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      November 18, 2018

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Top Consumer Reviews Articles provides unique articles that you won't find anywhere else on the internet. These articles are designed to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

How to Compare Credit Card Companies

If you are searching for a zero interest credit card it may be hard to determine which one is the right one for you. Some simple steps to compare and contrast several companies will have you headed in the right direction to finding a quality card.

Research Online
Start your search online for a quality credit card company. Gather the names of several companies to compare and contrast. Independent product review companies do a great job of listing several credit card companies and do much of the comparison work for you. They allow you to quickly identify which reputable companies to go with and which ones to avoid.

Customer Service
Customer Service is important especially when you're dealing with money. You'll want a credit card company that puts the customer first. Companies that fail to answer the phone timely, are unprofessional or lacking the will and desire to work through a problem aren't worth your time. Make sure you identify if your credit card company of choice prioritizes the customer.

Balance Loading
If you're looking for a zero interest credit card you'll typically find a card that requires you load a balance first before use. When choosing a company, find one that allows you to easily make payment (or load) via efficient methods. You might look for loading stations near your home or work or other alternatives to quickly apply a balance to your card. Is there a maximum or minimum amount that must be loaded each time? Make sure you know any rules associated with balances.

Compare Fees
Compare the fees at each credit card company you're considering. Many charge a monthly service fee, a loading fee, application fee and more. You'll want to look at all aspects of their fee structure before obtaining any card to avoid surprise and unnecessary expenses.

Don't Over Apply
In the process of looking for the best credit card, don't over apply. When you do so you're credit is impacted. If two or three credit companies have rejected your credit card application donít continue with more requests. Wait for your credit score to improve with the use of a prepaid or zero interest credit card first. These credit cards generally do not run a credit check and will tell you specifically if they do.

Comparing and contrasting several zero interest credit cards at once can be organized and effective if you utilize the internet to assist. Research online by using independent reviews. Make sure they have a decent customer team by calling and asking any question you might have. Also, confirm the loading process is simple and convenient to where you live or work.

Why Did My Credit Card Interest Rate Increase

Just because. Finally, credit card companies may periodically raise interest rates on credit cards for no particular reason. According to the CARD Act, they're not allowed to do so if you've had the c...

Published:  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 23:17:00 GMT

Nordstrom's profit takes a hit after credit-card-interest error

The department-store retailer estimates that fewer than 4% of Nordstrom JWN, -13.99% cardholders will get a refund or credit ... rates Nordstrom shares neutral with a $55 price target, down $2. Global...

Published:  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 07:56:00 GMT

Half of Americans apply for these credit cards, which make it harder to get out of debt

Some stores - including Zales and Staples - will cost you nearly 30 percent in interest each year. That's a lot higher than the typical credit card rate of around 20 percent. Some of their no-interest ...

Published:  Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:32:00 GMT

Smart Ways to Handle Holiday Credit Card Spending

... know that rewards cards often have higher interest rates than other credit cards, and that many charge annual fees. For this reason, they should only be used by consumers who do not carry a balanc...

Published:  Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:46:00 GMT

Consider carefully before opening a store credit card

The sales associate ringing up your holiday gifts points out that if you open a store credit card today ... a big purchase might be attracted by cards offering "special financing" deals with no intere...

Published:  Fri, 16 Nov 2018 04:30:00 GMT

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