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      October 19, 2018

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How Can Dental Insurance Protect You?

The American Dental Association recommends seeing a dental professional at least once every six months for a cleaning and exam. Good dental health can help to prevent several other health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

Dentists prefer to prevent dental problems, rather than simply fix them after they occur. Regular dental check-ups allow dentists to identify signs of dental disease before they progress, making them more difficult and expensive to fix.

Many people avoid going to the dentist for financial reasons. The average cost of preventative dental services, including exam and cleaning, depends on the area in which a person lives. Annual cleaning and exams run between $100 and $200 per visit. Add in dental x-rays ($30 to $100) and topical sealant used for children to help prevent cavities, and a routine visit can push close to $300.

In comparison, 42 percent of Americans do not have any form of dental insurance, making even a $100 visit to the dentist unaffordable. Those who do have dental insurance generally have it through an employer. However, there are many options on the market for those who wish to purchase their own dental insurance. The cost of the plan depends on the coverage included within it.

Most dental plans are set up in a similar fashion as health insurance plans, offering monthly premiums, deductibles and covered services. Some dental plans offer networks of approved providers at a savings. There are several kinds of plans available:

  • Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO. This type of plan offers a network of dentists who have agreed to accept payment at contracted rates from the insurer. PPO plans generally have a deductible that must be met prior to the insurer picking up the additional cost. Once the deductible is met, plans which reimburse 80, 90 or 100 percent of the cost are available. This plan will protect the patient by allowing them to know up-front how much they will be expected to cover out-of-pocket at the dentist each visit.
  • Discount Provider Organization, or DPO. These plans provide dental professionals who are willing to provide their services to patients at a discounted rate for a monthly or annual fee. This kind of plan generally does not include a deductible or payment plan; however, the patient will be responsible for the majority of the costs.
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization, or DHMO. This plan is the dental equivalent to a medical HMO plan. DHMOs do not generally have deductibles, but rather use a co-pay system that determines the amount of money the patient will be responsible for paying at the time of service. Only dentists within the DHMO network may be used with this plan; otherwise, the patient will be responsible for the full out-of-pocket expense of the visit.

While no dental insurance plan is perfect, the alternative is less desirable. Allowing your dental health to erode to the point of needing major dental repairs is never a wise or financial sound decision. The more damage you have to your teeth, the more expensive the bill will be, with or without insurance. The best way to use dental insurance to protect your teeth and mouth is to take full advantage of it, engaging in preventative visits for routine check-ups and cleanings.

Is Pinhole Surgery Covered by Dental Insurance

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Bento Brings Efficiency and Transparency to the Dental Benefits Market

The current dental benefits market thrives on inefficiency and building a black box around patient care. Insurance companies raise premiums on employers each year, and dentists and their staff are for...

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Delta Dental Community Care Foundation awards $131,483 grant to San Ysidro Health

About the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation The Delta ... California and its affiliated companies including Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of New York, Inc., and Delta Dental ...

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Chewsi Makes Affordable Dental Care Easier

By offering savings on dental care to all users - whether they have dental insurance or not - Chewsi helps consumers save on every dental service, every time. Signing up for Chewsi is free and there a...

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CareLinx and Stride Partner to Bridge Health Insurance Gap for Professional Caregivers, the Fastest Growing Job Sector in the U.S.

With this partnership, caregivers can now also get the accessible, affordable health, vision, and dental insurance that they deserve. It is more critical than ever to ensure the health needs of this e...

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: October is Dental Hygiene Month

Make the most of your benefits and have regular check-ups. Many people who are covered by dental insurance don't visit the dentist regularly. United Concordia encourages members to use their ...

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Compare 2019 FEDVIP Dental, Vision Plans Ahead of Open Season

In 2019, dental and vision insurance plans for retirees and their families will be available through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). If you're eligible, the first o...

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Delta Dental Community Care Foundation awards $89,750 grant to Northern Oswego County Health Services

Delta Dental Insurance Company and Delta Dental of Pennsylvania. Since 2011, the Foundation has awarded nearly $39 million in funding and support to increase access to quality dental care ...

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Kokua Line: Tricare dental insurance requires retirees to switch

Question: My husband retired from the military after many years of service. " Our dental insurance is through Tricare (we have other Tricare coverage too but the dental is what I am worried about). " ...

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Dental Care Alliance Affiliated Dentist Recognized as one of Top Three"

They offer extended hours and Saturday appointments, work with most insurance providers, and offer flexible payment options. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Sarasota, FL, Dental Care Alliance sup...

Published:  Tue, 16 Oct 2018 02:19:00 GMT

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