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      June 16, 2019

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Debt Consolidation in Missouri

Missouri MapMissouri ranks as one of the lowest states in the Union with respect to credit card debt, coming in 42nd with an average credit card balance of $4,009.37 per resident.

However, in one aspect of consumer debt - auto loans - Missouri is expected to have the second largest increase in the nation at 7%, second only to the state of Michigan. Residents who take on too much debt could find themselves facing delinquency in making payments, unless they consider options such as debt consolidation.

Missouri also ranks high in bankruptcy filings: 11th overall in the United States, with over 20,000 residents filing for personal bankruptcy in an average year. This represents a rate of approximately 3.5 individuals out of every 1,000.

Bankruptcy rates are often related to foreclosures, and Missouri experiences a foreclosure rate of 1 in every 1632 homes in a state of foreclosure in a typical year. The hardest-hit is Jefferson County, where 1 in every 764 homes is in foreclosure, more than double the rate for the rest of the state. High foreclosure rates are often correlated with high home sale prices, but the median sales price in Missouri for a single-family home is one of the lowest in America at $59,061.

On the other hand, with respect to student loans, Missouri fares somewhat better. Its college graduates rank 19th overall in terms of the percentage graduating with some form of student debt (63%), and an even lower 33rd place when considering the average amount of that debt ($24,957). Some graduates find that debt consolidation helps them to manage this and other debts they have as they enter the workforce.

Missouri residents should be aware that the state has no regulations regarding collection agencies, other than what is required by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


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Kelly plans action to end Kansas-Missouri border war, after Parson signed truce bill

Parson on Tuesday signed legislation to stop Missouri from offering tax incentives to companies that jump the border from Wyandotte, Miami and Johnson counties in Kansas. But it only goes into effect ...

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