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      July 21, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Hawaii

Hawaii MapHawaii has the prestige of being the healthiest state in the nation. When it comes to staying slim and trim, individuals in the Aloha State have learned a few things. One piece of wisdom is the importance of a regular exercise routine.

Exercise bikes have long been a favorite of those who are serious about being physically fit. The recommended amount of exercise is a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise every week. Cardiovascular exercise helps lower blood pressure, maintain ideal weight, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Riding an exercise bike has been proven to be an effective cardiovascular exercise, and can be used by persons of any age without causing injury.

Several types of exercise bikes are available. The spinner exercise bike is for more advanced riders, featuring chain-drive action and quick stop braking. Almost like a racing bike, it has a higher seat position, low handlebars, and support for multiple riding positions. This type of bike delivers the most intense workout, giving a realistic cycling experience.

Another popular type of exercise bike for more moderate cyclists is the upright style. This is just as the name implies; the rider sits in an upright position, with feet directly underneath the body and hands positioned in front. The upright bike has a padded saddle-style seat. Basic upright bikes offer options like varying resistance levels and easily adjustable seats; more advanced models include options like electronic equipment that measure speed, distance, and calories burned. Regardless of the desired list of features, there is a bike out there to fit any description.

Keeping a few factors in mind will aid in selecting the perfect exercise bike. If cost is a concern, research the price range for available exercise bikes. Compare features offered among the different brands to find the best value per dollar. Pay attention to weight capacity, and ensure that the rider will be well under the specified limit. Also, be aware of the guarantee. A good exercise bike will offer a warranty on parts and labor for at least one year. Considering these criteria will help to find the best bike for the needs of the cyclist.

Hawaiians have many options besides the beach and the gym when it comes to staying physically fit; a good exercise bike can deliver an ideal workout.


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