Choosing an Obedience Class in 2019

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Choosing an Obedience Class

If you have decided to enroll your four-legged friend in an obedience training class, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure that your choice is the right one. Choosing a dog trainer requires much more than simply selecting a name at random from the phone book and, when it comes to your pet, nothing but the best will do.

Obedience training classes are held in most communities and are not typically difficult to find. If you need information on finding puppy or dog training classes in your area, you can check with a local veterinarian, fellow pet owners or a pet shop. Before you decide to enroll your puppy or dog, take the time to attend a class and see how the trainer interacts with current students. In addition to being able to effectively communicate with animals, a dog trainer should be open to answering questions that you may have regarding their training methods, experience and results.

When it comes to dog training, whether it be a puppy or adult dog, trainers should always use methods that involve positive reinforcement, such as rewarding dogs with a treat and praise when they respond to commands. When a pet refuses to obey a command, most trainers will employ a method of ignoring the animal until it responds appropriately. Trainers should never use harmful methods of dog training and should, in fact, be very gentle with pets. The best way to confirm this is to attend a class and ask the trainer for references.

Currently, there is no organization that licenses dog trainers. This means that basically anyone can open a business, call themselves a trainer and begin accepting students. If you want to make sure that your four-legged friend is in good hands, speak with the trainer directly and inquire about his/her background with animals and special training or education that they have undergone prior to becoming a trainer. Ask for references and don't hesitate to consult with each of them. If a trainer cannot provide references or fails to answer your questions satisfactorily, consider the possibility that you may be able to train your own pet just as effectively in the comfort of your own backyard.

If you are going to enroll your pet in a dog training class, make sure that it is safe, effective and worth the money. There are a number of programs, videos and books that are available to help in teaching pet owners how to instill obedience training, housebreaking and basic techniques that will result in a well-behaved animal. With so much information available, some dog owners may wonder which provide quality information and which are just nonsense. The truth is that dogs cannot be trained overnight but, with patience and the proper approach, they can begin to learn your commands with time. If you want to know which programs or books are worth your time and money, take a moment to read product reviews that are geared toward dog training products and how to differentiate between the good and the bad.

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