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Yaeger CPA Review was developed in 1977 in an effort to improve the lacking CPA review options. Yaeger's style is much more traditional in that they have an actual instructor record classroom-like teaching on a video that is placed onto DVD's or USB drives. This company prides themselves on actually teaching the concepts rather than encouraging memorization to pass the CPA exams. In recent years, Yaegar's has combined forces with Wiley and brings some of their CPA review tools to aid students.

Yaegar's offers a long list of CPA review materials. Students may choose from each of the 4 individual sections or several complete study courses for the entire CPA exam. The CPA review training comes in several formats including video, DVD, audio, and an interactive online version. Yaegar's also offers a CRAM course option for each individual exam section. These courses are said to help students add points to their final CPA exam outcome. The CPA review materials are updated each year and the students have unlimited use with no reactivation charges. Also, updates are accessible to the student via an affordable fee per each section ranging from $20 to $45 apiece.

Contents of the Yaegar Online CPA Review Home Study program include:

  • 132 hours of teaching video lectures
  • Custom study plans
  • Interactive text books
  • Built in questions and quizzes
  • Course planner and calendar
  • Access to download instructor authorized handouts
  • Access to instructor hotline
  • Wiley test bank software

Guarantee: Yaegar doesn't offer any guarantee or money back option. They do, however, allow students to continue to use their CPA review materials and purchase any material updates for a nominal fee. They are also endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms.

Customer feedback includes a thorough and comprehensive CPA review system. The company says they have an outstanding 88% pass rate.

Yaegar's offers a complete and comprehensive CPA review product in multiple formats to fit the needs of various learning styles. Yaegar's offers one of the best values out there with the option for additional savings with various discount offerings. Yaegar's stands out as one of the few CPA review companies that provide assistance with their students questions, and many customers spoke of direct, helpful conversations with Dr Yaegar himself. Overall, we thought the value, flexibility and comprehensive nature of Yaegar's CPA Review helped this company stand out from the rest. They earn our highest rating.

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Becker Professional Education started in 1957 and is a part of DeVry's Global Flexible Options for Learning program that includes live classroom training, self study, or an online version. The materials are user friendly and comprehensive.

Becker's content is regularly updated each year for the latest information. They offer an easy tutorial to determine which format is best for each student. Becker also provides a free course demo to get a feel for the best format for each individual student. Becker's CPA Review includes:

  • 100 hours of effective instruction
  • Comprehensive textbooks and eBooks
  • Interactive study planner
  • Over 6,500 multiple choice questions
  • Over 250 task-based simulations
  • Two full final exams per part
  • Study roadmap
  • Unlimited academic support

Guarantee: If you utilize Becker, but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat their course, at no cost, if you satisfy their requirements. A long list of eligibility requirements are available online and include one year to complete the second take and a fee of $195 for each section taken. The Big 4 endorses the Becker CPA review products.

Becker's is said to double the pass rate over that of non-Becker candidates and Becker is the only CPA review provider that engages an independent third-party research firm to validate its pass rate claim.

Based on our research, many people feel that Becker is far too expensive and may not be affordable for the average CPA test taker. Also, the 12 month expiration may be too short for most people to effectively pass all four sections. Becker also charges extra for a mock final review at an expensive $260 per segment. Another comment was that the live classes are not as "live" as many anticipated. Essentially a group of individuals sit in a classroom and watch a video. On the upside, Becker has thorough training that does a good job of adequately training their students. Becker also offers 18 month 0% financing to help students afford this expensive review system.

Overall, Becker's CPA Review is highly regarded as a well organized and methodical learning system to help students effectively pass the CPA exam. The flexible learning options address just about anyone's learning preferences. However, the high price tag for Becker may place it out of reach for most people..

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Gleim CPA Review has been around since 1966 and was created by Dr. Gleim, a CPA coach. Irvin Gleim is also an aviation expert and provides certification training for pilots. The Gleim CPA Review provides all materials in an online format. They also offer audio review options for MP3 players and Ipods for those that benefit from review and memorization in an audio format.

