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      September 19, 2018

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Why Sell Your Gold Online?


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Why Sell Your Gold Online?

Gold is a precious metal that is hard to find and this rare commodity is not only used to make beautiful jewelry, coins, watches and dental fillings but is also used as an investment during times of a wavering stock market. The usefulness of gold has driven the prices up in recent times and thatís why many news reports talk of the popularity of selling gold.

Like any commodity, the value of gold fluctuates based on market conditions and demand. In recent years the gold market has seen double digit changes in value. The price of gold is expected to stay high, but with no guarantee in the market. If you have unwanted gold itís best to sell now while the prices are high.

Searching through your home for broken or unwanted jewelry, coins or anything else that is at least 10 karat gold or higher can pay off. Keep in mind that the objective is to melt down gold so the look of your items plays no factor in whether you can sell that item and how much youíll get for it. The karat value and the weight of the gold are the determining value on how they will calculate your cut, not how fashion forward that item is. Also, if you have gold jewelry with precious stones you can ask that they also sell or remove and return to you as desired.

Some debate on whether they should keep old broken or out dated jewelry for sentimental reasons but if you arenít using the item itís really just collecting dust and taking up space. Consider using your cash proceeds to buy something you really love, going on a vacation or paying off debt. Perhaps you even decide to keep one of grandmaís rings and make better use of the rest.

The most convenient method of selling gold might just be through an online company. Using an online company eliminates the drive time to find the best price from a reputable local company. Itís also a little awkward to walk into a store with your handful of unattractive, broken gold jewelry and ask to sell it. Online companies have the lowest overhead costs and therefore drive business through their high cash payouts. Most online companies offer a period of time that allows you to determine if you want to take their offer or return and try another company for a better quote. Before choosing the company to go with consider their customer satisfaction history, how easy their gold buying process is and if they insure the packages to and from to protect your valuables.

Whether youíre wanting some extra cash for various reasons or cleaning out unwanted items, selling any unwanted gold items is smart. Gold is in demand and the prices to buy your gold are at an all time high.

When you sell Bitcoin shovels, make sure you get paid in cash

We all know the sage advice that in a gold rush the best thing to do is sell shovels. My caveat would be to ensure you're paid in cash. And just to be clear for the modern world ...

Published:  Mon, 17 Sep 2018 23:04:00 GMT

3 Top Gold Stocks to Watch in September

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Trump's Iran Sanctions Trigger a Booming Cash Smuggling Business

trading in gold or precious metals, and selling or acquiring various industrial materials. Further curbs in November will target Iran's oil exports, the backbone of its economy. Roughly $5 million in ...

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