Counseling Review.

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Is your business swimming in debt? You're not alone. Business debt balances are at an all time high. A slowing economy and the jobless rate have severely impacted sales - but not necessarily reduced business expenses.

Many businesses are struggling to get by and continue business efforts while managing significant debt. Staying in business means you have access to a credit line and have cash flow sufficient enough to continue to operate. With receivables due 30 to 60 days it can be a challenge to juggle the financial aspect of any business right now.

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Business Debt Management Reviews

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Commercial Debt Counseling



FREE Debt Consultation. Based on these results, they can refer you to either commission-based or fixed-fee programs. Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Commercial Debt Counseling, a division of CuraDebt, has been in business since 1996 providing creditor negotiations, business debt settlement, and arbitration services for thousands of companies each year.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, Commercial Debt Counseling has a long history of successfully restructuring business debts that are held with corporate credit cards, vendors, suppliers, business lenders, and collection agencies.

In order to work with Commercial Debt Counseling your company must have sales totaling $150,000 a year or more and at least $15,000 in business debt.

Commercial Debt Counseling begins the process with an analysis of your company, debt situation, and cash flow. They also work to gain a complete understanding of your company's history, present state, and future goals. You help decide which creditors you wish to pay and how much you can afford. Based on this information, Commercial Debt Counseling quickly initiates the debt restructuring process - where they take over the communication with creditors, thereby allowing you to focus on your business again.

Commercial Debt Counseling is staffed with experienced arbitrators and uses a network of lawyers when needed. Fees include an initial retainer and commission based on their results. The retainer is refunded if you're not satisfied with their efforts to settle debt or create payment plans that meet your business needs.

Unlike other business debt companies, Commercial Debt Counseling asks that you hold onto your funds versus having them place your monthly payments in their trust. This aspect left us feeling much more in control of our finances, as well as gain confidence in Commercial Debt Counseling's intent to provide quality service.

Commercial Debt Counseling offers the highest quality, most affordable business debt management available today. If you have concerns with business debt, Commercial Debt Counseling is the best place to start.

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While bankruptcy seems like an easy solution, don't be fooled. Filing bankruptcy may mean the judge could liquidate your business assets - and your creditors may never be willing to lend to you again. Instead, many businesses today are getting help with their business debt in order to turn around their financial picture.

The companies they turn to can provide assistance negotiating with creditors, businesses, and suppliers in order to get your company back on the right track. The best providers are sensitive to maintaining positive business relationships with those important vendors that can make or break your inventory.

When looking for a company to help your business come out of debt, it's important that you select a company that is going to do a good job of reducing your business debt and not leave you worse off. You'll want a company that helps you obtain an effective solution to your delinquent business debt, help return your bottom line to a profitable financial status, and avoid business bankruptcy.

When looking for business debt management there are certain factors to consider in order to have a positive result. Some of these include:

  • Cost. Does the company charge set fees? Or do they base their commission on how much they save you?
  • Requirements. Does the company require a certain level of annual sales as well as a specific size of debt to work with your business?
  • Guarantee of Services. If you aren't satisfied with the service received, can you exit the program quickly and easily? has reviewed and ranked the best business debt management services available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right solution to make your business strong and viable again!

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