June 23, 2018

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How Online Divorce Companies Work

While a divorce is never an emotionally easy process online divorce companies serve to simplify the legalities of the event. A simplified divorced is another option for couples to consider before moving forward. Historically, even an amicable divorce meant both parties had to hire an expensive lawyer to complete the necessary paperwork and court filings. This could get very costly for both parties. The average price of hiring a divorce lawyer typically ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 for each side dependent on the length and type of divorce requested. Divorce lawyers are even notorious for picking a fight or creating angst between the two parties. This can unneccesarily draw out the process and the cost. Many couples are now turning to online divorce companies as an alternative to hiring a traditional divorce lawyer.

Today approximately 90% of divorcing couples are in agreement with the split. In most States the division of assets and child support are clearly laid out and leave little room for negotiation. When both parties are able to work through the division of assets, debt, and any custody arrangements on their own it enables them to establish an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces may be completed with an online divorce company with provide several benefits.

Benefits of Using on Online Divorce Company:

  • Savings. An online divorce company provides all of the necessary paperwork for a divorce in your State at a fraction of the cost of using a local lawyer. Fees typically range around a few hundred dollars for completed paperwork plus court costs versus a lawyer that charges clients between $1,500 and $3,000 for an uncontested divorce.
  • Expedite. Online divorce companies serve to create and expedite the necessary paperwork to you. There's very little waiting, no establishing meeting after meeting with a lawyer for multiple signatures and expensive discussions. Online divorce companies ask the same questions via an online questionnaire but don't require you sit in front of a lawyer to answer.
  • Stress Reduction. Any time a difficult process is over quickly and with less expense the stress is reduced and couples may begin the process of healing faster. A quick divorce is generally the easiest on children who don't get mixed up in a nasty proceedings or an expensive legal battle.
  • Revisions. Many online divorce companies allow for unlimited revisions to your legal documents once they are created. This is helpful when items need to be tweaked or modified to best collaborate with your spouse. A typical attorney would charge for additional modifications that require their time.

In lieu of hiring an expensive divorce attorney, an online divorce company gives you the tools to work through the necessary legal paperwork and filings to expedite, simplify and save thousands of dollars in a divorce. Here's how it works:

  • Complete Online Survey. Most online divorce companies will have you complete a simple one minute survey to see if your divorce is eligible for an uncontested divorce using their services. Typically, they ask what State you reside in, if there are children involved, and if you both agree to the divorce. The system will check the laws for your State against your responses and tell you instantly if you can move forward or need to seek the services of a lawyer.
  • Complete a Detailed Questionnaire. Your next step is to answer a standard set of questions. These are the same questions any divorce lawyer would ask but an online divorce company allows you to complete at your convenience. Just as if you were using a local lawyer, your responses to the questions will create the legal paperwork necessary to file for divorce in your local courts. All States have their own document requirements and many online divorce companies guarantee that your paperwork will match your State standards or your money back.
  • File Your Documents. Once you've completed the questionnaire the legal documents will be created and sent to you in approximately 1 day to a few weeks. When the documents arrive at your doorstep they'll include detailed instructions on how to move forward. If you need to serve your spouse, how to get the documents notarized, how to submit them to the court system and what to expect. All States have a waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. You can anticipate 1-6 months in most States and this cannot be waived if you use an online divorce company.
  • Legal Questions. If legal questions arise during the process most online divorce companies can recommend a local attorney that understands you've filed the documents yourself and are able to offer their advice or assistance.

However, online divorces are not for everyone. If large assets are involved, a child custody battle occurs or other challenging legal issues exist you will generally be looking at a contested divorce that will require a lawyer by your side. If at any time you are unsure if you will ultimately have a contested or uncontested divorce consult a lawyer for assistance before making your final decision.

Divorce is a challenging time for any couple and the legal process can create additional stress and tension if expensive lawyers are involved. If you're able to work through the decision making together, online divorce services are a great option for couples ending their marriages. The process is simple and convenient and allows for a significant cost and time savings. If you're considering using an online divorce company locate independent product reviews to assist in finding a solid company to work with.

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Those close to the former couple say it was another ploy designed to delay the divorce as she "refuses to go quietly ... wanting the TV ace to return to co-host Dec's side on top form and with no risk of a relapse. An insider said: "Whatever ...

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Democrat Archie Parnell wins in South Carolina despite spousal abuse accusations in divorce records

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The publication claims that instead of unwrapping a glitzy gift from his wife for his recent birthday, the rapper "may be opening a stack of divorce papers." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kim's just exhausted by all of Kanye's ...

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Bill Gross got revenge on ex-wife with fart spray: court papers

The bitter divorce battle between billionaire bond king Bill Gross ... a "disgusted" Sue Gross claimed in court papers last week. Mrs. Gross, who won a temporary restraining order against Bill last week, has the evidence of his foul play - empty ...

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