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      June 23, 2018

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  5. Cholestasys
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Get Help Managing Your Cholesterol With Vasacor Today! Imagine that you've just come back from the doctor and learned your LDL (bad cholesterol) is too high and/or your HDL (good cholesterol) is too low. The net affect of both is an unhealthy cholesterol reading of 200 or higher. How did this happen? Unhealthy eating, smoking, lack of exercise, weight, and age can all play a role in high cholesterol.

Even marathon runners can have cholesterol issues if it's a genetic trait within their family.Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is essential in order to avoid life altering events, like heart attacks and strokes that can result after years of plaque build-up in the heart and arteries. So what next? Most doctors recommend you quit smoking, exercise, and change your diet.

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Best Reviews


Cholesterol Product Reviews

5 stars
Vasacor Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Vasacor is an all-natural cholesterol-lowering supplement and ranks at the top of our list due to it's overall effectiveness and low cost. This supplement helps to reduce and manage your cholesterol level and does so with an excellent reputation.
Read More... Visit

4.5 stars


Resterol is an all-natural supplement that helps lower high cholesterol. While the ingredient list is made up of quality products the cost per dosage is slightly higher than our top ranked company.
Read More... Visit

4 stars


Vitabase is another cholesterol supplement designed to both reduce cholesterol levels and maintain those levels over time. The cost of this product is very competitive and the return policy is 60 days with 100% money back guarantee. While the website was no-frills it did offer all the information we were looking for plus some additional links to cholesterol related studies and articles. Read More... Visit

3 stars


Hypercet is the first on our list of cholesterol products that does not lower cholesterol, but rather maintains proper LDL and HDL levels once achieved. If you are looking to maintain your healthy cholesterol levels, you should take a closer look at Hypercet. Read More... Visit

2.5 stars


Cholesto-Rite is another natural product designed to only maintain healthy cholesterol levels. While this did not meet all of our needs, Native Remedies is a well known provider of many effective natural products. One thing to point out is that while they offer a 1 year guarantee they do charge a 25% restocking charge on orders of certain size that, unless you read the fine print, you may not be aware of. Read More... Visit

2 stars


Cholestasys is an all-natural supplement designed to maintain cholesterol levels once they are within a healthy range. The cost of this product is one of the most expensive on our list , shipping is over priced, and you may become frustrated simply trying to figure out how to purchase this item. We recommend a higher ranked product. Read More... Visit

1.5 stars
Cholesterol Care


Cholesterol Care falls to the bottom on our list for three reasons. This product claims to reduce cholesterol levels but failed to provide valid proof, they require extra steps to return the product, and lastly it presents an unprofessional website that is hard to maneuver.
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Often doctors will also prescribe expensive medications to help manage your cholesterol as well. However, those cholesterol medications don't come without risk and uncomfortable side effects. Many people that take cholesterol medicine suffer from effects such as skin rashes, abnormal liver function, heartburn, dizziness, stomach pain, constipation, decreased sexual interest, and dangerous muscles aches.

Knowing this, many people that suffer from bad cholesterol levels have turned to alternative options to create and maintain a healthy cholesterol. However, when looking at alternative cholesterol products there are important aspects to consider with each product before making a purchase. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness. Does the cholesterol product reduce cholesterol levels without the side effects as promised? Are there adequate testimonials and studies that show the product is effective?
  • Cost. Is the cholesterol product cost reasonable? How does the cost compare to competitors?
  • Guarantee. If the cholesterol product does not work, can you return it for a full refund? has reviewed and ranked the best cholesterol products available today. We hope these reviews help you determine which cholesterol product is right for you!

5 foods you can eat if you have high cholesterol - even cheese

There are plenty of foods you can still eat when you have high cholesterol, such as meats and cheese, that provide you with necessary nutrients Low-fat dairy products,m for example, can be a good source of vitamin D. Not all fats are bad for you, such as ...

Published:  Thu, 21 Jun 2018 07:43:00 GMT

Cholesterol Lowering Nutraceuticals Ingredient Market Competitive Analysis 2016 to 2025

Nutraceuticals are commonly described as products derived from food sources. They tend to offer better health benefits in comparison with foods with basic nutritional value, and assist in lowering the total cholesterol levels of the body. They are often ...

Published:  Fri, 22 Jun 2018 06:51:00 GMT

Potato Chips & Cholesterol

The crunchy goodness of potato chips, combined with their small size, makes it so easy to eat more than one serving. Though they have some real nutritional value, the calories, total fat and salt content quickly add-up if you're not careful. The good news ...

Published:  Tue, 19 Jun 2018 21:02:00 GMT

Seven Tips To Fix Your Cholesterol Without Medication

High cholesterol has been linked to the cause of heart attacks and various heart diseases which has led to the several drugs being developed just to combat high cholesterol. Different kinds of drugs have been made to help increase your good cholesterol ...

Published:  Mon, 18 Jun 2018 06:35:00 GMT

Global Cholesterol Testing Strategic Business Report 2018: Market Analysis & Forecast 2016-2024 -

The "Cholesterol Testing - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for Cholesterol Screening and Lab Testing Services for the US, Canada, Japan ...

Published:  Wed, 20 Jun 2018 07:34:00 GMT

Treating intestine with 'good' cholesterol compound inhibits lung tumor growth in mice

Space-filling model of the Cholesterol molecule. Credit: RedAndr/Wikipedia A compound that mimics the main protein in high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or "good") cholesterol significantly reduced the number of tumors in the lungs of mice, reports a team of ...

Published:  Thu, 14 Jun 2018 05:09:00 GMT

Lipids, Steroids, and Cholesterol: How They're Connected

Cholesterol belongs to the steroid family of lipid (fat) compounds. It's a type of fat in your body and several of the foods you eat. While too much cholesterol isn't a good thing, the body needs some cholesterol to run at its best. Cholesterol is the ...

Published:  Fri, 15 Jun 2018 15:54:00 GMT

Cholesterol Testing Kits Market 2018 Size, Share Growth, Trend, Industry Analysis and 2025 Forecast Research

Cholesterol Testing Kits Market Global Research Report 2018 is a professional and in-depth study of market growth, trends, share, size, manufactures analysis and forecast to 2025. The report also provides a basic overview of the industry including ...

Published:  Thu, 21 Jun 2018 23:10:00 GMT

Howie Mandel Talks High Cholesterol: 'I Had No Idea Because You Don't Feel Anything'

Howie Mandel isn't shy about his health-everything, including his life with obsessive-compulsive disorder, is on the table. "I am a hypochondriac, so everything I think hurts, hurts, and I get checked," says the comedian and America's Got Talent ...

Published:  Thu, 14 Jun 2018 03:36:00 GMT

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