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      November 24, 2020

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Premium Cigar of the Month Club vs Cigar of the Month Club

Best Cigar Clubs

To help you find the Best Cigar Clubs, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Premium Cigar of the Month Club and Cigar of the Month Club.

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Where can you find the best Cigar Clubs? Are you an aficionado? A novice? Somewhere in between? No matter where you are on the cigar enthusiast scale, joining a cigar club could be the best way to enhance your cigar experience.

The popularity of Cigar Clubs has really increased in recent years - and brought new and exciting cigar clubs into the marketplace. But don't just keep the fun to yourself. Gifting a cigar club membership to those in your life who care about cigars is a great way to increase their cigar enjoyment as well!

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Best Reviews


Cigar Club Reviews

5 stars
Premium Cigar of the Month Club


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$27.95 per month + $5 shipping Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award What's in a name? In the case of the Premium Cigar of the Month Club, the name says it all, and tells you exactly what you're getting. Their Original Premium Cigar Club earns our top spot for many reasons.

High quality cigars

The quality of cigars in each shipment is one reason this club ranks so well. That quality is a certainty thanks to their panel of nine tobacconists that rate over 200 cigars every week. These experts look for things like aroma and flavor profile, among other things, and only 5% of considered cigars ever make it to you, their customer. They say, "We smoke a lot of bad cigars so you don't have to."

Original premium cigar club

The Original club gives the customer the option of choosing their membership duration select from 2 to 12 shipments with no auto renewal, or choose the ongoing option and continue receiving cigars for as long as you want. Likewise choose how often to receive your cigars - monthly, every two months, or every quarter.

Best Cigar Clubs

Membership overview:

  • Number of Cigars in Each Delivery: Five
  • Cigar Origin: Central and South America and the Caribbean
  • Duration: 2-12 shipments or ongoing
  • Frequency: monthly, every two months, or quarterly
  • Membership Minimums: 1 shipment
  • Shipping: $5/shipment

5 hand-rolled cigars

Each shipment of the Original Premium Cigar Club includes five hand-rolled cigars of different sizes, shapes, and blends. These premium cigars are manufactured by both limited-production boutique labels and super-premium brands. With each cigar shipment you will also receive the monthly newsletter giving detailed cigar profiles, the history of the manufacturers, tasting notes, and suggested alcohol pairings. Also, each shipment arrives in a reusable humidification device, ensuring your cigars remain fresh and ready to enjoy.

Informative monthly newsletter

Like us, you may be impressed with all the great info in the Monthly Newsletter. That is because the panel of tobacconists spend nearly half their working year on-site in places like Nicaragua and Dominican Republic cultivating relationships with the producers, refining blends, and inspecting the final products. Their long history of relationship building in these key regions, going on since the club's inception in 1994, has allowed Premium's panel of experts to be brought in by the manufacturers to help create ultra-exclusive cigars available only to club members.

Highest rating

The Original Premium Cigar Club offers everything the discerning cigar enthusiast needs in a club membership. They have customer options with regards to duration and frequency - with no auto renewal - and you receive high quality, expert tested cigars at a reasonable price. Premium Cigar of the Month Club has earned our highest rating and we believe their Original Premium Cigar Club could be the right fit for you.

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4 stars
Cigar of the Month Club


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From $26.78 per month

The Cigar of the Month Club from Clubs of America touts itself as the, "Original club, since 1994" and with that long history they've made over 3 million cigar club shipments. They choose cigars from the top cigar producing regions around the world including cigars from countries such as Honduras, Canary Islands, Dominican Republic, the United States and more.

Go-to place for membership clubs

Clubs of America is the go-to place for all things membership. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or enjoy the finer things for yourself, Clubs of America offers cigars, coffee, chocolate, beer and a number of other club membership options.

Best Cigar Clubs

Membership overview:

  • Number of Cigars in Each Delivery: Five
  • Cigar Origin: around the world
  • Duration: 2,3,4,6, or 12 month
  • Frequency: monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months
  • Membership Minimums: 2 months
  • Shipping: free

Customize your cigar club

The Clubs of America Cigar of the Month Club has a nice selection of options to choose from, including different commitment lengths and frequency of cigar deliveries. You, the customer, can customize your club to fit your needs. Receive your cigars for 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 monthly shipments all sent free of shipping costs.

Cigar Expeditions newsletter

Each shipment also comes with the Cigar Expeditions newsletter. This has information about the monthly cigar selections including the traits and locations from which they come, fun facts from the cigar world, and more. Also, with your first shipment you'll receive a free cigar cutter. You can pay in full or pay per shipment with no up-charge.

Making members happy

The Cigar of the Month Club from Clubs of America has been successfully delivering rare cigars of premium quality for a number of years. While their main focus and expertise is not necessarily in just cigars, they do a decent job of making cigar club members happy with predictable deliveries and unique selections.

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Continued from above

Instead of searching long and hard for different types and sizes of cigars produced in the best regions around the world, let one of the top cigar clubs deliver them to your door. Rather than weighing the advantages of top name brands vs. smaller limited production labels, have the experts do the work for you and your gift recipient. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your membership benefits. And get it all at a discounted price compared to buying them individually on your own.

With every shipment you can expect the best cigar clubs to deliver information on each unique selection and the manufacturers. And the very best cigar clubs give you more than just high quality cigars. They give options and allow the customer to tailor the membership to their needs. With a rise in cigar club popularity there is a lot of competition for your business and savvy consumers will do their due diligence.

Be sure to look into these club aspects when choosing the right cigar club for you:

  • Cigar Origin. What regions of the cigar world are the cigars produced? Domestic manufacturers or are they made in more exotic locations?
  • Duration. How long is club membership? Do you have options to make it the right club for you?
  • Frequency. How often do your cigars arrive? Do you have frequency flexibility?
  • Membership Minimums. Do you have the option to cancel membership when the time is right for you? Or are you locked in for specific term lengths?
  • Cost. Compared to the competition, is the club a bargain or over-priced?
  • Shipping. Any extra costs for shipping? What does that do to your overall price? has reviewed and ranked the best cigar clubs available today. We hope this information helps you find the right cigar club for your needs!

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