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      February 17, 2020

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How to Execute a Painless Divorce

Millions of couples stay in bad relationships each year because they can't fathom the thought of going through a nasty divorce. In fact, divorce is considered one of the most stressful events in someone's life and listed next in line only to losing a loved one. However, many times the amount of stress that a divorce creates is related to how difficult spouses choose to be in the process.

Fighting over small household goods that are easily replaced or 15 extra minutes with the kids each week is not worth the stress and cost associated. Executing a divorce that is lower on the stress scale, less expensive, and less damaging to the kids is a matter of choice in most cases.

There are several ways you can reduce the stress with your spouse when contemplating a divorce. Some of these include:

  • Counseling. If you can end the divorce on amicable terms you're more likely to not have a divorce battle that lasts for years and years. Counseling may not fix the marriage but will help both spouses come to terms with why it didn't work and that both played a part in the problems that occurred. Fewer fingers being pointed during a divorce will assist with a quieter process.
  • Talk to your spouse. Perhaps if your spouse understands the difference between a litigated divorce and an uncontested divorce they might reason with you and understand what makes more sense in the end. Also, if they are aware of your State laws that split assets, debt and identify child support for you it might give him or her less reason to want to go to battle. A couple that is able to sanely divide their home without an expensive team of lawyers is going to be happier in the end. Generally the healing process of divorce is managed faster if a nasty, embarrassing and expensive battle is not a weight on your shoulders for 18 months or longer.
  • Compare divorce costs. Look at the average cost of a contested, mediated and uncontested divorce and determine if that DVD, TV or picture album is work $20,000 to you. If you are the one taking the high road and giving up more electronics than the other than that just shows you were always the smarter one in the relationship.
  • Shop online. One of the best ways to execute a painless divorce is to shop online. Divorce papers can actually be created online these days at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. Several online companies are experts in all 50 States and can save you thousands of dollars in lawyer fees by helping you accomplish your own uncontested divorce. By completing an online questionnaire the company is able to produce the State specific documents a local lawyer would produce. Along with the documents you'll receive specific instructions on how to file for divorce in your local courts.

How do you choose an online divorce company? There are several factors you should consider. Some of these include:

  • Ask around. You might be surprised to learn that several thousands of divorces occur each year with the help of an online divorce company. Read blogs, check customer comments and understand how the process worked for others and what companies they used.
  • Search Google. Search Google for online divorce companies. If the company exists it's going to be found online for your consideration.
  • Read independent reviews. Independent reviews are a great way to start your online divorce company search. Independent reviews do much of the leg work for you by identifying customer service, expertise, cost comparison, guarantees and more. This will expedite your search and ultimately insure a more educated and confident decision.
  • Look for a guarantee. Should the wrong forms be completed in error you'll either want your money back or a guarantee that they'll correct the mistake without any trouble. Look for an online divorce company that backs up their work and provides a money back offer if a mistake should occur. Read the guarantee policy closely to best understand what it entails so that you have no surprises in the end.

If youíre looking to get divorced but want to avoid the stress of a major fight several steps exist to help minimize the effort. Choosing to execute a nasty divorce or an amicable divorce is a decision between spouses. Sometimes one spouse has to take the higher road but in the end you'll benefit from significant cost savings and your sanity. Consider an online divorce service if your partner is willing to work with you on an uncontested divorce.

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