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      August 13, 2020

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LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer

To help you find the Best Copyright Registration Services, provides you with an in-depth comparison of LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer.

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Protect Your Work with a Copyright from LegalZoom Today! What’s the best Copyright Registration Service? Businesses and individuals around the world seek copyrights to protect information. But before you try to obtain a copyright, you should understand what a Copyright is and why you might need it to protect your creative works.

A Copyright is one of three ways to safeguard intellectual property, along with Trademarks and Patents. Trademarks are used to identify a unique brand, slogan or service, while Patents claim ownership of innovations: how they look or how they work. On the other hand, Copyrights protect “expressions of an idea”: a book, audio recording, or even a piece of computer source code.

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Best Reviews


Copyright Registration Reviews

5 stars


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$114 + Federal filing fees Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award If you're like most Americans, you can't afford expensive attorneys for your basic legal needs. LegalZoom came into existence specifically to help every person who needs help with the law, making high-quality assistance accessible no matter an individual's resources. Their services were originally limited to business formation, intellectual property issues, and estate planning; however, over the last two decades, LegalZoom has expanded to cover a very wide range of legal needs, serving almost 4 million customers.

Easy to understand

This service makes it extremely easy to understand everything related to copyright: why you need it, how it differs from patents and trademarks, and what to expect from the process. You'll pay a one-time fee of $114 (plus applicable federal filing fees), and there was even a seasonal promo at the time of our review that gave us a 10% discount.

Copyright registration process

The actual process for registering your copyright on LegalZoom is very fast:

  • First, you answer a series of easy questions about your work
  • Next, they'll review your application to make sure your answers are complete and consistent.
  • You then submit a complete copy of your original work (two copies if it's already been published)
  • At that point, LegalZoom processes your application and files it electronically with the US Copy Office, notifying you when your paperwork has been processed
  • a

It's up to the feds

Your registration is effective as soon as it's been accepted by the US Copy Office. You'll get a certificate via mail - just be aware that the last step can take anywhere from 8-12 months (it's a federal office; what can you expect?)

Best Copyright Registration Services

High customer satisfaction

LegalZoom gets very high marks from customers who have used their Copyright Registration service. You can see this for yourself by clicking on the "Reviews" section towards the bottom of the Copyright page. One of our favorite comments was from a business owner who said he'd spent thousands of dollars on legal fees over the previous 10 years, only because he hadn't discovered how affordable and efficient LegalZoom is.

Satisfaction guarantee

A strong factor in customer satisfaction is LegalZoom's unparalleled satisfaction guarantee. If there's any part of the Copyright Registration service that fails to meet your expectations, just get in touch with the company and they'll make it right: fixing the problem, giving you a credit towards other services, or providing you a full refund. It's no surprise, with service like this, that LegalZoom enjoys an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Highest rating

For Copyright Registration services you can trust to be accurate and affordable, there's no better option than LegalZoom. They earn our highest rating.

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3.5 stars
Rocket Lawyer


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Free 7-day trial

More than 20 million customers have used Rocket Lawyer for a variety of legal needs, such as writing a will or incorporating a business. Because Rocket Lawyer offers a free 7-day trial, you can do a monster download session and get everything in their content library that you could possibly want - including the forms they offer for Copyright Registration. After the first 7 days, monthly membership fees are $39.99.

4 copyright registration documents

There are four primary documents in Rocket Lawyer's library that pertain to copyright:

  • Cease and Desist Letter: to ask a business or person to stop infringing on your intellectual property
  • Copyright License Agreement: to use someone else's copyrighted material or allow them to use yours, this puts the arrangement in writing
  • Copyright Notice: lets people know that you own the copyright on your work
  • Copyright Assignment: lets you transfer the ownership of your work
Best Copyright Registration Services

Service is limited

And how great that you can access all of those documents for free, right? We think so too - but Rocket Lawyer comes up short with the one critical step, namely registering your copyright with the US Copyright Office. The "Manage Your Copyrights FAQ" section mentions that you have to file with that department in order to have a legally-registered copyright, but there's nothing to indicate that Rocket Lawyer helps you do that. Where do you send the forms? How much does it cost? You probably aren't going to get those answers with this service.

Do it yourself

When it comes to Copyright Registration services, Rocket Lawyer winds up in the middle of the pack. You can't beat free access to legal documents - however you may also come up a few steps short of a fully-protected creative work if you rely on this service alone.

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Continued from above

The most commonly-copyrighted creative works include the following:

  • Photographs (journalism/magazine shots, wedding photos, personal photos)
  • Architectural products (plans, drawings, even buildings)
  • Visual arts (jewelry, illustrations, paintings, textiles)
  • Literary works (articles, poetry, novels, short stories)
  • Performing arts (plays, scripts, lyrics and music)
  • Motion pictures (TV shows and movies, online videos, animation, video games)
  • Digital content (websites, databases, programs, blogs)

In the United States, you automatically own the copyright of any work you create. But, if you want to protect your song, sculpture, or even your meme-worthy selfie from being used without your permission, only a copyright that has been registered with the US Copyright Office gives you the ability to sue for infringement and prove that the work is actually yours.

So, back to the question: which Copyright Registration services can help you navigate all of the steps required to ensure that your creative products aren’t used or claimed by someone else? As you consider your options, these criteria can help you choose the right one for your needs:

  • Scope. What does the copyright registration service actually do for you? Does it just provide you with forms and wish you luck, or does it take you through every step - including the filing of the necessary paperwork with the US Copyright Office?
  • Price. What will you spend to get your copyright registered? Is the service provided a good value for your money?
  • Reputation. What do other clients say about their experience with the provider’s copyright registration services?

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best Copyright Registration Services available today. We hope this information helps you protect all of your creative endeavors from infringement so that you can stay focused on doing what you love.

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