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      April 23, 2019

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Zero Introductory APR Credit Card Reviews

What are the best Zero Introductory APR Credit Cards? Moving your credit card balance over to a card with 0 Intro APR can save you a ton of money right away. There's no need to keep paying 25% in interest if you can get a card that gives you a 0% interest rate for 12-18 months. Just be aware that you'll probably need a decent credit score (such as 700 or higher) to qualify.

The Best Zero Introductory APR Credit Cards

Do you typically carry a balance month-to-month on your credit card, rather than paying the balance in full? If so, you know how quickly costs add up when you're paying high interest rates. If you've got good credit - think 700 and higher - you can save a lot of money with a 0 Intro APR Credit Card.


No Transfer Fee or No Interest Charges?

When you're considering credit cards, be aware that there's a difference between cards that don't charge you interest for a certain introductory period (usually a year to 18 months), and cards that don't charge you any fees on whatever balances you transfer.

Fortunately, many credit cards combine those two perks. In other words, you'll pay no interest on the amount you transfer over from a high-interest credit card, and you won't be charged any fees.

Be sure to read the fine print on the credit cards that catch your attention. For example, you may find a card that offers 0% Intro APR for the first year and a half you have the card, but you'll pay a 3% balance transfer fee on anything you move to that card. That can still save you a good chunk of change when compared with paying more than 20% in interest on your old card, but it's still a fee.


Credit Cards with Extra Perks and Rewards

Many of the credit cards with no interest fees for the introductory period offer additional benefits that can save you money by putting cash back in your pocket. Depending on the card you choose, you could get 2% cash back on every purchase, 5% back on certain spending categories like restaurants and gasoline, and so on.

While most of these cards don't charge an annual fee, some of them tack on the added benefit of having no foreign transaction fees: a great perk for people who travel overseas for business or leisure.

Another benefit offered by some credit card issuers is complimentary damage protection if you use the card to pay your monthly cell phone bill. There's typically a cap of $600, and you may need to pay a small deductible.

Finally, be sure to look for sign-up bonuses. Yes, it's a pretty big bonus to go from a higher interest rate to no interest, but credit card companies know you have a lot of options. So, sometimes they'll sweeten the deal by giving you extra cash back/rewards if you spend a certain amount in new purchases (not balance transfers) within a designated timeframe. For instance, you might get $150 if you make new purchases totaling at least $500 in the first three months you have the card.


Deciding on the Best 0 Intro APR Card

As you look over all of your options, here are some reminders for what to consider when choosing the best 0 Intro APR Card for you:

  • Fees. If you're going to transfer a balance, will you have to pay a certain amount or percentage? Is there an annual fee for using the card?
  • Intro APR Period. How long will you enjoy a 0% interest rate?
  • Extra Benefits. How rewarding does the credit card company make it to use their card? How much could you get in cash/rewards for using the card on your everyday purchases?

The Best Zero Introductory APR Credit Cards has partnered with Lending Tree to help you find the best 0 Intro APR credit cards currently available. We hope this information will give you the insights you need to choose the card that will save you a lot in interest - and may even give you some extra spending money too!


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