The Gleim website provides a nice CPA quiz of 40 questions to help students determine their areas of weakness in preparing for the exam and before purchasing their training materials. Customers may contact a personal counselor to discuss the quiz results and obtain access to the proper answers. Contents of the Gleim CPA exam study course include:

  • Outlines
  • Exam format questions
  • 11,600 + questions and simulations
  • Diagnostic quiz
  • Simulation wizard
  • Personal Counselor
  • Practice exams for each of the 4 sections of the test
  • Audio reviews

Guarantee: If you do not pass the CPA exam section(s) that you have purchased from Gleim, you have the choice for a cash refund or unlimited continued use of the training products until you receive a passing score.

While many people like the price of the Gleim program the list of study adds was less extensive than some of the other companies. We also found customer feedback that indicated Gleim is best suited for those that already have strong self study skills as many of the videos are brief and require students to look at a very detailed book for the necessary information. On the flip side, if you don't like to listen to long lecturers, and many of us don't, Gleim is a great option in that sense. We found other comments related to how well organized the program and practice tests were.

Gleim stood out as having a long history of assisting students with passing the CPA exam. However, they don't believe in providing pass rate statistics and therefore make it hard to specifically quantify their success, outside of the numerous variable comments we found. The return/guarantee policy is excellent and the price is right for those on a tight budget. If you're a self motivated, diligent student that is not reliant on long lectures - Gleim CPA Review is worth looking into.

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Roger CPA review was founded by Roger Philipp in 2001. The focus of this CPA review company is to provide both exciting and informative instruction. All lectures are provided by Mr Philipp, a CPA himself. This company claims that they've helped over 85,000 students prepare for the CPA exam and have an 86% success pass rate.

Roger CPA offers online instruction that is accessible within 12 months of purchase. This company will also allow the student to purchase 6 additional months access if needed but it must be done at the time of initial purchase or before expiration date. The lectures are filmed throughout the year and are made available via streaming on their website. Courses may also be viewed on certain mobile devices.

If questions arise, students may access the websites Homework Help Center to ask questions. Moderators with CPA licenses are available to answer questions. Upgrade purchases are available and include Cram course options to raise your score potential or Wiley's focus notes to help reinforce key concepts.

Contents of the Roger CPA Review program include:

  • Review course textbooks
  • Wiley homework books
  • Wiley CPA exam review software
  • Policy and instructional documents
  • 3, 6, 9, 12 month study planners
  • Online note taking tools within your course
  • Video bookmarks
  • Course diagnostics to help assess

Guarantee: Rogers provides no guarantee if the student does not pass and we could not find any refund option. This combined with a restrictive access period means there's some risk with choosing Roger CPA over other options.

The customer feedback we identified was centered around Dr Philipp and his teaching style. Roger is said to make accounting instruction as interesting as possible. We also found comments that the instructor does talk fast at times and may be a challenge for those that don't use English as their first language. The free 2 hour class is a good idea to make sure students can understand him before buying.

We appreciated Roger Philipp's entertaining approach to instruction and the fair price. However, this website was not as informative as other companies ranked higher and we couldn't find important details such as the existence of practice exams and the number of samples. We also had some concern with no guarantee and restrictive period for leaning and passing the exams. For those that didn't pass one or more exams they would be required to spend more money for assistance.

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Lambers, a Boston based company, has been selling test preparation services since 1966. Since inception, Lambers has provided over 150,000 accounting students study materials to pass their exams. Their approach includes using case examples and illustrative problems to teach each subject. Lambers says their course is unique in that the study materials are written by instructors that also teach the Lamber courses. The training will only go over material that is required for the exam - to help save time.

The Lambers CPA preparation instruction comes in several formats including audio, dvd, iPod, flash drive, software and textbook. Each of the 4 sections are sold separately and are not available in a bundled option. Students will want to buy at least the software and DVD courses to have access to lectures and test questions.

The DVD courses includes:

  • 45 hours of video instruction
  • Comprehensive review of all related subjects
  • Electronic copy of Lambers textbook

The Software package includes:

  • Evaluation of your strong and weak areas
  • Custom study plan to help reduce study time
  • Progress tracking
  • Simulated exams
  • Free updates
  • Access to print out custom drills and study material

Guarantee: All Lambers products come with an available full refund if the student fails a section of the exam twice. Lambers CPA review is Big 4 recommended.

