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      September 27, 2020

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Pedinova III vs Promed Beauty Bell H2

To help you find the Best Callus Removers, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Pedinova III and Promed Beauty Bell H2.

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Remove Your Calluses With Pedinova Today! Callus removers are more popular now then ever before. Thick, callused skin is not only unattractive but can crack and be painful. Most of us wish we had the time and money to enjoy regular pedicures, to remove unsightly calluses. However, with a good pedicure often costing $60 or more, it's not always an option.

People are often left to their own devices to care for their feet when it fits into their busy schedules. But unfortunately home pedicures don't typically provide the same results without the professional tools found at a salon.

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Best Reviews


Callus Remover Reviews

5 stars
Pedinova III


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$119.95 plus $9.99 shipping Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award The Pedinova III is an electric callus removing device sold by popular gadget retailer Brookstone. It is not only for removing calluses however; it is also a complete pedicure/manicure machine designed to shape and trim finger and toenails as well.

There is no dedicated web site for the Pedinova III, you have to go to the Brookstone web site to purchase this product. Our research found several positive reviews on the Pedinova III. Many customers said it was the best pedicure and manicure device they had ever used, and one even said it was better than a salon manicure.

The device is sleek and fits easily into your hand. The speed of the motor is adjustable, which we have not seen in many other foot care units, so you can turn it up to grind down tough calluses, or turn it down to do precision manicure work.

There are 12 attachments of all shapes and sizes to trim and smooth nails and calluses of all kinds. Reviews report that the device works very well even on very thick nails or calluses. Take note that this product does not come with any method to capture the dust and debris that occurs when polishing dead skin, so be sure to use with a towel or in a bathroom where cleanup is easy.

The shipping is $9.99, and the return policy allows you to return any item within 30 days for a refund.

Overall the Pedinova III earns a strong ranking for being a multi-purpose tool that works well on both feet and fingernails.

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2 stars
Promed Beauty Belle H2


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$114 plus $13.84 shipping

Note: This prouct is no longer being sold.

The Promed Beauty Belle H2 is a compact cordless electric callus remover that promises to remove tough calluses by grinding them down with spinning sapphire rolls. This product is sold on the Sears web site but is not manufactured by them.

Since there's no dedicate web site for the Promed Beauty Belle H2, we found it difficult to get a lot of information on this device. We did identify that the motor on the Beauty Belle H2 has one speed only and indicates that it is a slow speed. It can take several minutes to buff down calluses with the slowly rotating sapphire rolls that come with the device. (one fine roll, one course roll) The device is small and light with a simple on/off switch, and it is shaped like an electric razor with a foil on the end that grinds the calluses.

There are no reviews or accolades of this product on any of the web sites on which it is being sold. What's more is we couldn't find any independent reviews of this product anywhere. When we searched the internet for customer reviews many of the web sites we found had odd, garbled nonsensical reviews.

One of the only perks of this product includes the generous return policy. This may be returned with original receipt and packaging within 90 days for a full refund. However, the company misses the mark with expensive shipping charges.

There was very little for us to like about the Promed Beauty Belle H2 callus remover. No demo videos, reviews, accolades - only an inexpensive looking product. We recommend considering a higher ranked callus remover.

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Instead, many people have found that owning an electric callus remover is the best way for them to achieve beautiful, soft feet without the time and expense associated with regular spa visits.

A number of callus removers are on the market today that create wonderful results and requiring very little effort. When choosing a callus remover, know that not all products will provide the same results.

Before shopping for a callus remover, you should consider the following:

  • Design. Is the callus remover well designed for fast and effective callus removal? Or will the experience be too awkward to use on a regular basis?
  • Convenience. How convenient is the callus remover to use? Is it cordless for flexible use?
  • Price. What is the price of the callus remover and how does that compare to the competition? How much will shipping cost? has reviewed and ranked the best callus removers available today. We hope these reviews help you find the perfect callus remover to smooth and soften your feet!

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Self-Treatment of Minor Foot Problems

Patients should be instructed to wear shoes that have a snug fit for the heel. Removal of the callus is complicated by two factors. First, unlike the corn, which serves no purpose, the callus ...

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And by the end of summer-when the months of sandal-wearing have finally caught up with me-there's only one thing I'll use on my dry heels and tough calluses: pumice stones. Pumice stones ...

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Minor Wound Care for Diabetic Patients

This warning should be extended to various corn and callus removal devices. These products present varying degrees of danger to diabetic patients. There are "pumice stones," a type of solid rock ...

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Calluses are normal and aren't necessarily ... These could all be signs of an infection that requires in-person removal or other treatment from a doctor. The name is a bit deceiving, as you ...

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They can be distinguished from calluses and corns by their tendency ... One should not attempt to remove the wart at home, but should rather seek treatment by a doctor or a podiatrist.

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Bump on the Bottom of the Foot

Calluses can form if one area of your skin experiences ... If home treatments don't work, your doctor can remove the warts. Switch to shoes with an open back, such as clogs.

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