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Debt Consolidation in Oklahoma

American consumers owe in total the incomprehensible sum of $11.38 trillion, a debt that is an amalgamation of mortgages, student loans, credit card, and auto loans. Each of the different states owes different amounts and Oklahoma actually makes the top-ten list of states with the highest consumer or personal debt in the country. According to US consumer debt statistics, a shocking 25% of Americans have more credit card debt than money in their savings account and Oklahoma itself has a similar story.

Frequenting the top-ten list means that the average resident of Oklahoma owes a substantial amount of money via one or a combination of multiple types of debt. For many homeowners the mortgage is the main concern but others can find themselves owing in a whole range of areas including personal loans, auto loans and often student loans as well. The stress and pressure of staying on top of each individual debt and ensuring that payments are made on time each month can quickly and understandably become too overwhelming. Debt consolidation is one option that can help to provide some relief and reduce the overall cost of these monthly payments.

Despite these worrying facts and figures, Oklahoma has over the last few years experienced rapid growth of the economy, making it a potentially prosperous place to reside with an excellent standard of living. The main areas of industry that have and continue to contribute to the growth of local economy include aviation, telecommunications, biotechnology and energy. It is also an important producer of a range of products relating to agriculture as well as natural gas and oil. All of these factors have led to continued growth of the regions gross domestic product as well as personal income. Another advantage of living in the State of Oklahoma is the low tax burden, which is also one of the reasons that it was awarded the title of one of Americas most business friendly states.

Overall, Oklahoma was hit hard by the financial crisis but the growth in the economy is slowly easing the problem. As income increases and rates of unemployment continue to decrease, the issue relating to high levels of personal debt is sure to improve. Debt consolidation can for many be the reprieve that?s needed to help get on top of the situation and begin to work for the future instead of paying off the past.


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