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Best College Textbooks for November 2020

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College Textbooks

Where is the best place to buy college textbooks? At the beginning of every semester, students anxiously head to their new classes to find out their course outline and get a fat list of textbooks they will need. Even hands-on classes that don't require a lot of writing or book studying usually require textbooks.


Amazon has tons of options for students to purchase or rent college textbooks. Since so many books are resold on this website, there are lots of great deals on used books that compete with other sellers. Comparing prices on textbooks at Amazon is one of the best ways to get a good deal on books. They have an easy return policy which makes them a great option for online college textbook shopping.

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As their name hints, Campus Book Rentals is an online service where students can rent, buy, and/or sell their college textbooks. Rentals are their bread and butter, and they boast that they have saved students over $116 million dollars by not having to purchase new books outright. The prices for rentals here are undoubtedly a great way to save money since they range mostly from $10 - $20.

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Chegg is one of the most popular and widely used textbook retailers we have found. They primarily focus on renting books to students, but many of their books also come with the option to buy them. Besides just providing college textbooks, Chegg is also a great resource for tutoring, finding internships and scholarships, and studying for exams. All in all, Chegg is a good option for inexpensive rentals and other studying solutions.

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ECampus was launched in 1999 in an effort to help students save money on college textbooks. We found their website to be simple to navigate with good opportunities to receive discounts on books. However, rental costs at eCampus are a bit more expensive than can be found elsewhere. Luckily, customers mostly have good things to say about their experience with renting and buying from eCampus, so it is a good option for finding textbooks if you are willing to spend a little more.

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Textbooks buys and sells college textbooks for distribution. They have over 10 million textbooks in stock at any given time. Vetted sellers are also able to sell through Textbooks and give customers an alternate price depending on the book's condition. Textbooks might be a more expensive option for some students who just want a cheap rental, rather than having to purchase all their textbooks outright. For this reason, they have earned an average rating among college textbook retailers.

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Textbook Solutions allows students to rent, buy, and sell college textbooks online. We noticed that many textbooks we viewed were unavailable, so we are concerned about the size of their inventory. However, customers who have rented and purchased books through Textbook Solutions have great things to say, so their services are overall satisfactory if you are able to find your book in stock.

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Valore Books sells everything from college textbooks to children's books to comic books. They are a third-party seller, so everything purchased from them ships from another location in the United States. Books here are either used, new, or rented. Students also have the option of selling their books through Valore Books' marketplace, but based on the estimated buyback prices, it's not going to be your best money maker.

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TextbookX sells new and used college textbooks from their own inventory as well as providing a marketplace platform for others to sell their used books in varying conditions and a range of prices. We are not big fans of their 10% restocking fee on returns or the fact that they don't offer rentals to give students less expensive options. However, they do have a good customer service team at TextbookX and fairly good customer reviews.

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Whether you're in an automotive class, dance, physics, woodworking, English, or business analytics class, you'll probably need to buy textbooks. Gone are the days of having to hunt these textbooks down store by store, waiting in huge lines, and paying outrageous prices without being able to compare costs with other retailers.

Textbooks can range from $15 to hundreds. These prices make many students cringe - because they're already paying top dollar for their tuition and housing costs. On top of it all, college textbooks are not where students want to spend the rest of their savings. Shopping for textbooks online is the best way to go because you can get the best deals out there on new and used books - or even rent them instead!

It is not uncommon for classes to require not just one textbook for the course material, but sometimes two or even three. From the time students are given the list of needed textbooks to the time assignments roll in that require their use, there is usually only about a week's time. It is imperative for many students to find an online store that provides the textbook they need, in the updated edition being used, and have it shipped and ready for class as soon as possible.

When searching for college textbooks online, consider the following things to ensure you get the best deal and online shopping experience:

  • Cost. Is it cheaper to buy the book new, used or to rent it? Do you get a better deal for paperback vs. hardcover? How do the prices compare with other retailers?
  • Selection. Textbook editions are frequently updated and there are thousands of different ones out there. Ideally you want to find an online store that sells everything you need in one place.
  • Return Policy. It is not uncommon to purchase all your books and realize you bought the wrong one, or maybe the professor isn't actually teaching out of the book. Whatever the case may be, students often need to return textbooks, so make sure the retailer has a good return policy that allows for flexibility.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best college textbook stores online. We hope these reviews help you find the textbooks you need for your classes in a timely manner and at affordable prices.

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