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Debt Consolidation in Alabama

Alabama has the nation's third highest poverty rate in the nation, which unfortunately makes it prime real estate for predatory lenders. Consumers already struggling to get out of debt may find themselves being lured into predatory practices that can actually make their financial situation worse, not better.

Consumers who are struggling financially have rights, and there are several legitimate programs designed to help them consolidate debt.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collectors are required to treat consumers fairly and are prohibited from engaging in certain practices in an attempt to recover money owed to creditors. The law prevents credit collection agencies from harassing consumers by requiring them to call only during set hours of the day, and never are they permitted to contact a consumer at their place of employment. Consumers also have the right to put a request in writing for the collection agency to stop calling them about the debt, which the agency must honor.

In Alabama, consumers who are struggling with debt can chose debt consolidation as an alternative to bankruptcy. Working with a reputable credit counseling service can help consumers to consolidate their debt into a monthly payment they can afford. Consumers who do not qualify for debt consolidation can consider bankruptcy; however, it is generally considered as a last resort. According to Alabama bankruptcy law, there are exemptions for consumers who choose this route. A complete listing of bankruptcy resources is available from the Alabama Middle Bankruptcy Court, the Alabama Northern Bankruptcy Court and the Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court.


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Debt Consolidation In The News

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Leaders: Consolidation about communities, not schools

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