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      February 19, 2019

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Debt Consolidation in Mississippi

Mississippi MapAcross several kinds of consumer debt, residents of the state of Mississippi vary widely. For instance, with respect to student debt, graduates rank 34th overall with 57% finishing degrees with outstanding loans; however, those same graduates rank 19th in terms of the amount of debt, with an average balance of $27,571 upon graduation.

Mississippi is second only to Kentucky when looking at credit card debt. The average credit card balance is $9,821.80. For those who do not find a way to manage that credit card debt, such as through use of debt consolidation services, they may find themselves considering bankruptcy.

In Mississippi, there are almost 11,000 individuals who file for bankruptcy in an average year, at a rate of 3.71 filings for every 1000 residents. This puts Mississippi in tenth place in comparison with other states in America.

Mississippi also has the dubious honor of being the state with the highest rate of auto loan delinquency: 2.54% of all auto loans in the state are delinquent in an average three-month period. Debt consolidation would be one way for Mississippi residents to address such auto loan debt before it becomes delinquent.

In one measurement, however, Mississippi is doing better than many states in America: foreclosure. Only one in every 4483 homes in the state is in foreclosure, and even the hardest-hit counties (George, De Soto, and Jackson) are just under one home in every 2000 facing foreclosure. Mississippi does have a median list price that is also lower than many other areas in the nation at $139,500.

Mississippi residents should be aware that it is a ?one party? consent state, meaning that debt collectors are allowed to record a phone call made for the purposes of collection without getting the permission of the person receiving the call.


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Mississippi accountant on trial on federal tax charges

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Mississippi County voters approve splitting hospital tax

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Former Mississippi CPA found guilty in tax case

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) - A federal jury has found a former accountant guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States. U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst says jurors convicted 73-year-old Carl Nicholson, of ...

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Advocates for reducing Kansas sales tax on food make case before tax committee

He noted the presence in Topeka of a Mars manufacturing facility and said a Twix bar would count, because it contains flour, but M&Ms would be excluded. Adrienne Olejnik, of Kansas Action for Children ...

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