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      November 18, 2018

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Debt Consolidation in Oregon

Oregon MapWith its diverse landscape featuring beaches, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and forests, Oregon is a truly beautiful place for long-term residents and holidaymakers alike. Tourism however is only a small part of the states economy, which also consists of agriculture, technology, forestry and fisheries. By GDP (gross domestic product) Oregon is ranked the 26th wealthiest state in the nation. It was also recently ranked as the Americas 'Top Moving Destination', as studies revealed that twice as many families or households were opting to move into Oregon compared to those who were moving out. The population continues to increase and with it the standard of life improves while the economy grows.

Although the average personal income is over $44,000, Oregon boasts a fairly high unemployment rate of 6.7%. Despite having an economy based upon a wide range of areas, the state wasnít immune to the affects of the recent financial crisis. In fact many individuals, not to mention local businesses, struggled to stay afloat. The dot-com bust also had large affect on the regions previously flourishing technology sector with many businesses forced into bankruptcy and nearly all having to make employee cut backs. It goes without saying that paying off existing debt is made significantly harder when income is decreased or lost completely. Debt consolidation allowed some people to reduce their monthly payments and get back on top of their debts and expenditures.

Oregon, just like the rest of the United States, has high amounts of personal debt. Households owe money in a number of different areas including credit cards and student loans. In fact the average amount of student debt owed by individuals in Oregon is a massive $24,000 with some graduates owing as much as $50,000 and even $100,000. These figures were featured in the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorkís Household Debt and Credit Report, which also revealed that of all of the credit history bearing residents of Oregon, 17.1% had some form of student loan contributing to their overall personal debt.

As if that wasnít enough stress to take on, most Oregon households are not dealing purely or even primarily with student debt but also have the mortgage, credit card bills and auto loans to pay in full and on time each and every month in order to prevent their credit history from being negatively affected. Through debt consolidation, however it is possible to combine all debts into one easily manageable solution. Through reducing payments in this way and with the improving economy, it is likely that Oregon residents will successfully fight their way out of their personal debt.


Oregon governor stops bid to raise alcohol taxes

Subscribe Today! Please read: Readers of local content on the Herald and News website - - will require a subscription beginning today. For the first few months, non-subscribers will ...

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Power play: Nike takes a big role in Oregon tax policy

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Oregon Cannabis Tax Receipts Still Surging, Even as Weed Price Drops

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Brown Seeks Tobacco Tax Hike But Backs Away From Higher Alcohol Taxes

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is embracing a proposal by the Oregon Health Authority to raise cigarette taxes - but she's rejecting the agency's bid to raise alcohol taxes. Brown said she buys the agency's a...

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Proposed Soda Tax Bans See Mixed Results With Washington And Oregon Voters

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Post-Election, Oregon and Washington's Proposed Soda Tax Bans Reach Different Results

As previously reported , Oregon and Washington state residents headed to the polls on November 6, 2018 to vote on initiatives that would preemptively ban new soda and food taxes. Despite similarities ...

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The Latest: Oregon rejects measure banning grocery tax

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Oregon offers tax credit on gifts to venture development fund

C. elegans is a transparent, 1 millimeter worm that shares many of the same genes and molecular pathways as humans. Its average lifespan, however, is considerably shorter - two weeks. For Eugene-based ...

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Oregon Tax Collections Keep Exceeding Expectations; Kicker Likely

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Oregon voters overwhelmingly reject measure to prevent future grocery taxes

Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would have prohibited any future taxes on groceries in Oregon. With 1.4 million votes cast as of 9 p.m., the measure fell by a margin of ...

Published:  Tue, 06 Nov 2018 17:04:00 GMT

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