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Debt Consolidation in California

California is the most populated State in our country and their residents know access to beautiful, sunny weather and ocean views equate to a much higher cost of living. As such, Californian's are all too familiar with huge mortgage payments and real estate taxes that, for many, have created a reliance on credit card usage and a growing debt balance. The average homeowner in California owes more than $300,000 on their home and struggles to ever pay down any of their debt. Debt consolidation is one way for consumers to improve their financial picture.

California, also called the Golden State, has the largest economy in the U.S and it's even greater than most countries entire gross domestic product. Manufacturing, vineyards, among other agricultural productions, entertainment and tourism generate trillions of dollars each year. However, Californians were not immune to the recent downturn in the U.S. economy.

This State's unemployment rate ranks among the fifth highest in the U.S. Many dual income families have, unfortunately, become single income families in the last several years. For those that have managed to return to the work place their paycheck is likely lower than before, making it harder for individuals and families to turnaround their financial outlook. Saving for retirement and college have taken a back seat for many residents that are living paycheck to paycheck.

Debt consolidation offers one avenue for Californians to reduce their monthly payments, pay off debt and start concentrating on the future. Debt consolidation can also remove a tremendous amount of stress- eliminating the burden of managing too many financial obligations.


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