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      January 18, 2019

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Exercise Bikes in Connecticut

Connecticut MapConnecticut residents can now perform their daily workout while watching television, reading a book, or keeping an eye on the kids. Using an exercise bike to increase physical activity offers versatility in being able to multitask while exercising. In addition, riding a stationary bike is not weather-dependent. A cyclist can get their exercising done when it is dark, cold, or rainy outside. All this can be done from the comfort of the living room.

Exercise bikes offer many health benefits to the serious cyclist. A rider can receive an excellent cardiovascular workout without the jarring impact on hips, knees, and ankles that is typical of aerobics. Exercise bikes offer resistance training, which can strengthen the legs and hips more than running because of the muscles being forced to work harder. In addition, regularly riding an exercise bike strengthens the heart and lungs; pumping more blood, delivering more oxygen to the body, and improving cholesterol levels. Perhaps the greatest benefit of exercise bikes is that they are safe and easy to use by any age; young, middle-aged, or elderly.

The recumbent style of exercise bike is highly recommended for arthritis sufferers or those who are more than 50 pounds overweight. It has a bigger, chair-like seat that supports the back and offers more stability. The rider is in a reclined position, with weight evenly distributed over a larger area. The padded seat provides lumbar support, while putting little pressure on the back. Pedals are located out in front, and since the recumbent style fully supports the back and buttocks, it is the most comfortable type of exercise bike for those with back problems.

The upright style is built more similarly to a traditional bicycle, with padded saddle-style seat and pedals placed directly underneath the body. Hands are positioned in front, and the rider sits upright. Basic models of upright exercise bikes offer workout resistance options and quiet handling. Regardless of a cyclist's preferences, there are brands of exercise bikes to fit any needs.

Thanks to the ease of selection available on the internet, Connecticut residents have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect exercise bike.


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