May 28, 2018

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How Can A Business Phone System Make You Money?

In today’s competitive market, businesses need every edge they can muster to gain the advantage over their competitors and turn a decent profit.

One of the best ways to make your business more cost effective – as well as improving upon productivity and efficiency – is with a business phone system. Any business can benefit from the purchase and implementation of the right business phone system. The trick is to know where and how you will need the phones.

A busy signal on a business phone is the worst thing that a company could have happen. If a customer can’t get through, they likely will give up and take their business elsewhere. That costs your company “opportunity money” – the money that could have been made if you would have been able to answer the phone and speak with the customer.

How can you be certain that making this investment will help your business’ bottom line?

In a 2012 National Federation of Independent Businesses report on small business economic trends, small business owners reported that remaining competitive among larger companies offering similar services was a number one concern. Reducing operational costs and finding qualified employees also topped the list.

With the right business phone system, all three of those needs can be met. Let’s discuss the ways the right phone system can accomplish these goals.

First and foremost, with the right system, the business immediately will realize a reduction in overhead expenses. Choosing a business phone system which offers Cloud-based phone service allows businesses to eliminate the need for fax machines and other bulky office equipment, as well as to save in energy and repair costs.

A cloud-based system also allows companies to provide employees with the option of working from a remote location. With this possibility, companies can hire the right person for the job, regardless of their location. Employees can have the option of working from the comfort of their own homes, which saves the business owner from having to rent a larger office space to accommodate all of its employees under one roof.

Another way to save money by using a business phone system is through the virtual assistant option. Whether you have a company of 15 employees, or you’re a single proprietorship running a consulting business from your own home, using a virtual assistant to take messages and route calls will increase your bottom line. It will save you from hiring a live person to do the same work and will accomplish the same goal.

The money saved by using a business phone system efficiently can then be turned over and used for advertising and marketing campaigns to help your business to grow even more.

This $530 Android phone is half the price of an iPhone X and just as good

Except for one. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Verizon. This phone is super fast. It's super cheap. It looks great. It has a headphone jack. It has one of the best fast chargers in the business. The camera is good. This is a phone that you should all be ...

Published:  Sat, 26 May 2018 07:10:00 GMT

Microsoft Extends Support for Skype for Business and Teams Apps for Windows Phones

Microsoft earlier this month quietly extended the life of its Skype for Business app for Windows Phone devices by about a year and a half, while its Microsoft Teams app for Windows Phone devices was given a five-month reprieve. Microsoft's original plans ...

Published:  Thu, 24 May 2018 16:31:00 GMT

Clever ways to repurpose your old cell phone

Yes, you can rid yourself of an old phone, but you can also put it to good use - even if it's somebody else who's using it. The new cost for doing business in Tulsa. For those who care about business and this community, we have a deal for you.

Published:  Sat, 26 May 2018 22:05:00 GMT

I tried a new app designed to curb obsessive cell phone use -- and it's already working wonders

"Onward is designed to have the minimum amount of screen time with you, and then turn you in a different direction," he tells Business Insider ... that compel them to spend too much time on their phone -- even when they know they should avoid it.

Published:  Sun, 27 May 2018 13:00:14 GMT

Trump administration reaches deal to save Chinese phone maker ZTE despite sanctions, sources say

The Trump administration has informed members of Congress that it has reached an agreement that will allow Chinese telecommunications-equipment maker ZTE Corp. to remain in business, according to two people familiar with the matter. U.S. Commerce ...

Published:  Fri, 25 May 2018 20:50:00 GMT

Lenovo CEO admits phone business "has sunk to the bottom"

"Lenovo phone business in China has sunk to the bottom, and thus we have no fear anymore" Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, said to a Chinese reporter on May 24 (our translation). "But, we're far from giving up. This is part of the strategy."

Published:  Thu, 24 May 2018 23:46:00 GMT

Is Your Business Too Small for a Phone System

For smaller businesses, are phone systems worth it The answer is, it depends. Of the 27.9 million small businesses in the United States, just over three-fourths have zero employees. This represents nearly 21 million people owning and operating a business ...

Published:  Wed, 23 May 2018 15:43:00 GMT

Keatings Communications Extending Advanced Crystal Clear Secured Business Telephone Service

Keatings Communications is offering high end VoIP business telephone services as well as managed IT support for all IT needs of businesses with 24/7 support. The company also offers advanced 4K resolutions security camera systems. Jacksonville, FL - May 19 ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 02:22:00 GMT

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