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The Tricks of a Credit Card Rewards Program

The wide selection and variety of Credit Card rewards programs available for consumers can often lead to some confusion and complications when choosing the right credit card. Credit card companies are clearly in the business to make a profit and do not often lookout for the consumer. They are concerned with their interest rates (which tend to be higher with rewards programs) and fees than with the rewards they are giving the consumer.

With all the confusing credit card lingo and variety of options such as spending tiers, rotating reward categories, and redemption options, there is a chance a credit card can never really work out. You want to have the credit card be a tool to help you with your budget instead of costing you more money.

Here are some tricks that are frequently found with credit card rewards program.

There are some other tricks to watch out for. Be aware of a change in interest rates. Late payments or high balances may trigger an increase in your interest rate. Companies can also switch the interest rate when applying. You might apply for a card with a low interest rate and end up with a high interest rate card. Before accepting an offer take a close look at the terms and educate yourself so that you are not tricked by a company.

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