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When a No Annual Fee Credit Card Doesn't Save you Money

When the government placed heavy restrictions on credit card policies in 2009, an effort to better protect the consumer financially, credit card companies had to become more creative in making their money. The days of double fees, underage clients, and unfair interest rate increases were over for them. But, new, less obvious methods of making back that lost revenue evolved.

Today there are a number of reasons why a credit card company will not charge an annual fee but most often it's used to draw in a customer. Annual fees are often waved for the first year or longer and credit card companies make every effort to make that back as quickly as possible. Below are several ways credit card companies work to draw you in and then make money off your business:

Any time you're opening a new credit card account, you should look at several offers and do the math on which one is the best for your spending needs. If you plan on maintaining a bigger balance you may save money with a credit card that charges a small annual fee but offers a lower fixed interest rate.

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Discover Introduces No Annual Fee Business Credit Card with Unlimited 1.5 Percent Cashback Rewards on All Purchases

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