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Exercise Bikes in North Dakota

Many residents of North Dakota have discovered what health officials have been saying for years; that regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of developing chronic disease, and aids in weight management. Engaging in 150 minutes each week of cardiovascular exercise is considered ideal. For those who are just starting out with an exercise program, experts recommend starting small and gradually working up to longer periods of greater intensity.

Exercise bikes offer the perfect solution to achieve a low-impact cardiovascular workout. With a home exercise bike, there is no monthly gym fee and no need to even walk out the front door to become physically fit. In addition, exercise bikes offer the ability for the rider to multitask during their exercise, checking emails, catching up on some reading, or keeping an eye on the kids. With so many benefits, it is not surprising that exercise bikes are increasing in popularity among those who are trying to maintain their ideal weight.

Exercise bikes offer a wide array of available features. The lower end bikes have workout resistance options, smooth handling, and easily adjustable seats. Bikes that are in a slightly higher price range typically offer magnetic resistance, built-in workout programs, and heart-rate control. Other models have more advanced features such as electronic equipment that measures distance ridden, average speed, and calories burned. Top-of-the-line exercise bikes generally include push-button resistance control, a hi-tech LED display console, longer warranties on parts and labor, pulse-driven workouts, and a greater number of built-in workout programs. There are exercise bikes that fit any set of criteria and any budget.

After researching and narrowing down possible exercise bikes for purchase, keeping some safety factors in mind will help improve the cycling experience after the bike is taken home and put to use. Is the bike stable, regardless of the intensity it is being ridden with? A bike that wobbles or shakes while being ridden vigorously is not safe for the rider or others in the vicinity. Also, if small children will be present, choosing a bike with an enclosed chain and other parts will keep little fingers from being pinched. While quality exercise bikes most often have these features in place, it is a wise precaution to take a moment to double-check.

Anyone in North Dakota desiring to improve health and manage weight will find that there are great benefits to cycling for health.


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