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Debt Consolidation in New Hampshire

When examining consumer debt in New Hampshire, the state's rankings vary widely. For instances, New Hampshire college graduates have the highest percentage of students graduating with debt and the highest average dollar amount of that debt, in comparison with the other forty-nine states. 76% of graduates have debt upon completion of their studies, and the average amount of that debt is a staggering $32,795 per student. Young New Hampshire people are looking for ways to manage their student loans and other financial obligations, and debt consolidation is one such resource.

On the other hand, New Hampshire has one of the lower foreclosure rates in the United States, with one in every 2114 homes in foreclosure. Even in the counties with higher numbers - Cheshire, Hillsborough, Rockingham, and Belknap - the foreclosure rate only reaches one in every 1,735 homes.

New Hampshire also ranks well with respect to bankruptcies, with just under 3,000 individuals filing for bankruptcy in a typical year, representing a rate of 2.23 filings for every 1000 people. This ranks the state as 32nd in the nation. Debt consolidation helps residents avoid the need to file for bankruptcy.

The average credit card debt held by New Hampshire residents is $6,159.08, putting the state in 19th place. State residents place 24th overall when considering lowest levels of personal debt: 5% of credit holders in the state have debt that is past due, and of those past due debtors 27.4% have debt in collections with an average dollar amount of $5,862.

Residents of New Hampshire are protected by both the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state law. Under the state law pertaining to debt collection, collection agencies are not allowed to call a debtor at his or her place of employment without the individual's permission, and even with that permission the calls are limited to no more than once per month.


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