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      June 19, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Arkansas

Arkansas MapWhen it comes to obesity among state residents, Arkansas tops the charts as second highest in the nation. Experts say this could be changed by simply increasing individual activity levels. Arkansas residents have many options when it comes to improving health through exercise, and one of the easiest ways to increase physical activity is by riding an exercise bike.

Mayo Clinic findings report that riding a stationary bike strengthens the heart to pump blood more efficiently, as well as strengthening the lungs to deliver increased levels of oxygen throughout the body. Just 30 minutes on an exercise bike increases daily caloric burn, yielding better weight management. A 155 pound rider who cycles at a moderate pace from 30 minutes will burn about 260 calories, and if the cycling is done at a higher intensity or more often, more calories will be burned. The greater the weight, the larger amount of calorie burn, which is good news for cyclists who are more than 50 pounds overweight. They will be able to shed pounds faster with minimal time spent on the exercise bike.

Two basic kinds of exercise bikes are available; the recumbent and the upright. The recumbent exercise bike has a larger, chair-like seat that provides lumbar support and keeps the rider in the reclining position. The bigger seat offers extra stability, with body weight distributed over a larger area. The back and buttocks are fully supported, with little pressure on the back. Pedals are placed out in front of the cyclist. Recumbent exercise bikes are rated by many to be the most comfortable style. The upright exercise bike is just as the name implies; the cyclist sits on a padded seat in the upright position. This style is more like a traditional bicycle, as the pedals are placed directly underneath the body and hand positioning is out in front. Upright bikes may work the buttock muscles more thoroughly, as the rider can more fully extend the hips. Both styles offer benefits to the cyclist interested in becoming more physically fit.

Arkansas residents can achieve and maintain ideal weight by simply riding an exercise bike for a few minutes each day.


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