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How You Can Raise Your Credit Score If It's Low

So you're one of the 220 million Americans who have bad credit - resulting in a low credit score that has rendered it nearly impossible to secure a loan at decent interest rate you can afford. But don't despair. There is hope for repairing the damage and restoring your credit.

Credit reports are used in a variety of ways and by a number of different agencies. Credit card companies, utility companies and financial institutions all use a person's credit report to determine financial stability. Even employers are jumping on the credit-reporting bandwagon, using a potential employee's credit report as part of the hiring process.

The recent recession also has created quite a credit crunch for those with bad credit histories. As part of new financial legislation, banks and other financial institutions were required to write off record numbers of debt in order to comply with the law. Unhappy with losing out on the ability to collect on that debt, financial institutions have gotten a lot pickier about to whom they lend money, closely scrutinizing credit reports and scores prior to agreeing to do business with a particular lender.

So what do you do if you suspect your credit score is keeping you from excelling financially?

The first thing to do is to request a copy of your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are the three credit-reporting agencies that compile financial histories on consumers in the United States. The Fair Credit Reporting Act indicates that every consumer is entitled to one free credit report annually. You can opt to receive one from each of the credit reporting agencies, or from just one of them. Because each agency collects data differently, it may be wise to request a report from each of the three agencies.

Once you have your credit reports, pore over them carefully, checking for any discrepancies or outright errors in your financial history. A common reason for misinformation on a credit report is that another individual shares a name similar to yours, and their information has accidentally found its way onto your report. Another reason for errors can be identity theft. If there are accounts listed on your report which you do not hold, it is important to dispute them with the credit reporting agency, and immediately request that a fraud alert be placed on the accounts in question.

If there are no mistakes on your report and you simply have bad credit due to past financial indiscretions, there are ways to help repair the damage.

Lastly, do not be afraid to seek out the help of a reputable consumer credit counseling service, which may be able to help you reduce your payments so that you can begin to pay off all debt owed, rather than simply moving it around. has reviewed and ranked the best credit repair services available today.

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