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Risks of an Unclean Colon

Have you ever wondered what may be lurking in your colon? If you're not having at least 2 bowel movements a day, it could be a lot. Scientists say that the average American and European colon contains over 5 pounds of toxic waste material which has been collecting for years in the folds of the colon.

Pollution, chemicals, unnatural foods, and cooked foods all contribute to the accumulation of this toxic waste and it's very difficult for most of us to avoid. Toxins that build up in the colon can cause many ailments and diseases; in fact, many alternative health care practitioners believe that 85% of all disease originates in the colon. Luckily, many of these health problems can be avoided with periodic colon cleansing. A clean colon is vital to our health.

The organ that suffers the greatest from our modern diet is the colon. Your colon was designed to flush digestive waste from your body promptly and smoothly. Unhealthy food habits, however, can turn your colon into a stagnant cesspool. After daily abuse, your colon no longer effectively eliminates poisons and toxins from your body.

Why? Because when the colon is irritated (by such things as bad foods and chemicals), it produces mucus to protect itself, preventing the body's absorption of the harmful substance. This protective mucus then attaches to the existing sludge in the colon (from white flour and refined foods) and builds on the bowel walls. Subsequently, layer after layer of hardened, gluey feces becomes impacted in the colon. The accumulated waste can not only act as a breeding ground for harmful organisms, but it can lead to a leakage of toxins into the body, circulated via the lymphatic system.

Layered waste residue in the colon can cause a number of different health problems. The most common ailments include: constipation, ulcerative colitis, colds and flues, acne or other skin problems, headache, gas, indigestion, bad breath, diarrhea, low sex drive, less resistance to infections, depression, allergies, bloating, shoulder and back pain, fatigue, and weight gain.

Other, more serious problems include brain disturbance, weakened or stressed heart, irritation in the lungs, and diverticulitis. Diverticla, or pockets, form on weakened colon walls due to waste residue. Food gets trapped in the pockets, leading to bacteria growth and infection, or diverticulitis. A fever and abdominal pain can accompany diverticulitis and medical attention is necessary. Some experts say that toxins in the colon can also cause cell damage leading to an even more serious condition - cancer. Toxins may also damage brain receptors and lead to such brain illnesses as Parkinson's Disease.

One way to alleviate the above conditions, or prevent them from happening in the future, is to periodically cleanse your colon. A good colon cleanser can eliminate the toxic, trapped fecal matter in your colon and intestinal tract and help return you to good health. There are a number of effective colon cleansers on the market today. Be sure to read existing reviews on colon cleanser products before deciding which one is the right one for you.

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