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Why Your Puppy Will Love Obedience Training

Despite their rambunctious behavior at times, puppies are eager to please and they desperately want your love and approval. Much like a newborn baby, puppies need to be taught right from wrong and they need to learn in a way that involves both patience and understanding. Not only can effective puppy training lead to a better relationship between you and your four-legged friend, but it may also save your pet's life one day.

One of the most popular types of puppy training techniques involves housebreaking, which will teach your pet the difference between his/her home and bathroom and why the distinction is so important. By nature, your puppy will not want to relieve itself in his/her home and will appreciate having a separate area for that sole purpose. When your puppy has structure, he/she will be much happier and healthier.

Obedience training is another important goal of many pet owners. Puppies are especially energetic and, if not trained properly at a young age, can grow into an unruly dog. In order to prevent this from happening, obedience training should begin as early as possible and may either be done by you at your home, or by an instructor. In many cases, your puppy will respond better to you and your commands because he/she is already familiar with you. If you enroll your pet in an obedience training class where other animals are present, your puppy may become anxious or disruptive. If possible, it's a good idea to train your pet at home by using your own puppy training techniques that will give you full control over methods and effectiveness.

When it comes to any type of training, your puppy will appreciate the ability to understand your commands. Dogs who never seem to obey their owners lack both discipline and structure. They may never understand the importance of "stay" in the face of oncoming traffic or the "off" command to be used to prevent your pet from jumping up on guests in your home. An unruly pet cannot be taken out in public, may never enjoy a stroll through the park and may have a very difficult time at the veterinarian's office. While your pup is young, he/she is small and will be controllable. The real problems start when a puppy grows up without being taught how to act in public, how to react to other animals and how to respond to your commands.

Puppy training is most effective when used in conjunction with the reward method. This involves giving your puppy a treat when he/she does something on command and should be followed by loving strokes and praise. Your puppy will learn to respond to the tone of your voice and he/she will love hearing positive tones because this means that you are pleased. Although they seem to be nothing more than a ball of energy at times, your puppy is really hoping for your approval. This desire will especially show through as he/she begins to mature and, with the proper training, your puppy will become very familiar with what "good dog" means. Not only that, but he/she will also know how to earn the title.

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