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Losing Weight with Colon Cleansing

When we want to lose weight, we try the latest fad in dieting, hit the gym, or hire a personal trainer, but we still can't seem to lose those extra pounds. What you may not realize, is that an important step to permanent weight loss is cleansing your body, most especially your colon. The number of negative factors influencing our ability to maintain a healthy weight is staggering - from eating the wrong foods, to bad lifestyle habits, to stress and depression, to environmental pollution, to metabolic wastes. It's no wonder that many are finding that a quick, one-time diet isn't a good solution for losing weight. A natural, healthy, long-term plan that includes cleansing the body not only helps restore our good health, but also gradually returns our body weight to normal.

Many experts believe that if you're not having two good bowel movements every day, you may have a toxic colon. If the colon is not working properly and not releasing all of the waste it accumulates each day, the remaining waste turns toxic and may leak back through the wall of the colon into the bloodstream. This toxic material can lead to an unhealthy system, making losing weight difficult.

To further understand weight gain caused by a toxic colon, we need to look at your body's waste material. Over the period of several years, without a colon cleanse, your body can store several pounds of waste - feces and undigested food that gets compacted in the bowels. When this matter dries, it clings to the walls of the intestines and colon. Subsequent bowel movements continue to compress the matter during each bowel movement. Scientists say the average American stores between 10 and 15 pounds of waste matter. This layering of toxins is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and mucoid plaque. Several pounds of mucoid plaque can make you bloated and obese. A good colon cleanse can help you eliminate these extra pounds - the pounds that just don't seem to ever go away.

A toxic colon can add to weight gain in other ways as well. Unhealthy toxins in your system make your body feel it needs more nutrition, which means you feel like eating more. Eating more thus leads to weight gain. The toxins also decrease your energy, which likely decreases your stamina for exercise and hence additional weight is gained. Parasites are another contributor to colon toxicity leading to low energy and weight gain.

To maintain a healthy digestive system which leads to good health and weight maintenance, experts recommend colon cleansing at least twice a year for up to 8 weeks. The most popular method for colon cleansing is taking an herbal cleansing supplement, which takes approximately a week to ten days for a thorough cleanse of your gastrointestinal tract. If you choose this method, you'll want to read reviews on available colon cleansers to help you choose the product that's right for you. And remember, whichever product you choose, a healthy diet and exercise are also recommended for losing unwanted weight. As with any weight loss plan or diet modification, you can always ask your doctor before implementing any changes.

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