Best Company Incorporation for April 2019

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Company Incorporation

Who has the best Company Incorporation Service? Are you a small business owner looking to protect yourself by separating your business from your personal assets? Or maybe you're a freelancer who wants to grow from a sole proprietorship to an agency, and you'd like to have the legal and brand benefits that come from adding "Inc." to your business' name?

Company Incorporation is a common strategy used in these situations - and many others - as business owners seek to take the next steps in growing their brand and protecting their assets. Setting up your business as a corporation can provide many benefits through creating a legal entity that is separate from its members: in other words, you can't be held legally responsible as an individual for the debts of your business.


Incfile delivers the most budget-friendly company incorporation service without compromising the quality of the process. Even their lowest-priced package comes with impressive perks like free shipping and a year of registered agent service. Best of all, previous and current clients have very positive things to say about the overall experience. Incfile is our top choice for the best company incorporation services.

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Rocket Lawyer has helped tens of thousands of companies to incorporate across all 50 states. Their one-of-a-kind monthly membership format is ideal if you may need legal documents beyond company incorporation. Plus, a no-risk free trial for one week allows you to complete all of the paperwork you need for a basic incorporation filing. We strongly suggest you check out Rocket Lawyer to see if they can offer you a comprehensive legal document solution that comes with access to attorney advice as well.

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Corpnet isn't the fanciest company incorporation service on the market, but they may be one of the most friendly. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee within the first 60 days of ordering their services, and customers love their helpful, responsive agents. Their prices aren't always the very lowest, but you'll know exactly what you're paying for, and all of their 3 packages include either 60 days or a full year of registered agent services. Corpnet is one of our favorite choices if you need help incorporating your company.

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MyCompanyWorks shows a strong commitment to their customers, both during the process of company incorporation and beyond. Their proprietary Startup Wizard tool is one of their best features and is included with every package they offer; it helps business owners comply with all legal requirements once their corporation is formed. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Although their prices aren't the absolute lowest, MyCompanyWorks is still one of our top picks for company incorporation services.

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LegalZoom is one of the first services to provide easy online access to a wide variety of legal documents to the average consumer, including Company Incorporation. However, you'll probably find yourself paying extra for the name-brand recognition of this service. Their fees are consistently higher than other providers, while not offering any exceptional benefits in return.

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MyCorporation is a great choice for businesses that want affordable company incorporation services that aren't bloated with unnecessary features. Headquartered in CA, this provider offers four tiers of pricing packages, along with an extensive list of possible add-ons that you can select if your business requires them. You might find some of those services included as part of another provider's packages, however, so be sure to do your comparison shopping homework before you make a decision.

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Harbor Compliance offers the most personalized service for company incorporation among the providers in our review, with a dedicated compliance specialist and a full year of registered agent fees included. However, their services are also the most expensive, with only two package options priced at $499 and $899, not including state filing fees.

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The Company Corporation offers a lot of beneficial services for the price of their packages. The website is easy to navigate and very professional. Additionally, The Company Corporation offers some great information to help you make an educated decision about the type of corporation you would like to become, or whether you should incorporate at all.

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Incorporate, formerly known as The Company Corporation, has been helping businesses incorporate for more than a century: over 750,000 companies have used their services. They enjoy an A+ reputation with the BBB, and they offer three packages of service. However, these packages tend to include less and be costlier than the higher-ranked services in our review, and hefty Registered Agent Service fees can make them even less affordable for the average small business owner.

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Corporate Creations has a good track record for getting companies incorporated over the last 20+ years, as evidenced by an A+ rating with the BBB. Unfortunately, their online experience leaves a lot of room for improvement, from the clunky interface that doesn't show line-item pricing to a lack of guidance for business owners who are unsure where to start or what they need.

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FindLegalForms may be a good match for those who are already confident with incorporating a company and just need the right forms fast. You'll definitely save money compared with other services, because all of the forms are available for immediate download. However, you'll receive no personalized guidance or other services: just the forms needed to incorporate your business in your state. Most business owners will probably get more comprehensive help through another company incorporation service.

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There are several different types of corporate entities that business owners use for these purposes - Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations, and so on. The best way to choose the right corporation type for your business and also get it put into place in the most affordable way possible is to work with a Company Incorporation service. These providers offer the same guidance, document preparation assistance, and filing help as you would receive by meeting with a local attorney, but for fees that can often be thousands of dollars less.

As you consider the various Company Incorporation services currently available, you will want to keep several criteria in mind:

  • Services. What is included in the fees you'll pay? Most providers have several levels of incorporation packages, from basic to full-featured. Can you get all of the add-ons you might need, like filing your Articles of Incorporation with your state?
  • Cost. What will you pay for your company incorporation process? Is it a flat-fee, or are there a lot of extra charges? Bear in mind that every state has filing fees that are independent of the incorporation service.
  • Reputation. How many companies has the service incorporated? What do those clients have to say about the ease or difficulty of working with the provider to get everything prepared and filed? Does the incorporation service have a history of satisfied customers? has reviewed and ranked the best Company Incorporation services currently available. We hope this information helps you incorporate your business right away!

Why Should You Incorporate Your Business?

Perhaps you've been in business for a while and feel you want to formalize your status, legally and otherwise. Perhaps your business has been local to date, but you are looking toward operating in more than one state. Maybe you are competing with larger companies in the same niche and feel a change in legal status will bump up your credibility. Or maybe you just like the sound of the syllable "Inc." after your business name.

There are myriad answers to the question, "Why should you incorporate your business." Following are just a few:

Protect Your Assets
If you've owned a sole proprietorship, you know all too well that not only does the buck stop with you relative to operations, you're also on the hot seat when it comes to financial and legal complications that may arise. If a sole proprietorship stumbles under the weight of excessive debt or is taken to court, it's the proprietor's personal as well as business assets that are at risk. A corporation is a legal entity all its own. If your company faces legal issues or cannot meets its obligations, your personal assets do not come into play.

Gain Tax Advantages
When you incorporate your business, the IRS allows you to get a tax ID number for your business, establishing its status as a separate entity relative to tax liability. In fact, a corporation files its own tax return -- paying taxes on its profits -- at a complete remove from your individual return.

Separate tax identity alone can be enough justification for some to incorporate their businesses. Keep in mind, though, that when you incorporate, you and any other owners also become shareholders. If your company distributes dividends, you must pay taxes on that dividend income when you file your personal return.

Formalize Status
When you incorporate, you must make your business known to state, and sometimes local, authorities. Regulation specifics vary by state, but nearly universally, you must file articles of incorporation with your state's Secretary of State's office. In addition, you will have to create and record by-laws. Moreover, you'll have to set up a calendar of regular shareholder meetings; the minutes from those meetings must be recorded and kept on file at your company. The shareholders are required to elect a board of directors who must also meet regularly to make important decisions about the firm. Not surprisingly, establishing a corporate structure typically requires engaging the services of a lawyer or law firm.

Make a Name (or Two) for Yourself: State and Local Recognition
One key step toward incorporation is filing a business name with state and/or local authorities. If you want to do business under more than one name, you'll also need to file one or more fictitious business name statements. For example, if your company is called Snow Corporation, and you want to sell skis under the name "Speed Plus Company," you have to submit the appropriate paperwork to the relevant authorities.

Raising Capital
Finally, incorporating your business makes it possible to raise capital by selling shares to stockholders. Relying solely on bank or personal loans or company profits for financing will be a thing of the past.

The decision to incorporate should be a deliberate one. The administrative costs alone should be enough to deter you from entering into this new status lightly. Should you decide to take the plunge, incorporating could be a crucial step in your company's journey.


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