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Debt Consolidation in Minnesota

Across a number of dimensions, consumer debt in Minnesota varies. For example, Minnesota is the third lowest state with respect to auto loan delinquency at a mere 0.64%. On the other hand, Minnesota college graduates will find that they rank 4th and 5th in terms of the proportion of students finishing their studies with debt and the average amount of that debt (70% and $30,894, respectively). Either kind of debt can be serviced by debt consolidation strategies as a means of managing financial challenges.

Minnesota residents fall 8th in the ranking of U.S. states' average credit card balance, with $8,301.62 as a typical credit card debt. However, Minnesota is 5th in terms of states with the lowest levels of personal debt, with 4.1% of all credit holders having a past due balance. Among those individuals, 19.8% find themselves in collections with an average amount of $5,682 being pursued by debt collection agencies.

While median home sale prices in Minnesota are $197,500, the statewide average of foreclosures is comparatively low at 1 in every 2,172 homes in foreclosure. However, there are some counties with significantly higher rates; Sherburne County, for instance, has a foreclosure rate of 1 in every 792 homes.

Minnesotans rank 28th in America when it comes to bankruptcy. In a typical year, just over 22,000 residents file for bankruptcy, representing a per capita rate of 4.19 for every 1000 individuals in the population. Debt consolidation is one method used by people in the state as a means of preventing the need to file for bankruptcy.

Minnesota also has several laws in place to help consumers with medical debt. Those laws require hospitals and other providers to charge fair prices for services rendered, and that they must not be aggressive in any efforts to collect unpaid bills and medical debts in general. It also states that any individual with an income less than $125,000 yearly must get the same discounts as those given to insurance companies, resulting in a discount of up to 60% in medical bills.


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