When reviewing customer comments we were surprised to find that many liked the iPod learning option to be used while on the go. For those that prefer learning via auditory methods, Lambers also provides a learning option for them. Another positive is that Lambers offers free updates to materials - so if you're delayed in taking your exam the relevant information will be available with this program. Otherwise, Lambers is not linked to a lot of CPA review commentary. We found it interesting that in over 40 years they have fewer clientele than many of the other CPA review companies we looked at.

We had a tough time getting excited about Lambers approach. We wanted to see more learning aids and features without having to pay extra. An option to buy one package with all the necessary lectures, practice exams and flash cards would have been great. One thing that did stand out with Lambers was the refund policy and the free updates. Those were definitely a highlight of this program. Overall we were kind of hit or miss with Lambers.

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The CPA Training Center started offering their CPAexcel program in 1998 and is a computer based CPA review course that claims an 87% pass rate. CPAexcel is owned by Efficient Learning Systems out of Arizona and is said to employ a "Top Team of CPA Review Course Professors" for content review and guidance.

Our first impression of this company was poor based on the website alone. The organization and navigation was one of the worst on the list of companies reviewed. Had we not been tasked with reviewing this company we would have immediately left the website.

Finding the different CPA review courses was a bit of challenge. Click on the "Exam Prep" link on the top of the website and then select "CPA Exam Info" for details on preparing and scheduling the CPA exam. Towards the bottom of the page is another awkward section where the shopper must select CPA within the "Designation/Certification" section and the respective State they wish to hold their certification. CPAexcel says they offer only online training but further confuse the customer by stating that the course includes textbooks.

Available at CPAexcel are two complete CPA exam review options with a long list of features. The contents include:

  • Exam planner
  • Course Manager
  • Electronic Study Text
  • Over 6,200 review questions
  • Over 4,000 past exam questions with the answers and reasoning
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Test Simulations
  • Private online study sessions
  • Final Review
  • Professor Mentoring - exclusive to the gold package

Guarantee: Free software and content updates until the CPA exam is passed. CPAexcel is endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms.

Outside of the awkward and frustrating website, some of the customer comments we found were related to how CPAexcel delivers the training in small segments. Many liked this option to avoid being overwhelmed and to fit into their busy lifestyles. Additional feedback included mixed reviews of the preparedness that CPAexcel provides. Many stated they were using CPAexcel plus additional resources from other websites to attempt to pass their exams.

CPAexcel provides a frustrating shopping experience which creates question with the accuracy and professionalism of their materials. However, small segment teaching is rated well for those that need only short bursts of training at a time. Another positive was the price and retake policy that essentially allows the use of the online courses for up to 2 years, for the initial exam, and then indefinitely, thereafter,until they pass. Overall, we would like to have seen more learning options and a much more professional website to even consider CPAexcel as a viable option.

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CPA Reviews

CPA Review programs are more popular now than ever before. When an accountant graduates from college, or an accounting professional decides to study for their CPA certification, the decision shouldn't be taken lightly. Not only are CPA tests expensive, they're also lengthy and extremely challenging. Even the best college students aren't prepared to pass the CPA exam without focused preparation for each section of the four-part test.

For well over 40 years, a number of CPA Review companies have compiled and created study material to significantly help students pass the CPA exam. These CPA Review courses vary greatly in format, features and cost. Choosing the best CPA review program can be overwhelming due to their cost and commitment. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a poorly organized and awkward CPA learning system that doesn't meet their personal needs.

When choosing a CPA review program, there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of these include:

  • Instruction Method. Are instructors used to teach the CPA Review material? Are the lectures brief or in depth?
  • Format. Is the CPA Review program available online, in hard copy, DVD, audio, or web enabled? Do they have Smartphone apps to reinforce concepts on the go? What is your preferred method of learning and does the CPA Review company offer that option in their product line?
  • Price. What does the CPA Review program cost? How does that compare to the competition, and what does it include?
  • Use. If you're purchasing an online CPA Review program, how long will you have access to the study materials? Will that period be long enough? Are there additional costs for annual updates?
  • Guarantee. If you don't pass your CPA the exam, will you have to re-purchase the CPA Review study materials? Or does the company offer a guarantee of any kind?

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