March 21, 2018

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Cost Savings of an Online Divorce

It's common knowledge that with any divorce comes both big heartache and big cost. It's never easy for anyone to go through a divorce and a complicated drawn out, ugly, expensive event makes it that much harder. However, when you step back and look at the reasoning behind the divorce process it doesn't have to be difficult and expensive if you don't make it.

A divorce is simply the legal method of identifying the division of assets, liabilities, child support and visitation when a couple ends their marriage. Some choose to let out their anger and disappointment on their spouse by being difficult in legal proceedings and asking for more than half of what's fair. Generally that's a waste of time in most States as the division of assets, child custody and child support is already laid out in a standard guideline that judges almost always follow.

The court system recognizes three types of divorces and here's how they compare in cost:

  • Contested Divorce. A contested divorce typically involves a disagreement between spouses on how to divide property, assets, debt and time spent with any children. When a husband and wife cannot come to an agreement on one or several items related to the divorce a lot of time is spent between lawyers and the final decision may be left up to a judge. These are the divorces that take the longest to resolve and can last several years as lawyers battle back and forth over minute details. The average cost of a contested divorce is $20,000.
  • Mediated Divorce. Mediation is something that is becoming more popular in recent years. It essentially puts the couple in a room to work out the details of the divorce while lawyers, mediators and other professionals serve to assist with questions and offer guidance. Some couples are not able to finalize an agreement in mediation and end up going to court for the judge to make a final decision. The average cost of a mediated divorce is $5,000.
  • Uncontested Divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties involved have identified on their own how to best distribute assets, liabilities, custody and any other important issue. An uncontested divorce is usually the preferred situation for the parties involved as it establishes grounds for amicable behavior in co-parenting the children for years to come. The process is also more time efficient and much less costly than a litigated divorce. Uncontested divorces may be handled through one attorney for both parties, two attorneys representing each side or an online divorce company. The average cost of legal fees for an uncontested divorce are $2,000 with a lawyer or around $300 if you use an online divorce company.

There are several benefits you can gain from an online divorces. Some of these include:

  • Cost Savings. An online divorce company provides all of the necessary paperwork for your State at a fraction of the cost of using a local lawyer. You can anticipate saving thousands of dollars over the traditional divorce attorney.
  • Speed. Online divorce companies serve to create and expedite the necessary paperwork to you. There's very little waiting, no establishing meeting after meeting with a lawyer for multiple signatures and expensive discussions.
  • Stress Reduction. An efficient and cost effective divorce is beneficial to all parties involved. Without a legal battle, embarrassing questions, or a year long fight couples and their children are able to move on with their lives and start the adjustment period with less anger and stress.
  • Convenience. When you use a divorce lawyer you can anticipate several meetings, document signings, phone calls and more during your working hours. This often means rearranging your schedule, asking for time off from work and finding daycare that can be inconvenient and hard on your career. The online divorce process occurs at your convenience and with your specific schedule.

An amicable uncontested divorce through an online divorce company provides a huge cost savings over traditional divorce proceedings. Online divorces typically cost around $300 for legal paper work. The time you spend answering questions is completed at your convenience, when your schedule permits, whether that be on the weekend or at 10:00 pm when the kids are in bed.

Online divorces also provide the most efficient method of finalizing a divorce as fewer parties and meetings are involved. State waiting periods still apply but filings occur faster and with less hassle. If you are considering using an online divorce company locate independent product reviews to assist with choosing a quality company that offers an excellent service at the best price.

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Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.

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Fox News host Jesse Watters' wife files for divorce after he cheated with 25-year-old employee

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