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Yaegar CPA Review has a long history of providing a complete and comprehensive learning option for those studying for the CPA exam. The CPA Review products are available in multiple formats to address various learning preferences. Once purchased, students are able to continuing using the training for as long as they need to. The value, flexibility and comprehensive nature of the Yaegar CPA Review were impressive, and earn them our highest rating.

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Becker's CPA Review is the most expensive program we reviewed but is highly regarded as a thorough and well organized learning system. Their program comes in a variety of formats to fit just about anyone's needs.

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Gleim CPA Review has a long, successful history of helping students pass the CPA exam. This product is best suited for those diligent students that want to avoid the use of long lectures. Gleim backs their claims with a strong guarantee and this option is worth a closer look.

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Roger CPA Review is unique in that the instructor attempts to be more entertaining than most. This study program is more affordable than many other options but the website lacked some of the important details we would expect to find on a big purchase. The restrictive period for use may not work for everyone.

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Lambers has been in the CPA review business for over 40 years. That's why we thought is odd that their number of reported clientele was much lower than other companies. We also had a tough time getting excited about Lambers approach. An option to buy one package with all the necessary lectures, practice exams and flash cards would have been great.

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The CPA Training Center website, which offers the CPA Excel program, was an instant turnoff that made us question the professionalism and accuracy of their study materials. Also a lack of learning options and some customer content on the thoroughness of CPAexcel pushed this company to the bottom of our list.

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CPA Reviews

CPA Review programs are more popular now than ever before. When an accountant graduates from college, or an accounting professional decides to study for their CPA certification, the decision shouldn't be taken lightly. Not only are CPA tests expensive, they're also lengthy and extremely challenging. Even the best college students aren't prepared to pass the CPA exam without focused preparation for each section of the four-part test.

For well over 40 years, a number of CPA Review companies have compiled and created study material to significantly help students pass the CPA exam. These CPA Review courses vary greatly in format, features and cost. Choosing the best CPA review program can be overwhelming due to their cost and commitment. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a poorly organized and awkward CPA learning system that doesn't meet their personal needs.

When choosing a CPA review program, there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of these include:

  • Instruction Method. Are instructors used to teach the CPA Review material? Are the lectures brief or in depth?
  • Format. Is the CPA Review program available online, in hard copy, DVD, audio, or web enabled? Do they have Smartphone apps to reinforce concepts on the go? What is your preferred method of learning and does the CPA Review company offer that option in their product line?
  • Price. What does the CPA Review program cost? How does that compare to the competition, and what does it include?
  • Use. If you're purchasing an online CPA Review program, how long will you have access to the study materials? Will that period be long enough? Are there additional costs for annual updates?
  • Guarantee. If you don't pass your CPA the exam, will you have to re-purchase the CPA Review study materials? Or does the company offer a guarantee of any kind?

CPA's In The News

Demand Rising for CPAs to Provide Advice on Tech and Revenue Recognition

Big changes are sweeping the accounting profession, in the form of three new accounting standards dealing with revenue recognition, lease accounting and credit loss reporting. More than ever, CPAs nee...

Published:  Wed, 18 Jul 2018 14:23:00 GMT

CPAs: NJ budget will hurt economy

In a survey, the majority of CPAs in the state said New Jersey's $34.7 billion fiscal 2019 budget, signed on July 1 by Gov. Phil Murphy, will have a negative impact on the economy. In a poll of 921 me...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 04:59:00 GMT

Gift CPAs acquires Ephrata-area firm

Gift CPAs, a business accounting and advisory firm, has purchased Sandy F. Adams Public Accounting and Tax Services. Under the transaction, Sandy F. Adams and her staff of five are joining Gift CPAs, ...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:55:00 GMT

Continuing education seminar set for CPAs

NEWTON -- Terence Wynne, of the financial services firm Edward Jones, wants to help local certified public accountants meet their professional education requirements. To do that, he is hosting a conti...

Published:  Sat, 14 Jul 2018 21:16:00 GMT

Deloitte Foundation Sponsors 47th American Accounting Association/Deloitte Foundation/J. Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium

Program supports the accounting Ph.D. pipeline and future CPAs STAMFORD, Conn., July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 90 Ph.D. candidates and distinguished faculty members from the U.S. and select i...

Published:  Wed, 18 Jul 2018 13:22:00 GMT

Legal Tax Defense Is Providing Tax Audit Defense for Taxpayers Who Owed the IRS/State 10K+ in Tax Debts

Legal Tax Defense, a network of legal tax professionals consisting of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, this week announced ahead of the impending tax season, they are now assisting all client...

Published:  Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:56:00 GMT

The CPA's role in forming benefit corporations

Financial professionals can assist in the creation and management of public benefit corporations, which are designed to create value for everyone -- not just shareholders. Get the intelligence you nee...

Published:  Fri, 13 Jul 2018 11:49:00 GMT

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