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Improving Your Credit

Your credit score and credit history are critical to your future - you're financial future that is. Your credit score impacts not only your ability to get that next car loan, a decent credit card, approved for a home but even have access to many jobs. Creditors and employers see your past spending and financial behavior as an indicator of your future. If you've run into a little trouble in the past, it's time to take action now to improve your credit and future opportunities.

Know Your Rights
If your goal is to repair your credit you need to first read up on credit laws and the rights of consumers. You aren't allowed to remove accurate financial reporting but, via the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can request that companies prove any bad postings to your credit report. When you do submit your dispute (mail, phone, online) you have to include a copy of the actual credit report item. Highlight which entry you're referring to so that you're effort is not wasted. If they can't show specifically what occurred they are required to remove the negative entry. This can have an instant positive impact to your credit report. Also, your credit report should not reflect any negative information that is seven years old or greater unless it is a bankruptcy. Bankruptcies are reportable for ten years and then must be removed. Read over your credit report very closely to identify bad postings and reporting. The Fair Credit Report covers several elements of your credit related rights and should be reviewed in full to best understand what action you can take to repair your credit.

Take Ownership
No matter how your credit got into bad shape, for example a divorce or major illness, take ownership of your credit score. To get your credit back into decent shape you'll need to o lay out a plan of attack. Unfortunately you can't fix your credit right away but sometimes over several months or a year you'll see those numbers start to head in the right direction. One way to get organized and headed in the right direction is to request a monthly or quarterly credit report. Many services offer regular statements as well as alerts should a credit check or credit event occur. Also, vow to be a responsible spender from here on out. If you still have open credit cards, make at least the minimum payments on time each and every month.

Your credit history will make or break your financially. Poor credit can prevent you from getting homes, credit cards, automobiles, jobs and much more. Begin to repair your credit by educating yourself, taking ownership and changing how you use your credit in the future.

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