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Amazing Clubs vs iGourmet

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Amazing Clubs specializes in a long list of clubs for food, drink, coffee, dinner and more to meet any gift giving challenges you may faced. Amazing Clubs currently services over half a million customers and is the largest club provider in existence. They have a history of consistently delivering quality products on time as you've selected.

Amazing Club provides members a complete cheese tasting experience. Each month Amazing Clubs delivers three different, half-pound selections of farmhouse cheeses. Examples of cheeses will include Morbiers, Camemberts, Bries and Cheddars. Cheeses are never duplicated over the course of a membership and the selection arrives as a surprise each delivery in nice packaging that is designed to keep the cheese fresh and delicious during it's journey to the doorstep.

Outside of wonderful cheeses, you can enjoy free shipping and membership flexibility that caters to anyone's needs. Whether the cheese is for yourself, or as a gift, you'll be satisfied with the level of professionalism and customer service at Amazing Clubs.

Each period, you may anticipate receiving one or two cheeses based on your preference. Amazing Clubs offers the most flexible selection of gift frequency of any clubs reviewed. Simply choose between 3, 6, 12 or quarterly basis. Further you may select if you want the cheese delivery monthly or every other month to meet your needs. Membership costs are the most affordable with the option to pay monthly if so desired.

Membership Overview:

  • Cheese Selection: Amazing Clubs selects each cheese
  • Duration: 3, 6, 12 months or quarterly
  • Frequency: Monthly or every other month
  • Shipping: Included in the cost

Upon ordering a cheese club membership for someone else, the recipient will receive notification of the gift along with your personalized message. You have the flexibility of printing this off instead, with your own printer, if you're rushed for time. You can also anticipate a newsletter with each cheese delivery explaining the origin and ingredients. In the event you aren't satisfied with your cheeses you may cancel your membership at any time for a full refund.

We found numerous reviews and comments about satisfied Amazing Club members. We most appreciated the affordability of this cheese club membership including the flexibility of paying up front or monthly as desired. Amazing Clubs also has a strong sense of customer service and has geared the company to making happy, repeat customers. If you are looking to send delicious cheeses to a family member, friend or business contact Amazing Clubs is a great choice.

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iGourmet offers a lower priced international cheese of the month club along with several other food and beverage gifts. The website lacks some professionalism and we struggled at first to find the cheese clubs among the food gifts available. We liked that iGourmet provides a newsletter to guide you through the cheese selections of the month but had concerns about the flexibility of the membership to meet most budget needs.

Each month you can anticipate 3 half pound selections of cheese delivered to the doorstep. Cheese originate from around the globe and may focus on a particular region of a country or allow for a comparison of different American cheese makers.

Membership Overview:

  • Cheese Origin: Robust global selections
  • Duration: 3, 6, 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly only
  • Shipping: Included

iGourmet primarily focuses on providing gourmet food and not club memberships. As such the website lacks important information regarding the packaging and expectations of sending a cheese club membership to family, friend or business relationship. This is also evident in the lack of plan flexibility in frequency, duration and payment plans. The only benefit to purchasing an iGourmet cheese club membership is the reduced cost but otherwise iGourmet lacks some necessary bells and whistles to win our approval.

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Cheese Clubs

To help you find the Best Cheese Clubs, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Amazing Clubs and iGourmet.

Finding a new, useful gift each year is always a challenge. A great new idea to consider is a cheese club membership. During times of financial challenge, receiving a functional gift like food is often very welcomed.

Cheese Club memberships provides delicious, high quality cheese sent monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly dependent on the flexibility of the club and the customers preference. Cheese selections are predetermined by the company and come well package for freshness.

For those cheese lovers, especially those hard to buy for, you can't go wrong with giving a cheese membership for any period of time.

However, not all cheese clubs are alike and it's important to understand the policies before you sign up. Important aspects of a cheese club membership to be aware of are:

  • Flexibility. Will you be able to select the length of membership and frequency that fits your needs and budget?
  • Cost. What can you expect to pay for the cheese club that best meets your needs? Can you make monthly payments or is a flat fee required?
  • Satisfaction Policy. If you aren't happy with the timeliness, quality or taste are you able to stop the membership and receive any portion of the cost back? has reviewed and ranked the best Cheese Clubs available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best cheese club that meets your needs!

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