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      June 17, 2019

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No Annual Fee Credit Card Reviews

What are the best No Annual Fee Credit Cards? If you're careful with your finances, you know that reading the fine print can be advantageous when it comes to credit cards. Knowing how, when, and why a credit card will hit you with additional charges is important if you want to keep more of your money in your pocket.

The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards

One easy way to do just that is to utilize credit cards that charge no annual fees. This can save you $50 or more each year, giving you more money to spend how and where you want. There are many companies that offer no annual fee credit cards. However, these cards can vary greatly from company to company.

When looking for the right no annual fee credit card, you should look at a varieyt of factors. Some of these include:

  • Line of credit. Will the no annual fee credit card's line of credit be sufficient for your spending needs?
  • Interest rates and penalties. If you plan on carrying a balance you'll want to be aware of the anticipated interest rate on your no annual fee credit card. You also need to understand what penalties exist with any credit card you consider.
  • Perks. Does the no annual fee credit card offer any other perks or benefits that you may be interested in? One credit card may stand out from another based on the incentives they offer.

The Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards has reviewed and ranked the best no annual fee credit cards available today. We hope these reviews help you save money with your credit card right away!


Comparing No Annual Fee Credit Cards

When it comes to comparing no annual fee credit cards, there are a lot of different factors to take into account before narrowing down a specific credit card. Credit card companies often heavily advertise no annual fee offers. In fact, no annual fee credit cards have become the most popular credit card characteristic in marketing efforts to date. The reason is that consumers have gotten tired and leery of the unexpected annual fees that pop up when they least expect them. As such, the no annual fee credit card is a hot topic in today's credit card trends.

How to choose the best no annual fee credit card? By closely examining each different credit card offer you'll be identify which one will best meet your financial goals year in and year out.

  • No annual fee plus cash back rewards. If you are able to find and qualify for a no annual fee credit card that also offers cash back rewards you've found a good deal. This will mean you pay no out of pocket for the use of the card plus earn cash back on certain purchases. Cash back rewards may be limited to certain stores or purchase types and the payment rate may fluctuate monthly. Rewards may come in the form of a regular check in the mail or a credit to your card. Often these cards are most affordable for those that maintain little to no balance, as the interest rate can be heftier for those that don't pay off their monthly charges. They have to pay for those cash back rewards in some way, right?
  • No annual fee plus reward points. Some people love the idea of credit card rewards. When it comes to earning rewards its best when you can choose from a list of rewards you'll actually want to utilize and that don't cost you an annual fee. This is the same scenario where you need to also look at your spending to determine if you'll be maintaining a balance and how frequently you plan on using that card. Will the rewards accrue slowly? What purchases qualify for reward points? Do those reward points expire and importantly, how long is the grace period on purchases before an interest rate is charged? For those that can't realistically pay off charges as they occur, the cost of interest should be an important factor in determining the right card for you.
  • No annual fee plus low introductory interest rate. Often no annual fee credit cards come with an additional bonus of a low introductory interest rate on transferred balances. This can be a great way to save on current higher interest rate charges for balances you can't afford to pay off immediately. A question that should come to mind is how long the introductory rate will last and what will be the rate going forward. Also ask yourself how soon you can pay off that balance at the lower rate and what will be the cost once that rate increases.

Comparing, contrasting and ultimately choosing the right no annual fee credit card that's right for you is dependent on your spending trends and what balances you'll maintain. Keep a close eye on the interest rate charges that come with any offer as your desire to always pay off your monthly balance may be inhibited by unexpected life changes.


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The current sign-up bonus for the Marriott Bonvoy Bold as of publication is 50,000 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in your first three months from account opening. ...

Published:  Tue, 11 Jun 2019 09:55:00 GMT

Should You Keep Your Old Secured Credit Card?

Some secured cards don't just cost you money by tying up your collateral -- some also charge an annual fee. If you're ... If you have no other open credit cards, you obviously don't want ...

Published:  Sun, 16 Jun 2019 08:34:00 GMT

Amazon launches new secured credit card for those with bad or no credit

The card - called the Amazon Prime Store Card Credit Builder - requires a refundable security deposit, has no annual fee and offers Prime members 5% back on purchases. Consumer must make a ...

Published:  Thu, 13 Jun 2019 14:10:00 GMT

How Secured Credit Cards Can Build, or Rebuild, Your Credit

Even so, "the potential market for secured credit cards is huge," the network found. Amazon's card, issued through Synchrony Financial, has no annual fee and offers a wider range of credit limits than ...

Published:  Fri, 14 Jun 2019 03:00:00 GMT

Most people don't realize this Delta credit card comes with an annual companion plane ticket - it can be an incredible value if you use it right

The two main Delta credit ... have no reason not to keep it. Our tickets were $225 each, and with the companion pass, we only had to pay about $25 in taxes and fees for her ticket - so we actually ...

Published:  Tue, 18 Sep 2018 06:33:00 GMT

Chase and Marriott International Launch No-Annual Fee Marriott Bonvoy BoldTM Credit Card, with Rich Earn and 50,000-Point Limited Time Offer

With 3X points at Marriott Bonvoy participating hotels and 2X points on other travel purchases, the new card offers rich rewards to those looking to connect with family and friends through travel ...

Published:  Wed, 12 Jun 2019 01:23:00 GMT

Bad Credit Or No Credit History? Amazon's New Credit Card Looks To Solve Consumer Credit Problems

APR on the Amazon Credit Builder credit card is 28.24 percent with a credit limit based on the security deposit put down. There is no annual fee on the card, and a $40 Amazon gift card is provided to ...

Published:  Tue, 11 Jun 2019 08:00:00 GMT

Chase Launches Marriott Bonvoy Bold With No Annual Fee

It offers fewer perks than its pricier counterpart, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundlessa™ Credit Card. But unlike that card, which sports a $95 annual fee ... The Marriott Bonvoy Bold charges no foreign ...

Published:  Tue, 11 Jun 2019 06:34:00 GMT

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