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      May 22, 2018

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Debt Consolidation in Georgia

Georgia MapDuring the Great Recession of 2008, many consumers found themselves getting further and further behind on the bills due to loss of employment and stagnant wages. Many consumers now are in the throes of debt collection an unpleasant process that can cause unnecessary anxiety.

In Georgia, 67.4 percent of consumers currently are behind on their mortgages, according to data released by the Urban Institute. The average debt in Georgia is $46,668, with 42 percent of that debt currently in collections.

Consumers who are in the unfortunate position of having their debt turned over to a collection agency still have protections in place. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collectors are required to treat consumers fairly and are prohibited from engaging in certain practices in an attempt to recover money owed to creditors.

Additionally, in Georgia, consumers also are protected by the Georgia Industrial Loan Act, which applies to loans or advances of money of $3,000 or less. The law requires consumer loan agencies to possess a license; they are limited to the amount of fees, interest and late charges that can be applied to consumer loans; and they have to follow proper protocol when extending the debt.

Debt collectors or loan agencies that violate the provisions can be reported to the Georgia Industrial Loan Commissioner. Additionally, consumers can opt to file a civil lawsuit against the agency.

Consumers who wish to work toward paying off their debt can employ the services of a consumer credit counseling service. These services are able to negotiate lower payments, and even help consumers apply for debt consolidation if they qualify.


Capitol Vision: Ruling could help Georgia casinos; Bill requires tax on online sales

A U.S. Supreme Court decision throwing open the door to legalized sports betting across the country could aid supporters of bringing casinos to Georgia, state Sen. Brandon Beach said. In a 6-3 ruling May 14, the justices declared unconstitutional a federal ...

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Reform taxes now

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This week's governor primaries in Georgia, explained

Nonetheless, Georgia does have one of the smallest non-Hispanic white ... Michael Williams, both of whom say they favor abolishing the state's income tax and allowing people to carry concealed firearms without a permit. Cagle has a clear lead in the ...

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QTS Welcomes Passage of Georgia Tax Incentive Legislation for Data Centers

Together with the Technology Association of Georgia, QTS has introduced, sponsored, and advocated for legislation over the past four years OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- QTS Realty Trust (QTS), the leading provider of software-defined ...

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Online shoppers could pay more sales tax in Georgia

Georgians with an affinity for online shopping may have to pay a little more next year following Gov. Nathan Deal's decision to sign a bill requiring online retailers who ship to Georgia to start paying sales tax. House Bill 61, set to take effect Jan. 1 ...

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High Court To Decide Reach Of New Ga. Online Sales Tax Law

Online shopping is set to become more expensive in Georgia. That's because of a new state law expanding the sales tax. But the rule enters some uncertain legal territory. "Constitutionally, it is not settled at all," said Lucia Smeal, who teaches ...

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Four reasons to vote no on new T-SPLOST tax

Nine of the 13 regions in our state voted their T-SPLOST down, too. In 2017, the Georgia General Assembly passed HB170 to raise fuel taxes and motel fees to fund transportation projects in our state. Georgia Department of Transportation budget has now ...

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