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What is Credit History and Why is it Important?

From that first bank account to the latest credit card, an individual's credit history is the complete synopsis of how that consumer has managed their finances over their lifetime. For better or worse, it's all included in one handy document, which can be accessed by financial brokers, credit card companies and even potential employers.

A credit score - a three-digit number that is assigned through a mathematical algorithm which pulls data from a person's credit report - is partially determined by a consumer's credit history. A credit score, in conjunction with a person's credit report, is used to determine credit worthiness. It consists of 15 percent of a consumer's credit score.

Knowing how a credit history can affect everyday living is the best tool a consumer can possess. Landlords, insurance providers and even cell phone companies use a person's credit history to determine if they want to risk doing business with that person. Having a bad credit report - which is the result of not paying bills on time or forfeiting loans and other debt - will have lifelong repercussions for the potential borrower.

It's best to build a solid credit report from day one. The ways to create a positive report include:

If you're among the estimated 220 million Americans who have bad credit, all is not lost. There are steps to take to help repair credit damage and improve your credit rating. The best way to repair poor credit is to consult with a consumer credit consolidation service, which can help consumers consolidate monthly loans and other debt into more reasonable payments.

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